• 08:00 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Safari Hat Traffic Cone Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 11: Drill-X's Big Rig

Utility Deck

Drop off the south side of where you start to pick up the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Then bounce back up and go forwards past the Molekin.

Machine Retrofit Assembly

Down the conveyor belt and left under the crushing thing to go down another conveyor belt. Kill off the Enfuego Chompies and the D. Riveter, some more Chompies will pop out of the pipe, you'll need to kill them before the Monster Gate will open. Go down the next two conveyor belts and under another crusher before stepping into a teleporter.


Go down the path to the right of the Molekin and use a Giant to smash through the wall.

Aux Hanger

Criggler is on the other side who has an optional game of Skystones for you. He uses 2 "Inhuman Shield 2", 2 "D. Riveter 3", "Boulder Bowler". Naturally you win his Boulder Bowler, whatever that is.

Drop off the edge behind Criggler to get to a Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 23.

Left x 7, Right, Left x 6, Right x 4, Left, Right x 4

Aux Storage Area

In the middle of the room is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Bounce back up and go down the slope to the left of Pitts the Molekin. Aside from a few Enfuego Chompies your target here is the Arkeyan Bomber up on the button, throw his bomb back at him if you can't otherwise hit him. Once he's dead the Monster Gate next to Pitts will open.

Go under the crushers and then down onto the button the Bomber was standing on. This will lower a piece blocking your path above. Go back under the crushers and around the corner on the conveyor belts. Go up past another couple of crushers and then off the side when you get to the blockage.

Riley's Tube

A group of Inhuman Shields will attack, get around them and destroy them from behind. Kill off the two Arkeyan Bombers next to the Monster Gate.

Lower Transition Station

Go down the slope and you'll meet your first Blaze Brewer in the main game. These large enemies use a flamethrower to attack, you can see him prepare to fire by the small amount of fire that appears on the flamethrower. After this you just need to either move out of range or get up behind him so you can attack while he's stuck flaming away at nobody. Stay too close after he's done flaming and he'll jump up and smash down to face you - damaging you in the process. Kill him to open up a Bounce Pad at the far end.

Step on the button to lower the blockage that you got stuck at earlier. Drop down on the left and make your way through the crushers and conveyor belts to a Life zone.

Spore Works

Bounce up onto the platform as it gets close, wait it out to the opposite side and step off to get the Present with the Safari Hat Safari Hat inside. Leave and continue left.

Middle Transition Station

Kill the two D. Riveters and all the Enfuego Chompies, don't use the Bounce Pad just yet. In the bottom right corner there's a conveyor belt that you can walk along in the wrong direction.

Southern Rig Platform

Nothing but coins here.

Go back to the previous platform and push the blocks on the left with a Giant.

Golem's Fortune

A single Treasure Chest Treasure Chest is what awaits you here.

Now you can use that Bounce Pad.

Ventilation Platform

A few D. Riveters will jump out of the holes in the floor here, kill them and the two Arkeyan Bombers to open the Monster Gate at the other end.

Gas Refinery

Another Blaze Brewer now, he's helped by a few Inhuman Shields but should be taken out the same way as before. Go up the ramp and you're near the Earth zone.

Rock Works

Cross over the two earth bridges and go up the right slope, go under the crushers past the locked gate and onto a conveyor belt. After the first two crushers on there there's a button to press. This activates the central platform. Continue down the conveyor and use the Bounce Pad to get up onto the moving platform. From there jump off to the right to grab the key.

Go back up the slope next to the bridges and open up that locked gate. The Present contains the Traffic Cone Hat Traffic Cone Hat. To get out use the conveyor belts and walk over the bridges.

Upper Transition Station

Go up the conveyor belt under a load of crushers to reach a place with a bounce pad already active between the two walls. Bounce up and go right, ignoring the stuff behind the barrier. Cross over the moving platforms, then around the corner drop down off the right side, don't use the bounce pads just yet.

Middle Auxiliary Deck

Drop off the southern edge to reach Soul Gem Sprocket's Soul Gem "Landmine Golf". On the left side of this area is an opening.


Keep tapping the buttons until the two platforms are aligned so that they meet in the middle. You can do this by waiting for them to both face away, tap the left button, wait for it to get halfway back and then tap it again. Now wait for the platform to get close to you so you can bounce up onto it, walk over to the other platform and then to the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest at the other end.

Exit and bounce up onto the raising platform, then step onto the deck above. Use the bounce pad to get up to the left and take the bounce pads up there to the right.

Going down past Dusty drop off to the left at the corner in the ramp, go along the conveyor belt and stand on the button. This not only lowers the barrier directly in front of you but if you bounce up and drop off the north side you can get into the blocked off bit beneath the platform where the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Power is.

Bounce back up and over to Dusty again.

Aux Piston Platform

Go all the way down the ramp and play the Lock Puzzle Perfect in 15.

Right x 3, Left x 5, Right x 3, Left, Right x 3

Aux Control Room

Stand on the button and then head outside again.

