• 10:10 Time Limit
  • Santa Hat Cossack Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest

Chapter 17: Empire of Ice

The Frozen Wastes

Haldor will ask for your help getting rid of the Ice Ogres that have invaded his home, to do that you'll need to collect the pieces to a catapult from all throughout the level. To start head up to the left and kill the two Frigid Chompies.

The floor beyond them is slippery, you'll have to get used to it as a lot of the level is like this. Go up past the frozen cactus to some normal ground and a few more Frigid Chompies before slipping down the slope going right. At the bottom you'll see what looks just like a Bag O' Boom to the right, these guys throw a large snowball at you that rolls along the ground quite slowly.

After killing the Bag O' Boom and the Frigid Chompies in front of him, smash through a pile of frozen vases and barrels at the bottom of a stone slope on your left, go up to find an Undead Gate.

Ice Crater Lake

A mini Heroic Challenge awaits you. Your task now is to collect all 20 of the magic skulls that are dotted about the frozen lake, problem is that the lake is sloped and slippery as well as being home to a few large snowballs that when nudged will knock you backwards. If you're finding you keep missing one over and over then try circling the entire lake to give it another go rather than doubling back - you could also use the snowballs to help quickly change direction.

Once you've got them all you'll be thrown back out and given a Present that you can shake open to collect the Santa Hat Santa Hat.

Walk back down the slope and go down onto the slippery ice, head down to a teleporter.

Maze of Obelisks

What you've got here is a simple maze, as you can see pretty much all of it there's not much you can do to get lost, the ice might not help though. In the bottom left corner is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest, just smash the breakable items blocking it. Now you're going to need to find the switch that opens the exit. Take the right-hand path, smash the barrels to continue right, down and around up to the top right corner where you'll find the small square button that you're looking for.

Now just exit as there's nothing more in this maze.

Go forwards past that undead ramp from before and kill the Frigid Chompies standing next to a monster gate. Slip and slide along the ice around some cacti until you get to another group of Frigid Chompies and an icy version of the Axecutioner enemy.

Altar of Eyes

Kill them to open up the monster gate nearby. Slide on through to meet up with Haldor again. He'll point out a key further on and the lock it's for. Continue along the ice around to the other side of the altar so you can get up it. There's a large gang of Frigid Chompies but innstead of going into the stone enclosure keep on circling around and you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Turn around and enter that enclosure, go up the slope in the centre of it and pick up the key as well as the odd looking Story Scroll nearby. Kill the Bag O' Booms that have been throwing snowballs at you before dropping down off the side to reach the locked gate to the right (pretty much at the base of the Undead Gate teleporter).

Behind the locked gate is the first of the four pieces of the catapult. Walk into it then walk forwards off the small ledge towards the broken catapult. Go left after the conversation down the path. Ignore the purple bomb icon for now, you don't have access to a bomb just yet. Instead go left at the end where you'll find a few more Frigid Chompies and a Mohawk Cyclops, behind them is a small slope down onto an icy section.

The Sunken Garden

Slide to the left along the ice, avoid the cacti and kill the two Bag O' Booms standing about. On the left side beneath some breakable items there's a switch to open a tiny section with a small amount of money in, not particularly earth shattering. Go down to the right from there, kill a few Frigid Chompies, a Bag O' Boom and an Axecutioner to open up the monster gate at the end. There is the second piece of the catapult, step into the teleporter to get sent into a maze.

The Pits

This maze is made trickier by the introduction of holes. Fall into one and you get teleported back to the start of the maze. There's nothing to collect in this one so all you need to do is hit the button in the bottom left corner and leave via the teleporter at the top. To get there go forwards along the only safe bit of ice, left at the stone block, up, then left and then up and immediately left. Down then right should take you to the button. Once you've pressed the button go left then north, right then up before you fall into the hole, right at the cactus and then up before the hole again, right at the next hole then up at the gap.

