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#15 zmoibe12 23:33:46 07/07/2015
Well shadow dragon, the could be basing this decision off of the theory that the mario world is all just a play, and everyone in the mushroom kingdom is an actor.

(But that's just a theory...A game theory)!
#14 TheShadowDragon 02:16:40 21/06/2015
The only thing that flabbergasts me about Bowser's appearance in Skylanders is why they'd declare him as a hero when all those times he is a villain.
#13 Averagejo26 02:41:21 18/06/2015
So Donkey Kong and Bowser are only playable on a Nintendo hardware game system though. So we have a renewed core from the 8 original elements, and a new Supercharger from the same 8 elements and then one Supercharger from Light and from Dark, and these 2 Nintendo cross-overs makes 20 total.
#12 KeybasHedKey 02:18:13 17/06/2015
I can't believe that two Nintendo Characters got into Skylands.
#11 spyrothe111 23:35:33 16/06/2015
Donkey Kong and Bowser have arrived in Skylands! smilie
#10 BlueFox 11:40:37 04/06/2015
I don't like her name either, seeing how it's the name of Free Ranger's weapons, just singular and not plural. But that's just nitpicking, I guess. We've already had Slobber Tooth and Slobber Trap, Pop Fizz and Pop Thorn, so...
#9 SodaPopHD 20:17:15 03/06/2015
For some reason, I don't like the name "Stormblade". It's sort of uncreative to me.
#8 LittleWizard 19:33:38 03/06/2015
Aura, I put that after wildbreaker said that was her name :-)
#7 WilltheWizard 19:13:43 03/06/2015
VHah, I like that name. smilie
#6 Aura24 17:37:56 03/06/2015
Little, "Captain Crow" is named Stormblade.
#5 LittleWizard 09:17:58 03/06/2015
V Trigger Happy looks like he is from the fire element.
#4 Iganagor 07:44:50 03/06/2015
Trigger Happy looks fancy... Idk why
#3 LittleWizard 06:50:06 03/06/2015
THIRD!!! I am so excited!
#2 SodaPopHD 00:44:12 03/06/2015
Second! HYPE!
#1 skylandsfan 00:42:59 03/06/2015
Can't wait! First!
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