• 08:15 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Lampshade Hat Mariachi Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 4: Cutthroat Carnival

Loading Platform 1

Go through the entrance of the carnival onto a ship. If you go up to the wheel and use it the little boat between the platforms will move around. Don't cross over it yet, instead go down and around the section with the wheel on to the left and you'll find a purple arrow pointing at a door. Go inside.

Janitor's Lounge

On the far side is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.


Go out and cross over the small boat that you just moved. You'll encounter the Mohawk Cyclops. These little guys carry an axe and will start spinning towards you with it. While they're spinning they're completely invulnerable so just get out of their way. They'll get dizzy after a moment, your cue to attack. On the left is a building to go in.

The Oar and Plank

If you have a Giant just smash through the bombable wall on the far side and you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. If not then you'll be coming back in a moment.

Go back out and up the slope where there was briefly a Monster Gate. Kill the Drow Archers and the other Mohawk Cyclopses that attack. That'll cause a Bounce Pad to appear, use it to get the key.

The Batson House

To the left of the locked gate is this building. Inside you'll find a bomb that you can take into The Oar and Plank if you don't have a Giant.

Outside again and go through the locked gate.

Loading Platform 2

Your first Armored Chompies, like regular Chompies but with armor on them. Once you've defeated them you'll talk to Blobbers over by another of those little boat platforms. Go up to the Ship's Wheel and turn it once, push the block on the right onto it, turn the wheel again, and go push the block off towards the locked gate.

Need the key still so go back up to the wheel and move it again so you can push another block out of the way on the right. Kill the Armored Chompies before heading up the slope to a couple of buildings, only one of which you can go into.

House of Cards

Talk to Fangs on the far side and you'll finally learn how to play Skystones. The idea here is to have the most stones at the end of the game, which is when the 3x3 board is full. You each take turns placing a stone wherever on the board you like, trying to both take the opponent's stones and making it difficult for them to take yours. Fangs here only has Spiderlings, the most basic of stones with just one spike on its right side.

As the game is partially random it is difficult to tell you exactly where to place things to guarantee victory so I'll just give some tips on what kind of blocks you may want to use and how. The Spiderlings stone is especially weak as it has three blank sides and only one spike, wherever it's placed on the board it's vulnerable to attack. Try to avoid leaving a left side blank unless you can get it back from another square. Another tactic is to block in your own stones so that your opponent can't even try to take them, once a square has been surrounded on all sides it's unable to be taken.

If you are really bad at this mini-game you can, later in the game, purchase an item from Auric when you find him that lets you skip them just like you can skip Lock Puzzles. To use it you press the Pause button and choose to Cheat from there. There are a few games of Skystones that you'll be required to win to get through the story but a lot of them are completely optional. This one is required.

For beating Fangs he'll give you a free Skystone to add to your collection. The Enfuego Chompy 3 stone, for the moment the Fire Element icon is meaningless.

Behind Fangs you'll find the key you were looking for as well as a Story Scroll Story Scroll on the right. Head out and you'll be attacked. Move out of the way of the charging Goliath Drow and attack him as he pauses. Once you've killed him the Monster Gate will open and let you go attack those Drow Archers that were firing on you.

Go and open up the locked gate that Blobbers was pointing you towards, on the way he'll give you a free Skystone, "Mace Major 2". A fairly strong stone for this point in the game. Anyway, go through the gate.

The Promenade

Time to get attacked. A trio of Mohawk Cyclopses will be the first to appear, after killing them you'll get the three Goliath Drows one by one, along with a few back up smaller enemies. After killing the third of the Goliaths any remaining enemies will jump down to let you attack them and open up the Monster Gate in the top left where you'll meet up with Cali.

You have an option here, you can use a Giant to pull the chain in and perform a Feat of Strength or you can go into the building to the left and win a game of Skystones. Both will result in the Galleon being pulled in closer. If you're going for the trophy/achievement then don't do the Feat of Strength.

The Boat House

The house is empty if you did the Feat of Strength, otherwise you get to play Chance at Skystones and win his "Drow Lance Master 2" stone. He uses Spiderlings, Drow Lance Masters, and Drow Lance Master 2s. The 2 version is more powerful than the first one as it has double spikes on the left and top instead of single. You won't have three spiked sided stones yet so the only way to take that is by attacking the empty sides. Try to avoid leaving a right side with one or zero spikes open for attack.

Go out again and head down the left path, if you miss the corner you'll pick up Soul Gem Swarm's Soul Gem "Bee is for Butt Stinger". Follow the path further along again.

Loading Platform 3

Go up to the Ship's Wheel and, if you have an Air Skylander, turn it once. If you drop off the left side you'll find the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire, push the block out of the way.

Swirling Vista

One of the least exciting of elemental areas, pick up the Present for the Lampshade Hat Lampshade Hat inside. Leave and head back to the Galleon you pulled in before next to Cali.

The Galleon

Up on the right side (the front) of the ship you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Up the left side is a cannon to fire. Go back down through the Monster Gate and up to the gate you just blew up. Kill the Mohawk Cyclopses.

Pirate Prison

Woof wants you to have a fuller deck before he'll let you proceed. As a Giant you can skip all this cannon pushing business and just smash down the walls. But otherwise push the cannon on the tracks to the left once or twice and fire it. This will open up a switch to flip. Push the cannon left another few times all the way to the end, fire it again. Behind that wall you'll find a path leading to a Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Wealth.

If you didn't before then flip the switch, this will cause the turntable to align with the tracks properly. Push the cannon so that you can fire it at the last remaining prison cell.

