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3:51 PM - Thursday the 22nd of July, 2021 - by dark52
A new update has landed for the mobile game Skylanders Ring of Heroes that has added a brand new set of high level content and a new Legendary Water Defense Skylander Thumpback.

[User Posted Image]

The "Black Dimension" is unlocked for players who have beaten the existing campaign on Hard mode and sees you face off against increasingly powerful "Shadow" versions of the bosses to earn a new type of evolution currency. That currency can then be used to evolve your level 80 Skylanders in order to reach the new max level 100.

Thumpback will be available through his specific Pickup Summon from tomorrow.
#1 somePerson 05:27:34 23/07/2021
looks like my step mom
#2 Flaccid Hot Dog 00:29:45 02/09/2021
Looks like mine too. Only with a youger face smilie

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