Heroic Challenges

There are 50 Heroic Challenges in total, one for each Skylander and two extra. Unfortunately you can only unlock 45 of the challenges in Giants, the remaining 5 are only available in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and are therefore unable to be completed by the sixteen new characters.

The different versions of a character do not unlock anything special, a Legendary character unlocks the exact same challenge that a regular version of that character would unlock. The same goes for LightCore, Punch, Granite, etc.

The amount given and the rewards given have been retroactively changed for the Heroic Challenges from Spyro's Adventure, so you will notice a change in your character's stats if you completed any Challenges in the first game. The new overall totals will put your character back at the same stats or slightly higher than previously.

The individual stat increases are as follows:

  • Speed +4 (12 challenges = +48)
  • Armor +3 (10 challenges = +30)
  • Crit +5 (17 challenges = +85 (12 available +60))
  • Elemental +5 (11 challenges = +55)

And here is a table listing the challenges with the way to unlock them and the type of reward.

Please note that the green base Series 1 toys will not unlock their Heroic Challenge in Giants even if you take ownership of them. You must own an orange base version of the character to open the challenge in Giants.

1Chompy Chomp-DownAuric - Chapter 10Elemental
2This Bomb's for YouAuric - Chapter 8Crit
3Jump For It!ScrollWrecking BallSpeed
4Where Art Thou, PaintingsScrollSpyroCrit
5Lair of the Giant SpidersScrollPrism BreakCrit
6Fight, Teleport, Fight Some More!ScrollLightning RodArmor
7The Three TeleportersScrollHexArmor
8Stop, Sheep Thieves!UnavailableCrit
9Mining for CharmsScrollBashElemental
10Dungeoness CreepsScrollChop ChopElemental
11Mining is the KeyScrollIgnitorSpeed
12Mission AchomplishedScrollStump SmashArmor
13Pod GauntletUnavailableCrit
14Time's A-Wastin'ScrollSonic BoomCrit
15Save the Purple Chompies!ScrollDrobotSpeed
16Spawner CaveScrollTerrafinCrit
17Arachnid AntechamberDefaultSpeed
18Hobson's ChoiceScrollTrigger HappyCrit
19Isle of the AutomatonsScrollEruptorElemental
20You Break It, You Buy It!ScrollDouble TroubleCrit
21Minefield MishapScrollStealth ElfSpeed
22Lobs O' FunScrollWhirlwindElemental
23Spell Punked!UnavailableCrit
24Charm HuntAuric - Chapter 4Crit
25Flip the ScriptAuric - Dread-YachtSpeed
26You've Stolen My Hearts!UnavailableCrit
27Bombs to the WallsScrollFlameslingerElemental
28Operation: Sheep FreedomUnavailableCrit
29Jailbreak!ScrollGill GruntArmor
30Environmentally UnfriendlyScrollDrill SergeantElemental
31Chemical CleanupScrollSlam BamElemental
32Break the CatsScrollZapArmor
33Flame Pirates on IceScrollFlashwingElemental
34Skylands SaluteScrollSprocketArmor
35S.A.B.R.I.N.A.ScrollTree RexSpeed
36The Sky is FallingScrollPop FizzCrit
37Nort's Winter ClassicScrollJet-VacArmor
38Break the Fakes!ScrollEye-BrawlSpeed
39Baking with BattersonScrollShroomboomArmor
40Blobber's FollyScrollBouncerElemental
41Delivery DayScrollFright RiderSpeed
42Give a HootScrollCrusherSpeed
43Zombie Dance PartyScrollCynderCrit
44Shepherd's PieScrollZookSpeed
45Watermelon's ElevenScrollHot HeadElemental
46A Real Goat GetterScrollHot DogArmor
47Wooly BulliesScrollNinjiniCrit
48The Great Pancake SlalomScrollChillSpeed
49Shoot First, Shoot LaterScrollSwarmCrit
50The King's BreechScrollThumpbackArmor

#30 UniqueTechClash 01:33:01 22/01/2013
Hey toleroh maybe because since your the owner of the S1 skylanders on spyro's adventure and you have to click the ownership button (that's what I think).
#29 Mephiles 03:17:17 15/01/2013
I got my wham shell and whirlwing maxed out level 15 maxed stats and rank 3!
#28 Ash Starkindle 17:51:12 13/01/2013
I do all Heroic Challenges, but my faves have Speed rewards.
#27 skylandersbros 20:04:57 04/01/2013
I only do the challenges with elemental power
#26 CaptainNinja77 16:34:09 03/01/2013
Why is it that some of my orange based skylanders heroic challenges dont work for a different oranged base skylanders could someone tell me why please.
#25 Dragon-Master 11:59:13 30/12/2012
I agree, the fact that only Series 2 characters unlock HCs is definitely the biggest problem in the game. Those of us who are completionists must now need to buy all the Series 2 skylanders to get all the HCs.
#24 Toleroh 19:16:34 29/12/2012
I am seriously disappointed that my S1 Skylanders do not unlock their Heroic Challenges in Giants. This is my first and only disappointment with the game but it is a big one. There were a few figures I only picked up to unlock HCs in SSA. I was going to skip them and a couple others in Giants. Now I probably still will, I'll just be ticked about it.
#23 Dragon-Master 23:34:22 17/12/2012
Lightning Rod's Heroic Challenge is actually called: 'Fight, Teleport Fight!'

NOT: 'Fight, Teleport, Fight some more!'
#22 Dragon-Master 00:49:40 16/12/2012
I discovered the Jet-Vac can complete some Heroic Challenges very easily with his Suction Gun. He can suck watermelons (Hot Head's HC), he can move pipes (Drill Sergeant's HC), can even move the cages (Gill Grunt's HC).

I wonder if there are any more things he can do with his suction gun.
#21 TheShadowDragon 17:05:13 15/12/2012
Well, as long as the Anvil Rain doesn't damage anything else but the enemies.
#20 sunburn fan 1 03:29:06 14/12/2012

#19 Titancrasher01 16:18:31 13/12/2012
@ Sunburn fan 1 I agree with you 100% you could use the most destructive skylander you have for that challenge but so long as you do not have them attack anything and just use the anvil rain whenever you see trolls then you'll beat the challenge easily.
#18 sunburn fan 1 02:28:41 13/12/2012
so will the Anvil Rain
#17 TheShadowDragon 02:32:41 08/12/2012
I know exactly how you feel, Evelyn. But eventually, I find ways to avoid destroying stupid-looking paintings by accident. Not all Skylanders can complete that HC for some reason. What I do is use attacks that don't destroy vases or paintings like Spyro's charge attack, Cynder's ghostly ally, Tree Rex's woodpecker pal, etc. attacks that only kill enemies while keeping vases unharmed.
#16 Evelyn 15:57:06 07/12/2012
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate double trouble's challange!!!!
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