To get Bandit's Skystones you'll have to beat him at Skystones. The unique feature of this board is that there's a square that you can't use. Exciting. Change your stones and replace the Chompy stone with either the Mace Major 2 or the Blaster Troll stone. I'd go with the Mace Major 2.

Bandit has Chompy stones that have a single spike on the left, Blaster Troll stones with one on the left and the right, as well as "Blaster Troll 2" stones that have two spikes on the left and two on the right. They're vulnerable to attack from the top or bottom. For winning you get the Blaster Troll 2 stone and Woof will let you through.

Pirate Island

The Axecutioner will be introduced, this ogre is quite deadly. He'll throw his axe at you from a distance and swing it around if you get near. He also likes to teleport away from you. If you're a melee attacker wait just out of range for him to throw the axe and as it passes by run in and start attacking, he shouldn't be able to attack back until he gets his axe again.

Go up the slope on the right side opposite Cali, kill the enemies there until the Monster Gate opens up. If you go to the right you'll find T-Bone standing next to an Undead area.

Undead Wastes

If you've played Pirate Seas you might recognise this first little puzzle. Go up the slope and step on the left button before dropping down next to the brown block in front of you. Push it to the left and then down into place next to the block you just raised up. Go around and up the slope to cross over the top of the blocks to hit a button on the left. Now move the brown block all the way round the central platform to put it next to the block on the right side, go back up the slope and press the button to raise the block and form a bridge to the button on the right.

Finally move the brown block into position in the middle and go up and over it. Bounce up. On the left is a bombable wall that a Giant can smash through to get to the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. No bomb here just yet though, go through the rotating blades and on the right of the third blade (the first one you bounce up to) you can drop off to the side and find a bomb to throw at that wall if you don't have a Giant usable. The bomb's got a longer than normal timer on it but you'll still need to move quickly to get in range fast enough.

Keep on going through the rotating blades up to the top where you'll find the Present with the Mariachi Hat Mariachi Hat inside. Step into the teleporter to exit the area.

Push the block behind the Monster Gate off the side, then go left over another block to where three Mohawk Cyclopses are. Kill them then push the block in the left corner off onto the ground below. Jump down and go left through the gap and into the building.

Quartermaster's Cabin

In here you'll find Auric set up with his shop. There's a button under the items in the bottom left corner too, this opens up a gate outside.

Drow Archer 2100
Charm Hunt3000
Viking Helmet350
Invincibility Power Up250
Lock Puzzle Key500
Fairy Dust50

That Gargantula Skystone is quite a powerful one, with four spikes on the bottom there's nothing it can't take for a good long while yet. Of course lacking any spikes on the other sides means it's very vulnerable - though that is both good and bad. Bad in that your opponent will likely try to take it, good in that you will be able to take it back if there's room. The Drow Archer 2 stone is is a more powerful version of the Drow Archer stone you already have.

The Heroic Challenge is Wham-Shell's old one, this is the only place where you can get it in this game.

Go back out and go through the door in the centre of the area that you just opened.

Batson's Summer House

All there is in here is the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Skull Masthead" and a load of coins.

Step outside and push the block on your left to the left until it lines up with the path. Go up the slope next to Cali and defeat the enemies that appear, after the Monster Gate opens go and pick up the key.

Once again go up the right side of the area and, instead of going left over the block, go forwards and then up the slope to the Drow Archers and the locked gate.

The Crow's Nest

Before you can actually play the game of Skystones you're going to have to defeat the waves of enemies that Dreadbeard sends at you. First it's a few Mohawk Cyclopses, some Drow Archers and a Axecutioner from the left side. He'll then send in another wave from the right. He adds into the mix a few Chompies and Goliath Drows. Once they're all gone you can play that Skystones game.

This board has a fire square, that means that if you place a stone that isn't a Fire Element it will break. It also won't take anything before it breaks so it is something that you should probably avoid doing. At this point your Enfuego Chompy 3 is what you'll have to put there if required.

Dreadbeard has a Mohawk Cyclops, similar to the Drow Lance Master except with the side spike on the other side. He also has Spiderlings and an Arkeyan Jouster that is essentially the Inhuman Shield flipped vertically. He won't use that until the end and will give you it as a reward for beating him.

You'll be glad to hear that games of Skystones don't take up any of the "Cleared in Under" time limit.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

New on the ship is that Dreadbeard has taken up residence in the Game Room near to Auric, you can go play him at Skystones whenever you like. You can win new stones off him or some coins. Auric also has a Skystone for sale, an Arkeyan Duelist, it is just like the Gargantula except flipped vertically. The elemental door has again closed, the new element added this time is Water.

Other things to do are; to switch in that Luck-O-Tron wheel if you like money, upgrade your Skylanders, change up the ship's decor, and grab a few gems. Go talk to Flynn to move on to the next level.

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Hey, you forgot me !!! I was supposed to come with you remember, I felt sorry for the little dude, still a good level ........(*_*)
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this is like my favourite level
#14 thumpback rocks 20:26:23 17/02/2013
My favourite stone is smilies robot (the chompie bot and the axe guy have the same spikes)
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ok so I"ve played through this level about 6 times, following this guide and going to ALL areas, yet it still says 17/18 any ideas? glitch?
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this is the only level I have 2 stars on one for colections and one for the level itself
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How do u play Skystones?
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this level is my favorite because of skystones
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Yes, you do.
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OK we won`t but do u learn how to play Sky Stones on this level?
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THIS LEVEL.... Don't get me started at how long it is..
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