• 06:40 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Funnel Hat Atom Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 15: Lost City of Arkus

The Beginning of the End

Your formal introduction to the Trog Wanderer. This guy you should recognise from the Aerial Attack level, as you do more damage they get smaller and get faster. They also heal themselves if you stop attacking them. Cross the bridge and go right with the rolling barrels.

Elliptical Arena

Intro to the Trogmander, if you kill him then his creation will shrink back down to the normal Trog Pincher size. After they're all dead grab the bomb and try to throw it at a wall down to the left, you might accidentally talk to the Weapon Master hologram but keep trying. Now ignoring that for a moment go into the Water zone.

Water Cliff Terrace

Step into the teleporter and then bounce up the waterfall. At the top you'll find a Present with the Funnel Hat Funnel Hat in. Drop off the waterfall to the right down a long trail of coins.

Cross the rolling barrels and you're back where you fought the Trog Wanderers, drop off the right to get into the cave you opened up earlier (or use a Giant to smash it if you didn't).

Hidden Slide Entrance

Step into the teleporter.

Azure Slide

Slide down past the spike traps all the way to the Story Scroll Story Scroll. This will drop you all the way back at the beginning of the level.

Make your way down to where you fought the Trogmander and continue onwwards through the Monster Gate.

Hazard Path

Before you drop down if you don't have a Giant then go and pick up that bomb again, take it (or your Giant) down off the side near the spikes.

Fractured Ledge

If you don't manage to make it in time there is another nearby bomb that you can use, throw it from the corner where the barrels roll. Anyway, behind the wall is Freebot. He wants to play Skystones. "Chompy 2", 4 "Jawbreaker 4". His Jawbreaker 4 Skystone is now yours.

Bounce back up, avoid the spikes and follow the barrels to the right, then left at the end before going straight through another line of barrels.

A Pit With Possibilities

Drop into the hole here.

Pit Puzzler

Go up the slope on the left and kill the Cyclops pushing the barrels, cross the spikes to the right corner and kill a second Cyclops. Step on the button at the end. Now go back through the spikes and pick up the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Wealth.

Head out and push the nearest block to the right once. Go left down the barrel path and push the block with the bounce pad on it north into the hole you were just down. If you have a Giant just go straight up otherwise take that bomb.

Hazard Bridge

Grab the key and destroy the wall to your left. A Giant can just smash the second wall but a regular Skylander will need to go back and get another bomb so you can reach Soul Gem Chill's Soul Gem "Call the Narwhal!".

Using the key unlock the door on the right on the floor.

Turquoise Tomb

A new enemy, the Arkeyan Sniper. These guys hide in those yellow circles on the floor and shoot a powerful sniper at you, you can see their line of sight by the laser that they use. To attack them simply attack the circle when it's looking for you and then attack the Sniper himself when he's out of the ground. He may go back under another circle so go attack him there too.

The other problem here is the vast horde of Trog Wanderers, it can be tough to keep them all damaged but try to focus on one particular one at a time and you should get some collateral damage while doing so. Don't stick to the front of the pack for too long as they'll take a nice powerful swipe at you.

Once they're all dead you can bounce up and talk to Auric.

Napoleon Hat1000
Wabbit Ears1200
Arkeyan Sniper250
Invincibility Power Up425
Skystone Cheat500
Fairy Dust50

The Skystone for sale is a good one, it has four spikes on the left although none elsewhere, you'll need this to take Skystones with three spikes.

And underneath Auric is a Magic zone.

Inside the Tomb

Push the right block forward three times, then bounce up and cross over it. Push the block to its left down, drop down next to it and push it south three times, go around the first block and push that back to where it started. There's a bounce pad at the top to get up onto the platform to cross over those two. Push the last block down and grab the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

The teleporter here will take you back to the beginning of the zone, exit.

CAUTION: Rolling Hazards Ahead!

Go right up the steps and jump off where the massive barrels fall.

Hidden Ledge

On your left is the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Skull Engine". Bounce back up once you've got it.

