Combat HatCombat Hat15Drill-X's Big Rig (Auric)
Napoleon HatNapoleon Hat55Lost City of Arkus (Auric)
Spy GearSpy Gear25Secret Vault of Secrets (Auric)
Miner HatMiner Hat77Dread-Yacht (Hatterson)
General's HatGeneral's Hat77Aerial Attack (Auric)
Pirate HatPirate Hat20Pirate Seas
Propeller CapPropeller Cap3Glacier Gully (Auric)
Coonskin CapCoonskin Cap10Dread-Yacht (Hatterson)
Straw HatStraw Hat22Dread-Yacht (Hatterson)
Fancy HatFancy Hat12Rumbletown (Auric)
Top HatTop Hat55Glacier Gully (Auric)
Viking HelmetViking Helmet5Cutthroat Carnival (Auric)
Spiked HatSpiked Hat77Aerial Attack (Auric)
Anvil HatAnvil Hat5Autogyro Adventure (Auric)
BeretBeret15Drill-X's Big Rig (Auric)
Birthday HatBirthday Hat12Rumbletown (Auric)
Bone HeadBone Head37Dread-Yacht (Hatterson)
Bowler HatBowler Hat22Dread-Yacht (Auric)
Wabbit EarsWabbit Ears512Lost City of Arkus (Auric)
Tropical TurbanTropical Turban25Secret Vault of Secrets (Auric)
Chef HatChef Hat1010Darklight Crypt
Cowboy HatCowboy Hat22Junkyard Isles (Auric)
Rocker HairRocker Hair73Wilikin Village (Auric)
Royal CrownRoyal Crown10Dragon's Peak
Lil DevilLil Devil9Dread-Yacht (Hatterson)
Eye HatEye Hat55Wilikin Village (Auric)
FezFez5Cutthroat Carnival (Auric)
Crown of LightCrown of Light15The Oracle (Auric)
Jester HatJester Hat12Dread-Yacht (Hatterson)
Winged HatWinged Hat12Dragon's Peak
Moose HatMoose Hat25Troll Home Security (Auric)
Plunger HeadPlunger Head22Junkyard Isles (Auric)
Pan HatPan Hat22Dread-Yacht (Hatterson)
Rocket HatRocket Hat6Molekin Mountain (Auric)
Santa HatSanta Hat20Empire of Ice
Tiki HatTiki Hat10The Oracle (Auric)
Trojan HelmetTrojan Helmet10Troll Home Security (Auric)
Unicorn HatUnicorn Hat1212Bringing Order to Kaos (Auric)
Wizard HatWizard Hat25Bringing Order to Kaos (Auric)
Pumpkin HatPumpkin Hat10Darklight Crypt
Pirate Doo RagPirate Doo Rag4Pirate Seas
Cossack HatCossack Hat10Empire of Ice
Flower HatFlower Hat22Dread-Yacht (Hatterson)
Balloon HatBalloon Hat22Dread-Yacht (Auric)
Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!22Dread-Yacht (Auric)
Vintage Baseball CapVintage Baseball Cap8Dread-Yacht (Hatterson)
Bowling Pin HatBowling Pin Hat1010The Oracle
Officer CapOfficer Cap37Secret Vault of Secrets
Firefighter HelmetFirefighter Helmet20Glacier Gully
Graduation HatGraduation Hat15Kaos' Kastle
Lampshade HatLampshade Hat5Cutthroat Carnival
Mariachi HatMariachi Hat10Cutthroat Carnival
Paper Fast Food HatPaper Fast Food Hat22Time of the Giants
Pilgrim HatPilgrim Hat12Rumbletown
Police Siren HatPolice Siren Hat4Junkyard Isles
Purple FedoraPurple Fedora12Glacier Gully
Archer HatArcher Hat10Secret Vault of Secrets
Safari HatSafari Hat25Drill-X's Big Rig
Sailor HatSailor Hat410Aerial Attack
Dancer HatDancer Hat6Kaos' Kastle (Auric)
Traffic Cone HatTraffic Cone Hat15Drill-X's Big Rig
TurbanTurban5Time of the Giants
Battle HelmetBattle Helmet77Molekin Mountain
Bottle Cap HatBottle Cap Hat15Autogyro Adventure
Carrot HatCarrot Hat10Rumbletown