Your first Crystal Golem appears. These guys are surrounded by small purple crystals, until they're all smashed the Golem is a lot more resistant to your attacks. Circle him attacking the crystals as you go, he should be too slow to turn fast enough to hit you. Either go with or in the opposite direction to the crystal rotation, you'll eventually smash them all and be able to attack him fully.

Go up the ramp to Dusty and use the bounce pad next to him to get across to the right. At the junction go down to the right, you'll see Auric with his store.

Unerring Arrow Charm25000
Combat Hat1000
Chompy Bot 9000 3650
Regeneration Power Up325
Lock Puzzle Key500
Fairy Dust50

A very expensive charm there, I wouldn't really say it's worth it but if you have the money left over from Spyro's Adventure then why not? The Skystone is okay, not amazing but decent enough.

Giant Jump on the left.

Landing Deck

Treasure Chest Treasure Chest in the middle, go up around the room to exit.

Make your way back up the bounce pads again. Going north drop off the end where you can see an arrow on the floor, do not go left into the boss fight just yet. Up the ramp is the Story Scroll Story Scroll. Go inside.

Triple Piston Trouble

Bounce onto either of the moving platforms and drop off to hit the button. Repeat for the other side. Then bounce onto the platforms and cross forwards to the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Propeller Engine".

Outside again and teleport back up to the entrance to the boss fight.

The Apex

Quickly into Drill-X's song you can start moving, try to get behind one of the pipes sticking up out of the floor. Note that these are the things that you'd throw at him for a trophy/achievement with a Giant. Anyway, watch where he brings down his drill by the large red X and you should notice a green zone on the other side of the pipes to it, stand there and you should be safe from the debris that flies off when he first smashes down.

Once it's safe start attacking the drill. Run away once the laser gets near, and watch out for enemies that spawn in from the sides. Repeat until he gets annoyed and smashes the pipes.

The drill will light up and he'll start bringing it across the area, to avoid it use the bounce pads to jump over it. Once you're clear turn around and quickly run towards it to start attacking once it reaches the other side. Repeat until he starts singing again.

This next section is a little more difficult to avoid getting hit. He smashes down three parts of his drill and they all blast out fire, to avoid you need to use the bounce pads to land in the middle of one of the parts and then you still need to avoid the blasts from at least one of the other drill bits. Once that's done just attack any of the pieces. Avoid the triple laser when it appears and repeat until Drill-X is defeated.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

Nothing of any interest this time, talk to Flynn to get going again.

#15 SilverWolf1129 23:15:27 24/11/2012
@ HotHead1

The Great Mighty Poo was more funny.
#14 Darkenfell 20:04:46 20/11/2012
Down opposite side of flyns boat thee is a door where Hatterson(related to Batterson)who sells hats
#13 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 20:19:57 04/11/2012
Maybe it's the "Southern Rig Platform"? It's at the south end of the platform with the Giant Feat of Strength block push thing on it.
#12 Mabra 16:07:18 04/11/2012
I have a little problem in this level, i missed an area for the 3 stars, but i have all the treasures, hats winged saphire and tokens.
#11 TheSpyrofan12 10:29:56 03/11/2012
I wasn't counting the Adventure Pack levels as part of the story though.
#10 Skylander Man 01:36:01 31/10/2012
I love his songs! I don`t know why the moles hate it!

"It`s the end of the tracks Skylander! This Drill-Bot is on the scene! I`ll knock you forward and back with a robo attack cause your messing with the wrong machine!""you don`t stand a chance, Skylander! Even though you won that round... Cause my power won`t drop and the drilling won`t stop until the City Of Arkus is found!""Hold on time out Skylander! There`s something up with my drill. But you better watch out, you`ll be down for the count when I show you my smashing skills!""What did you do Skylander!? You`ve just won the final round! I can`t keep the beat and I am feeling the defeat and my systems are all shutting down..."

Here he is in person ready for his recital!


Sing Along! Ooh and here is this level`s walkthrough.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...&feature=relmfu

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...ature=endscreen

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...feature=related
#9 Skylander Man 01:28:44 31/10/2012
I meant 20. Sorry.
#8 DragonDog 00:13:06 30/10/2012
#7 Skylander Man 20:33:42 29/10/2012
There is 0 chapters you can get.
#6 TheSpyrofan12 08:55:30 29/10/2012
@LegendaryFlames - There are 16 chapters in total.
#5 LegendaryFlames 08:12:13 29/10/2012
Is this the last level?
Because if it is more would have been better...
#4 CynderDragonFan 00:41:37 29/10/2012
love drill-x song
#3 Hot Head1 00:41:12 29/10/2012
favorite boss EVER
#2 weebbby 00:23:12 29/10/2012
You don't NEED to use the bounce pads to avoid it, you can just run around the shrapnel, with difficulty.
#1 mradamjm01 00:03:13 29/10/2012
First comment and LOL ROBOT!!!
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