Cap'n Cluck's Chicken HQ

Chapter 29: Fowl Play

Throughout this level you have the ability to shrink or grow things that are glowing purple. It'll be used for puzzles but you can also use it on the chicken buckets and enemies for certain effects. For example, there's a glowing purple bucket just ahead of you, if you use your ability on it and then smash the bucket you get a full roast chicken, if you'd smashed it while it was small you'd have just got a chicken wing. Oddly there's no difference in the amount of health you get.

After talking to Scooter in his booth you should use your ability on the hanging bag of feed behind him to grow it and pull it down. That'll bring up some platforms you can use to cross over the gap. On the other side you'll see a few enemies throwing things at you, these are Lift Lofters and if you use the growth ray on them while they're holding up an acorn the acorn will grow and then crush them - careful not to get hit by the acorn too. Go to the right towards the screen to find Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/7 around the corner.

Behind where the Lift Lofters were you can see a couple of glowing purple bags, you need to grow them at the right time to solve the puzzle in the cage. Pull the left one so that there's a gap on the left side, then pull the right one to fling the chicken over the top. One final pull of the left one should finish the puzzle as the chicken rolls towards the exit. Go through the cage door it opens to be briefly trapped.

Time to meet a Hammerhead. This enemy has a large hammer for a head, use your shrink ray to make it smaller and then fight it as usual. Once that's defeated Cluck will throw in a few Steam Squirts, small enemies that if you grow them they'll turn into a bounce pad sort of thing - usable for three bounces. Useful for a few situations but no use here. Defeat a few more enemies and Cluck will drop you through the floor. Try and grab the coins on the way down and avoid all the nests.

Chapter 30: Running Afowl

Move towards the screen and to the right to find Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/7 locked with a Live Wire Lock. You can end it immediately but if you want all the bolts you'll need to go over the right button as the path is aligned and sit on the left button until the cog turns so you can reach the bolt. Wander past Persephone to chat with Buckley next to a Sea vehicle zone.

Sea Star Sea

Before you reach the feeder you've got some shooting to do. Straight ahead is a pipe with a purple section, grow that purple section and then use the water spout next to it to jump over the barrier and into the next bit, if you go up the pipe in the back right you will jump out through a Toolbox Toolbox. Use the water spout on the left in the second part to get up to a third part, here you can find a set of flags for a Barrel mission. They're lined up leading back towards the starting section but it seems a little tricky to get the ones above the spouts, make good use of your break to orient yourself rather than sliding all over.

Go back up to the third area and use the shrink ray on the purple pipe there, that'll shut off the spouts but also the fast moving water on the ramp to the right, go up that ramp and over to a dock to get out. Jump along some red and white crates and grow a purple pipe, that'll shoot the crates up into forming a staircase upwards. Shrink the first pipe here to switch off a blast of water blocking your way over to the final pipe. Wait for the big bucket to be the one nearest you before using the ray on the pipe to shoot it up into the air and into the water. That'll not only introduce the feed into the water supply but also give you a platform to reach your vehicle.

It's just a straight drive along the path to the exit now, if you keep to the right as you go around a right-hand bend you can go up a ramp and along a short wooden section to a Toolbox Toolbox in the air - this is just before the mandatory dive. Shrink the chicken to get back to where you first entered the Sea zone.

If you completed the Sea zone then you'll now find that the large chickens are shrinkable, there's a few bonuses behind them - like a Present Present behind the one next to the kiosk - but nothing essential. Jump up the step on the right to where there's two bridges directly lined up with two chicken cannons. To cross over safely just switch side after one has passed by. At the end go to the right and then up the steps above the torpedoes. At the far left end over a gap you can find Epic Chest Epic Chest 3/7. Go back to the right past another series of chicken cannons to a quick fight.

The spinning enemies, Blade Skhurts, can be grown so that they get too big for the blade and it breaks, meaning they can no longer spin. After a few more enemies go to the right on the rotating circular area to find Epic Chest Epic Chest 4/7. If you did the Sea mission you can shrink the large chicken here and find a Present Present behind it. Heading left you'll find another of the bag puzzles. Here you want to have the bag small so that the dropped chicken rolls down to the left and then grow the bag when it reaches the red section so that the platform flips it up into the air and into the tube.

After the first three torpedo tubes move towards the screen and go up the ramp to find Epic Chest Epic Chest 5/7 above the path. Carry on past the last of the torpedoes to Rusty and a Land Star vehicle section.

Land Star Land

In amongst the coins in the air above the second boost pad on the track is a Toolbox Toolbox, you'll need to have some speed to get high enough off the side to reach it. After that just keep on going until you reach the first open area. Here you need to push the large chicken into the pipe underneath where Cluck is perched, if you go slowly you should be able to keep it on your front bumper easier than knocking it all over the place at speed. There's a short track with a gate you need to open with another chicken before you can get into the second open area.

