• 05:25 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Umbrella Hat Bowling Pin Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 13: The Oracle

You actually have a choice in which path to take through this level. The main choice is the second choice; if you choose Big Fish you get the Element and Knowledge Trials afterwards, if you choose Little Fish you get the Valor and Strength Trials. You can't double back and do all the paths in one go through the level, you'll have to come back later to collect everything.

Here is a table showing the paths and what you can find in each of them:

Spiders Chompies
Winged Sapphire Luck-O-Tron Wheel
Big Fish Little Fish
Soul Gem Story Scroll
Fire Water Catch Princess
Treasure Chest
Reflection Puzzle Speed Power
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Umbrella Hat
Knowledge Wealth
Bowling Pin HatLegendary Treasure

Trial of Courage: Spiders

This trial will introduce you to some spider enemies, Spiderlings and Gargantula. The Spiderlings are like tiny versions of the Enfuego Chompies, they run up to you and start glowing, they then explode. The pods in the room are what keeps spawning them, destroy them to stop the Spiderlings from reappearing.

In the middle of the room is a Gargantula, a massive spider that fires out a shot of web, if it hits you it'll try to reel you in to do even more damage. Shake free before you get too close. Keep on attacking it until it finally dies. On the left side there's also a pair of Jawbreakers to kill.

Once they're all dead the Monster Gates will lower, on the left side you can pick up the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Go through the teleporter to finish this trial.

Trial of Courage: Chompies

Drop off the left side of the top area to find the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Wealth. Bounce up and then take out all of the enemies, the Chompy Bots are the most dangerous of them obviously. Teleport out at the bottom once you've killed everything.

Octavius' Lair

Another choice, this time the Trial of Heart. This choice actually makes a difference to what you get next, Big Fish leads to the trials of Element and Knowledge, Little Fish leads to the trials of Valor and Strength.

Trial of Heart: Big Fish

You're suddenly massive and all the enemies are tiny. Even a Giant will feel bigger here. Kill the enemies in this first section (the columns here are for the trophy/achievement) and go north. Make your way through the folding blocks to another small set of enemies.

Kill them to open up the Monster Gate and continue through some more folding blocks. After that there's another group of enemies, this time quite tough ones. The two Gargantulas will make it difficult for you to avoid them both at the same time. But once you've killed all the other enemies you can circle one of the spiders while watching the other one prepare to attack, avoid that when it does and you should be fine.

Cross over another two sets of folding blocks to reach the end, before stepping into the teleporter you should grab Eye-Brawl's Soul Gem Soul Gem "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" on the other side of it.

Trial of Heart: Little Fish

You're suddenly tiny and all the enemies are massive. Even a Giant will feel smaller here. On the bottom right corner you'll find the Story Scroll Story Scroll. Kill the enemies in this first section (the columns here are for the trophy/achievement) and go north. Make your way through the folding blocks to another set of enemies, this time with a couple of Jawbreakers.

Go through the Monster Gate and the giant folding blocks to get to another bunch of enemies with two D. Riveters and a pair of Jawbreakers. Go through another set of folding blocks before reacing a giant teleporter, stand directly in the middle to actually use it.

Choosing Big Fish will let you choose the Trial of Element, neither trial has anything in them to collect so it's really up to you this time.

Trial of Element: Fire

An Ambush! Two evil Eruptors will attack, these throw fireballs out of their hands as they walk and erupt a circle of lava when they stop moving. Quite difficult for melee attackers to get close enough to safely damage them as the eruption is really fast and they'll do it as soon as they stop. Try to keep your distance and watch out for those bouncing balls of lava.

There are no collectibles in this trial.

Trial of Element: Water

An Ambush! Three evil Zaps will attack. These zoom around leaving behind a trail of movement slowing slime and then fire off zaps of electricity, just keep circling them and attacking. Once one has gone the other two will fire two bursts each time, then after the second is down the last one'll fire three times.

There are no collectibles in this trial.

Choosing Little Fish will instead let you choose the Trial of Valor, the Princess trial has a collectible in it.

Trial of Valor: Catch

Run towards the key ahead of you, it'll start moving off and dropping a fireball behind it every few seconds, avoid that and quickly cut left around the block, the key should go right and you should be able to immediately grab it. If you missed it then you'll have to try to cut it off further along but if you get too far behind you'll get taken back to the start of the area and be able to try again.

