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10:49 PM - Thursday the 21st of January, 2021 - by dark52
Today's update for Skylanders: Ring of Heroes added two new Skylanders: Smash Hit from SuperChargers and Scratch from Swap Force.

[User Posted Image]

Smash Hit is presented as a Legendary Skylander who specialises in Area of Effect attacks and Scratch is a Heroic Skylander who attacks multiple times.

As a new Legendary Skylander you will initially only be able to get Smash Hit from his special event summons but Scratch is immediately available through all the different summon types.
#1 L Cynder 21:44:51 22/01/2021
Sweet! smilie I want to try to get Scratch asap. smilie
#2 Wishblade 00:55:33 25/04/2021
I didn't like how Scratch looked, so I didn't play with her much. I am glad I added Smash Hit to my main team. When you upgrade that first attack, you get a lot of damage for only one mana. He also has excellent knockdown ability.

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