Elf HatElf Hat25Rumbletown (Auric)
Fishing HatFishing Hat55Wilikin Village
Future HatFuture Hat10Autogyro Adventure
Nefertiti HatNefertiti Hat1010Aerial Attack
Pants HatPants Hat615Troll Home Security
Princess HatPrincess Hat37Kaos' Kastle
Toy Solider HatToy Solider Hat25Wilikin Village
Trucker HatTrucker Hat25Molekin Mountain
Umbrella HatUmbrella Hat20The Oracle
Showtime HatShowtime Hat25Hatterson
Caesar HatCaesar Hat20Bringing Order to Kaos (Auric)
Flower Fairy HatFlower Fairy Hat2Time of the Giants
Funnel HatFunnel Hat77Lost City of Arkus
Scrumshanks HatScrumshanks Hat410Bringing Order to Kaos
Biter HatBiter Hat5Junkyard Isles
Atom HatAtom Hat25Lost City of Arkus
SombreroSombrero55Troll Home Security
Rasta HatRasta Hat77Bringing Order to Kaos
Kufi HatKufi Hat22Junkyard Isles (Auric)
Knight HelmKnight Helm6151515Defeat Kaos in Nightmare Mode
Dangling Carrot HatDangling Carrot Hat410Molekin Mountain (Auric)
Bronze Top HatBronze Top Hat255Quest Rank 1
Silver Top HatSilver Top Hat377Quest Rank 2
Gold Top HatGold Top Hat41010Quest Rank 3

#15 Skylander Man 13:07:27 04/11/2012
Batterson`s brother.
#14 Mabra 11:30:19 04/11/2012
Who is Hatterson?
#13 Titancrasher01 07:32:48 04/11/2012
Remember Batterson the molekin from Darklight Crypt, well Hatterson is his brother.
#12 TheShadowDragon 22:04:11 03/11/2012
Who's Hatterson?
#11 Moneysaver 21:47:35 03/11/2012
also u need the ship part from level 16 equipped to find him
#10 Magellan2 16:29:45 03/11/2012
In case anyone is wondering where hatterson is, you have to walk towards the screen (yourself) after you arrive on the dread-yacht, dropping down onto the wing. You will find a door. go in there to find hatterson
#9 psychosis 19:57:25 02/11/2012
Why couldn't they have made at least one new speed hat? The highest speed increase is from the last game, and it doesn't have any other stats
#8 azz01 12:50:47 02/11/2012
So I guess just for the Knight Helm I will train all my skylanders to level 15.Fully upgrade them and epiup every one of them with hats
#7 Moneysaver 21:06:43 01/11/2012
go to the skylander menu (- on the wii). and look under quests, for every 3 quests you complete you gain a rank on that skylander. The top hats can only be accessed by the skylandes who have earned the rank.
#6 treerex 17:30:20 01/11/2012
What are the Quest Ranks?
#5 skymaster284 16:41:50 01/11/2012
azz01 and mr adamjm01, i here ya
#4 mradamjm01 22:51:25 31/10/2012
This is what im doing (I beat medium by the way) Medium the Nightmare.
#3 Hot Head1 22:45:53 31/10/2012
I could easily beat nightmare mode with almost all of my SSA collection but im gonna do easy medium hard and nightmare in order
#2 mradamjm01 21:46:04 31/10/2012
Wait so I cant get the knight helm on the first game I did!?! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! smilie
#1 azz01 21:28:24 31/10/2012
So now I must do nightmare mode.Grr smilie
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