If you roll a chicken into the sparking bumper on the left side of the area you can find a Toolbox Toolbox. Otherwise roll the chickens into each of the three marked pipes to open up the exit. Just a short track to the end.

Chapter 31: Cuckoo's Nest

If you enlarge the buckets on the left you can use them to jump up onto the roof of the kiosk to get the Wishstone Wishstone. Enlarge the bag on the right to bring some platforms going right, that'll lead you over to Suanne and the Sky zone.

Sky Star Sky

The first part of this area has you flying towards the screen, try to dodge the eggs best you can by constantly moving about, he also has a stomp attack that you have to move to the opposite side of the screen to avoid. After a while you'll reach an open area with a tower in the middle, that's where Cockadoodledoom will land. The task now is to shoot him a lot. Slow down as you fly directly at him to get the most shots in, just occasionally barrel roll to the side to avoid the middle egg he fires. It's up to you whether you attack the flying enemies that he summons after a while, they'll just keep reappearing as his health decreases. There is one Toolbox Toolbox floating in the air along the edge of the area, so maybe get that before killing the giant chicken.

As he gets low on health a shield will appear around him, to destroy it you must first destroy the two ships that are directly connected to it by purple line. And then again with three ships instead of two.

The puzzle to the right of the Sky area has just one bag to enlarge but it requires some precise timings to get the chicken to roll into the moving basket. Try to keep switching the bag when the chicken is in the middle until you're sure that the basket will be in the right place, don't let it get too much speed while trying to keep it on the plank as you'll just end up sending it flying. That'll bring up some platforms to the right.

Pass by the pit crew and drop down onto a large rotating circular platform, some of those Steam Squirts will attack. If you enlarge the bag you can go off on platforms to the left and to the right. To the left is Epic Chest Epic Chest 6/7 and to the right is a SuperCharger Gate.

This gate seems to be trying to reinforce the idea of using the enlarged Steam Squirts as little bounce pads, you will certainly need to do so to jump up the large ledges that are blocking your way. If you do happen to kill all of the Steam Squirts the game will just spawn some more for you (unfortunately it will also respawn the other types of enemy too so don't be too concerned about killing everything in this area). To get the best chance of getting up the ledge make sure to enlarge the squirt close to the ledge. At the top you'll notice a Wishstone Wishstone in the air, to get that you need to enlarge a Steam Squirt while it is on the upper layer but you are on the lower one, just keep killing everything until you get the timing right.

At the very top is a chicken puzzle with Steam Squirts as well, the idea is to enlarge one of the Steam Squirts at the bottom right so that the rolling chicken bounces off it into the tube. A bridge to the right will lower into place allowing you to reach Epic Chest Epic Chest 7/7. Exit the gate.

Go up the smaller round platforms and defeat a few enemies before enlarging the feed bag on the right, that not only raises the platforms ahead of you but also raises some platforms back to the left. You can find a Wishstone Wishstone and a Present Present at the top along with a game of Skystones Overdrive with Manager Early, this one earns you the "Warden Moneybone" Skystone. Go back down and then up the other platforms that were raised to reach the final puzzle.

The task here is to redirect the chickens into the paths of the fans so that they're blown through the maze. First enlarge both bags to get the chickens to roll down to the right and into the bottom left fan. When it gets stuck shrink the left bag and it'll roll all the way to the pipe. Go through the opened door and jump on your Land vehicle to fight the boss.

Chapter 32: Big Boss Cluck


You've done it several times already, the task is to roll a chicken into the marked pipe so that it fires at Cap'n Cluck and damages his vehicle. After each smash he'll move to a different spot and a different pipe will activate. Once you've done that three times all of the pipes will activate and it'll be down to you to work out which is the correct pipe to shove the chicken down to hit him. Other than a few enemies that start appearing after the second hit there's not much more to this boss fight than that.

Chapter 33: A Titanic Task

Go over to Hugo standing next to the Wishing Well (on the far right side of the Academy, near the elemental zone) and he'll tell you all about it. Chuck in a Wishstone (you'll get one for free in case you don't have any left) and you'll get one of the random rewards. Talk to Flynn to get moving.

#5 SkylandrPurists 23:38:21 16/10/2015
OK, I just wanted to know
fyi, cuckoos and chickens are not related besides the fact that they are birds. Cuckoos are perching birds, chickens are galliformes (gamebirds)
#4 EliteSpyroFan 12:23:51 12/10/2015
He's a chicken (bawk)
#3 PortalMasterone 18:04:47 11/10/2015
I now know why Moneybone's boss fight and Skystone are titled "Warden"; a warden is a person who runs a discipline department.

And Cluck also returns as a playable racer in Racing Mode when you scan in the Sky Trophy.
#2 SkylandrPurists 23:29:56 10/10/2015
Is Cluck a cuckoo or a chicken?
Also, I feel like I HAVE to make a Colonel Sanders joke.
#1 TheShadowDragon 23:28:29 10/10/2015
Cluck made his debut in one of the Adventure Pack chapters back in SSF, and now he returns in this level.

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