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10:08 PM - Sunday the 28th of February, 2010 - by dark52
As part of a Guidebook update that's in progress, I've tagged all of the images in the game galleries (e.g. Dawn of the Dragon) with the characters that they contain.
11:17 AM - Saturday the 6th of June, 2009 - by dark52
It's that time again, every year around this point the site becomes a whole year older, and this year is no different. To celebrate this fifth anniversary I've altered the front page to look similar to the original design of the site, those of you who've been here a really long time may have recognised it.

Over the past year the site has gained a few new guides, ones for all of the versions of the latest game, Dawn of the Dragon, and a new guide for The Eternal Night's DS entry. The Guidebook is still slowly approaching completion, with nearly 900 characters so far there are only a few handheld games left to add.

At some point this year I'll get around to finishing a walkthrough for the DS A New Beginning and I'm currently half working on a refreshed guide to the third GBA game Spyro: Adventure which was the first Spyro game that I wrote a walkthrough for, it hasn't really seen much work done to it over the five years it's been sitting there and it shows. With no sign of a new game on the horizon, this coming year may be a quiet one.
9:53 PM - Monday the 16th of February, 2009 - by dark52
It's finally here, the day you will remember for the rest of your life. That's right, the walkthrough to the Nintendo DS version of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon has been completed.

[User Posted Image]

There's also a brief Bestiary with the enemies and their elemental weaknesses. Enjoy.
5:01 PM - Monday the 12th of January, 2009 - by dark52
My walkthrough to The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon on PS2/PS3/Xbox 360/Wii is now complete. Fight from The Catacombs through to the Dark Master himself and all of the stuff inbetween.

[User Posted Image]

You'll find locations for all of the Blue Clusters, Red and Green Crystals, Armour and all of the Elite Enemies in order to get 100% completion.

The walkthrough for the DS version is still not quite complete but hopefully I'll get around to finishing off the last parts soon.
3:58 PM - Sunday the 11th of January, 2009 - by dark52
Hurtling towards the finish line the Burned Lands have been completed.

[User Posted Image]

It's just the Floating Islands and Malefor's Lair left.

This finishes off the save images as the last two levels seem to just use the Burned Lands picture. I've added all of the images that I've been using to the Dawn of the Dragon Gallery where you can check them out at full size.

Edit: It turns out there are actually images for the final two levels, I've added them now as well.
3:38 PM - Friday the 9th of January, 2009 - by dark52
The guide to Malefor's ultimate weapon, The Destroyer, has been completed.

[User Posted Image]

The rather hot Burned Lands get solved soon.
11:20 PM - Tuesday the 6th of January, 2009 - by dark52
If you've been following the progress for the The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon walkthrough you'll probably have guessed that The Dam would be next. Correct.

[User Posted Image]

We take on the gigantic The Destroyer in the next instalment.
7:47 PM - Saturday the 3rd of January, 2009 - by dark52
The slightly underground not really all that ruined Ruins of Warfang is now fully walked through.

[User Posted Image]

The Dam makes a splash next.
9:00 PM - Friday the 2nd of January, 2009 - by dark52
The short The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon level Attack of the Golem has been posted.

[User Posted Image]

As the game's chronological order dictates, Ruins of Warfang follows next.
7:36 PM - Monday the 29th of December, 2008 - by dark52
By all accounts Dragon City, of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon fame, is now complete.

[User Posted Image]

It's time to fight that big old Golem next.
2:50 AM - Sunday the 21st of December, 2008 - by dark52
After the tiny level of Twilight Falls, the Valley of Avalar trundles in.

[User Posted Image]

Coming soon... Dragon City!
12:11 AM - Thursday the 18th of December, 2008 - by dark52
Twilight Falls, the second level of Dawn of the Dragon.

[User Posted Image]

That's the game one more level closer to being done.
11:36 PM - Saturday the 13th of December, 2008 - by dark52
That's right, no longer will the game rating stars be sort of a bit of a star but not quite. Now rounded to the nearest half you also no longer need to click on the stars and then on the stars that appear to rate, you can now just click on the stars. Hooray!

I've also posted the first level of my walkthrough to Dawn of the Dragon on consoles.

And another level on the DS version of The Eternal Night as if anybody really cares.

And if that wasn't enough I've just finished off adding all of the characters from Spyro 2: Season of Flame.
3:46 PM - Wednesday the 22nd of October, 2008 - by dark52
Still waiting to get the newly released The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon? Well Spyro's Lair has a new mini-game added today that could help fill in the time. It's been seen in the scorecard for quite a while and "Path of Fire" has finally materialised in the form of a memory game in which you have to remember a path for Spyro to follow, each progressively longer than the last.

[User Posted Image]

With the release of Dawn of the Dragon you can expect a few more games to appear on Spyro's Lair "very soon".

In other news there are a few more character pictures on the official Dawn of the Dragon website and Prima have added a PDF preview of their Official Guide which details one of the levels quite extensively (and contains spoilers, obviously).

Thanks go to dark_fury912 for the heads up on the new Spyro's Lair game and spyro's #1fan on the official forums for spotting the new pictures.
11:14 AM - Friday the 10th of October, 2008 - by dark52
As we enter the last few days before launch, a second trailer for The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon has been released, you can find it on Yahoo! Kids.

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