Keeping to the left side once a barrel goes past you should be able to avoid the second barrel. Then cross the path and head right. Go up the single small barrel path to kill the Cyclops throwing them, cross the massive barrels to get to a Fire zone.

Cannon Fodder

Smash through the orange crystals and then fire the cannon. This will destroy one block of a large tower. Go right down a curved path but stop at the bomb, throw it down at the purple crystal but don't follow it, instead drop left following a path of coins and go into the cave beneath.

Fire Battle

Ambush! Three evil versions of Flameslinger. They'll each fire a single flaming arrow that leaves a trail of fire (aka Napalm Tipped Arrows) and then a single normal arrow that just goes further. Kill one of them and they'll start firing two of those long range arrows. These guys are hard to get close to to damage without getting hit so long range characters are going to be very useful here.

Once the third one is dead the Monster Gate will open and you'll be able to grab the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest behind it. Walk forwards to the purple arrow to exit.

If you didn't blow up the purple crystal with the bomb then bounce back up to it and try again. Push the cannon one space to the left and then fire it. Drop down to the right and smash through some crystals, instead of bouncing up smash through another crystal and drop off the edge.

Batterson's Stovetop

And here's the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Under the crystals you'll find the bounce pad to get back up.

Now bounce up again and go right to a block puzzle. Push the first one into position, then the second two spaces out of line, push the remaining two into line with the first and then get around the second and push it into line with the rest. Go up the slope and take the bomb across the bridge you've built to throw at a line of purple crystals on the ledge to the right.

Bounce up and fire the cannon there. Grab the bomb and throw it at the purple crystals ahead. Grab another bomb and drop down to the left, smash through some orange crystals before throwing the bomb at a purple one. There's just some coins behind it, nothing all that important. Anyway, go around to the last cannon and fire it. Inside the Present is an Atom Hat Atom Hat. Once you've got that use the teleporter that appears to leave the Fire zone.

If you look carefully you should see a hole under where the large barrels are coming from, jump down there when it's safe to do so.

Hazard Despository

Watching out for the massive barrels rolling by and the spikes in the middle, cross over to the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest at the other end of the room. Leave the same way you came in.

Go left past the massive barrels up a slope with bounce pads, you'll want to use them to leap over the metal barrels that a Cyclops is rolling at you.

Upper Arena

A fight with some enemies now, first off is a trio of Arkeyan Duelists who are backed up by an Arkeyan Sniper. Take them all out and another trio of Duelists will appear. After those a pair of Trogmanders will come in from the ledge above, if you take out their Trog Pinchers quickly they won't be able to actually turn them massive. Kill the Trogmanders to finish this fight.

Downhill Challenge

Go down the slope next to the large ball and stand on the button, this will lower the block beneath the Roboto-ball to allow you to push it. Push it down the slope to where there's a couple of Duelists, if you roll it into them it'll squish 'em. Once they're dead a bounce pad will appear. Bounce down to the right and go press a button in the corner.

Go up the slope and push the two blocks out of the way so that you can roll the Roboto-ball further down. Push it right down to the bottom next to the bounce pad, step on the button again to raise the platform and it will roll further onwards. If it hasn't quite made it by itself bounce up and give it a little nudge to destroy the barrier.

Gate Crasher Battle

Big fight now, kill the large Trog Pinchers and the Trogmander. Once they're dead two Arkeyan Shield Juggernauts and two Arkeyan Duelists will jump in to fight you. With them dead you just need to kill one more Duelist and a final Juggernaut.

A Giant should pick up the boulder in the corner to reveal a teleporter.

Treasure Cave

Avoid the spikes and open the last Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Reflection Locking Mechanism

Go forwards up the slope and then left, watch out for the spikes and push the crystal here north into the light beam. Further round there's a lever to pull, pull it four times before pushing the crystal block right once.

Now go back to the front of the palace and go right. If you step on the button wait and step on it again to raise the block up. Go right over it and push the right block left and then down. Cross that and push the stack of blocks up and then left twice. Push the crystal on top down once. After that go stand on the button to fully open the palace.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

Time to prepare for the final level.

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Tough Level, Still Fun .......... (*_*)
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