BattleBrawl Island

Chapter 21: Cast a Deadly Spellslamzer

Before you wake up the sleeping lift operator go through the glowing door on the right and then outside to where the others are standing. Here you can play a game of Skystones Overdrive with Derbert for the "Pterashark" Skystone. There's a Present Present spot in the left corner and if you go to the right of the door you just came in from you can find a Live Wire Lock puzzle locking Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/2. The idea here is to get the fans to blow you across the gap in the middle so you can hit the green button and turn off the middle fan. To reach the lightning bolt at the bottom you will need to use the moving bumper to push you through the wind.

Back inside again on the boxes to the right of the elevator is a Wishstone Wishstone chance and in a cage to the left of the elevator is another Wishstone Wishstone chance, go through the door on the left to find the Mix Master. Shank will give you the potion you require but you can also buy some additional potions that can help boost certain things like exp and gold. Rather than leaving through the door you came in go behind the table to the right side of it and behind the cages out onto an upper layer in the first room. Up here you can find Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/2. Drop off to the right and go wake up that lift operator.

Beginning the first arena battle you have to face off against Brimstone and Boulders, a pairing of robots who attack you one at a time to start with. For the Percussion Pounder you just have to jump over the shockwave that he creates when he hits the floor. The Fired-Up Frontman will jump in after a while and start blasting out a fire breath attack - the Percussion Pounder will be dropping rocks around the place but not targeting you directly. When he jumps away too you've just gotta wait for them both to jump in again at the same time. Concentrate on killing one of them first (I'd go for the Fired-Up Frontman as his attack seems bit more dangerous to me) and then just finish off the other to win. Attack the sheep for gold and food.

Captain Bristlestache is up next, he'll kick the fight off by bringing in some of his anemone Henchmen. After those a load of Grinnades will join that'll jump at you trying to blow you up. One more wave of Henchmen and a couple of Bomb Brawls who fire Grinnades at you before the Captain finally jumps into the fight. His attack is fairly simple, just a quick swipe with his sword in front of him, run around him to avoid taking damage. Chase down and attack the Food Thief to get loads of unnecessary food and then an explosion of gold when you defeat him.

Finally we take on Spellslamzer. Avoid his purple ball attack by moving to the side out of range and attack him. After a bit he'll vanish and leave you with a couple of Spell Punks. Don't bother killing the undead Greebles as they'll just reappear, instead kill the Undead Spell Punk controlling them and they'll all vanish at once. For his second stage Spellslamzer has a purple beam attack that you can avoid in the exact same way as before. After that you'll get teleported off to a snowy area. Spellslamzer will now alternate between his previous two attacks and then eventually split up into three Spell Punks. A second wave of three Punks will appear before Spellslamzer returns with a new aerial attack.

Back in the arena to finish him off he'll repeat all his moves again and then split into four Spell Punks. Several waves of those before he reappears for the last time for you to end him.

Chapter 22: Book Report

Before you can head off to the next level you must first give a visit to the new shop that has opened up near Pandergast. In here Ari has for sale six randomly selected items that you can otherwise find in the chests/presents you've been finding in the levels. This helps reduce the need to endlessly replay levels to get every single hat and item.

#6 yelvy 21:11:29 14/04/2016
Why is this level so short?
#5 PortalMasterone 10:54:47 20/11/2015
The music in Spellslamzer's boss fight kind of fits Enigma and Bowser.
#4 EliteSpyroFan 12:25:38 12/10/2015
#3 TheShadowDragon 16:10:27 10/10/2015
V Ditto. But it turns out that John Kassir voiced m instead.
#2 PortalMasterone 12:02:56 07/10/2015
And I thought Spellslamzer was voiced by Steven Blum.
#1 TheShadowDragon 23:41:01 06/10/2015
This level is the first one to not involve driving, flying, or diving. It's one of my most favorite levels.

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