Another maze, even trickier now as they've removed the stone blocks that may have helped you out before - it's all just holes and cacti. There are two things to collect this time, a piece of the catapult and a Present. First you might as well hit the switch, slide down and go right at the large hole, then up and right to the Present to get your Cossack Hat Cossack Hat.

Turn around and go down, left at the hole, up and around the central hole to go left and up to the catapult piece. Once you've got that step on the button north of you and then go to the centre and head north to the teleporter back to Haldor.

To your right is now a bomb, pick it up and run left down to where you earlier saw a purple bomb icon. You may need a fast Skylander as a slow one may not quite reach it in time. Behind the wall down there you'll find a bounce pad that'll jump you up the pathetically small ledge where you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Return to the catapult and pick up another bomb, take it north and blow up the wall that Haldor showed you.

The Winter Wall

Walk down the path and smash through the brick wall that's in your way. You should notice a yellow aiming marker trying to target you, this is actually a very helpful thing as you can trick it into destroying the blockages ahead. Stand next to the blockage at the end and the marker will centre on you and stop, move out of the way and it'll safely only damage the barricade and not you (although the damage is does do if you're not quick enough is tiny).

Step on through the new gap onto some ice. There's an optional barricade to trick the target into destroying, you can however just go around it. Kill the Frigid Chompies and the Axecutioner that's walking about there. Smash the next barricade in the same manner as before, slide down the slope and defeat another Axecutioner.

Down at the very bottom is the wall and an Axecutioner that you'll need to kill to open up a monster gate north of it. Walk up the slope behind the monster gate and blow up another barricade, you'll find the final Treasure Chest Treasure Chest beyond a few barrels. Keep on going around the ledge, blow up one more barricade, and you'll find the final catapult piece.

Getting back is as simple as carrying on in the same direction as you were before, drop down and follow the path back out of the area to the catapult again.

Destroying the wall is a simple process, aim for the lowest parts and hit them again and again - don't bother winding the cannon back at all if you're going for speed as taking out the bottom takes out the upper parts too. You'll need to hold the attack button for a second or two to build up enough pull to hit the dam but not really too long. Dodge the incoming barrels and grab the incoming food if you're running low on health, but otherwise keep focused on one section of wall at a time and you'll be done in no time.

#12 Glumshanks 23:47:01 13/12/2013
Great Level, Cynder smilie In Flight Mode Got All The Skulls Easily ..... (*_*)
#11 mark879 07:17:18 27/11/2013
I like it. Sounds a bit hard though. Besides, my Skylander game is Swap Force, so now it's a bit too late for me to get Empire of Ice. I'll just focus on buying Tower of Time Adventure Pack.
#10 HudsonDaOne 18:58:01 08/04/2013
Im wondering... does hex slide on ice? I haven't goten to try her out yet on this level.
#9 thumpback rocks 18:22:10 17/02/2013
I usedsmilies ice slide to get the skull because you don't slip
#8 terrafizz43 15:10:57 15/02/2013
#7 popfizzfan4life 17:16:04 01/01/2013
To get the skulls for the Santa Hat use A. Swarm's insect form B. Any skylander that can fly
#6 boomer has it 17:49:54 30/12/2012
I used smilie and got everything but the time in 1 go. The wall you have to destroy at the end of the chapter counts towards enemy goal. It counts as 1 enemy
#5 Benjamin9800 01:04:53 11/11/2012
I use smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
#4 Spygiltrig4356 18:00:30 10/11/2012
Hey I think all the pack levels are the same as spyros adventure but u still get 4 treasure chests. So if you got smilie smilie smilie and smilie with the level it wouldn't matter what game you registered them to?
#3 Skylander Man 02:22:33 06/11/2012
Well I guess these levels are the same as SSA`s.
#2 Captain Biggs 16:21:58 02/11/2012
I used Whirlwind in the Ice Crater Lake to get the skulls she is easy to control when in flight. Just switch the characters after you pass the "undead gate"
#1 warnado745 00:25:50 01/11/2012
To bad these adventure packs don't have a new level or something in giants

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