Go forwards, when you get to a point where there's a D. Riveter up on a block go right. Kill the pair of D. Riveters that jump out at you and carry on up the slope past some Chompies and one final pair of D. Riveters before getting to the locked gate and the teleporter out of the trial.

There are no collectibles in this trial.

Trial of Valor: Princess

Drop down and push the block forwards twice, then push the block on your left to the left three times before pushing it back into position. Go up the ramp and over the block, standing on the first block push another block forwards once and then the right block to the right once. Go around and up the ramp to the Princess standing at the top, this opens up the exit but first go to the right and behind the Root Runner is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

If you chose the Big Fish trial you now get the Trial of Knowledge. Despite the lock on the Puzzle trial being a Lock Puzzle you do still use up the key.

Trial of Knowledge: Reflection

Push the block with a crystal on it on your left up once, then push the block on the right up once then left once. Go up the ramp and left. On the south side of the section with two blocks and a crystal you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Push the left block down once and then to the right, push the crystal to the left and down twice. Push that previous block back to the left and then the other block up once. Push the crystal to the right four times to complete the light circuit and open up the exit.

Trial of Knowledge: Puzzle

The entrance puzzle is Perfect in 3.

Right x 3

Go left and solve the puzzle on the gate there. Perfect in 8.

Left x 4, Right x 4

Grab the key but don't bother opening the locked gate. Instead double back and go to the right side of where you started. Perfect in 10.

Left, Right x 2, Left, Right, Left x 2, Right, Left x 2

Go forwards past the Root Runners (kill them if you like) and solve another puzzle. Perfect in 8.

Left x 3, Right x 4, Left

Grab the key and smash open the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Drop off to the left and use the two keys on the exit. There are also a couple of other puzzles you skipped, here are the solutions to those:

First one directly ahead of the entrance, seems to have a lot of leeway for perfection but the best Perfect I can see is in 3.

Right x 3

Left side of the central area. Perfect in 10.

Right, Left x 2, Right, Left, Right x 3, Left x 2

If you chose the Little Fish trial you now get the Trial of Strength.

Trial of Strength: Speed

This can be quite damaging if you're not very careful and fast. Go through the rolling spikes starting off on the left side and moving as the first one rolls to the right. Quickly get past the first three and then wait a moment for the other three to simultaneously roll right and let you through. Be quick!

The second set of rolling spikes is even tougher to get through uninjured but not impossible. Stand on one side and advance forwards as soon as the one directly in front of you has rolled by, wait in its path for the next one to get out of your way and quickly step into that gap to avoid the previous one from hitting you. Repeat until you're past it.

Go right at the block to find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

After that carry on forwards and run along the right side as fast as you can. Hopefully you'll just be able to make it before the last rolling spike gets you.

If you carry on straight you can play a game of Skystones with Clam-Tron 4000. He has "Spiderlings 3", 2 "Inhuman Shield", 2 "Arkeyan Bomber". You win an Arkeyan Bomber Skystone.

Take the right path at the junction you just passed and start going up the slope, quickly double back at the spiked circles to get them to move inwards, run past as they make their way back to their default positions.

Keep to the near edge as you go up the ramp with the rolling spikes, until the end there's no need to cross the stream. So at the end cross that stream and make your way up to the exit teleporter.

Trial of Strength: Power

If you have a Giant you can go left through the log blockage and up the ramp. Don't use the Giant Jump just yet. A non-giant will have to smash through some brick walls and kill some enemies to get up around to the top of the ramp.

Drop off onto the teleporter on the ledge below, this will take you up onto a larger ledge to the right. Here you can find a Present with the Umbrella Hat Umbrella Hat inside. Push the three blocks off the side and jump down onto them. Push the last block off to the right. Before going into the teleporter you can go left into a cave.

Titan's Digs

Auric is down here.

Crown of Light1200
Tiki Hat800
Chompy Bot 9000 51400
Lock Puzzle Key500
Skystone Cheat500
Fairy Dust50

The Skystone is really quite good.

Go outside and use the teleporter to finish the trial.

That's the end, choose the Reward of Knowledge to get a Present with a Bowling Pin Hat Bowling Pin Hat inside. Wealth just gives you 500 coins.

On your second go through also choose the Reward of Knowledge, it'll have the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Dragon Roof" inside it.

On further goes through both doors just have 500 gold on the other side so choose whichever you like.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

Talk to Flynn to start the next level.

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