Monstrous Isles

Chapter 34: The Last Resort

To begin the level you've got to fend off a few waves of Trolls, a few melee Trolls carrying a parasol and a few ranged Trolls firing missiles at you. Jump over the missiles to avoid them. Once they're gone you get to eat the Kolossal Kernal and start the level for real. While those same Trolls will be all over the place you probably won't even notice them as you smash around, try to destroy the little watchtowers though as they can be a little annoying.

Veer to the right ahead just over a bit of shallow water where you can find a Present Present shaped like a building with a bow on. Keeping to the right there's a geyser that can shoot you up into the air to grab treasure above. Now go up the slope towards the Land vehicle zone but take a right just before it, around the back of the lake you can find a Wishstone Wishstone.


If you keep along the right side once you get into the canyon section you can find a Toolbox Toolbox in the air quite early on. Avoid the rocky protrusions that the enemy vehicles are creating, they'll damage you, and just make your way along the track.

Chapter 35: Basalt Basin

There's a Wishstone Wishstone up along the right side as you walk closer to the Sky vehicle zone.

Sky Star Sky

Fly straight ahead until you're through the clouds, on a little island just before you reach the main area you can find a Toolbox Toolbox. The task in this area is to destroy the Clam Bunkers that are attacking the three giant birds sitting on the top of the peaks. Other than that main task you can also take part in a Break the Barrels mini-task under the arch on the far island, and you can find a second Toolbox Toolbox on the small island between the left two main islands. After saving all three giant birds you'll be taken out of the zone.

Going left you get to a boss fight with the Pterashark. If you completed the Sky zone you'll get a bit of extra food backup from one of the giant birds but other than that the fight is the same. Avoid the fin when he swims towards you and then attack him when he pops out of the ground dazed for a moment. When he gets up he'll jump into the air and slam down where the red marker is, it'll cause a shockwave that you will want to jump over. He'll slam down another two times before resting where you can attack again. That sequence will all repeat until you get him down about halfway. Once you get there he'll begin a new attack that involves spewing loads of rocks across the arena, jump over or move around them to avoid taking damage. He'll go back to repeating the first stuff and add that into his rotation. Attack until dead.

After defeating the Pterashark go through the right exit, it leads to a volcanic vent that will send you up onto the platform on the left, up here you can find Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/4. Jump back down and go push a large block forwards and then use it to jump up onto the ledge above. Cross over the bridge to the right to find some more blocks to push. What you want to do here is arrange them so you can climb to the top. First we'll get the Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/4 on the right, push the tall one to the back and then to the right, then push the little one to the right. Climb the steps to reach the top. To reach the Present Present on the other side you push the tall block to the left and then the medium block to the back and to the left. Off we go to the Land vehicle section ahead.


There's a Toolbox Toolbox up a land slope along the right side of the track but not much more of interest, just avoid those lava plumes.

Chapter 36: Exclusive Shores

Do not go into the Sea zone immediately, you'll miss the Epic Chest Epic Chest 3/4 to the right - it's locked with a Live Wire Lock. Once you've got that you can go on in if you want (despite what Tessa says it isn't essential).

Sea Star Sea

A slightly different underwater section to begin with, just move around through the Gearbit rings as you descend - avoid the tentacles that start appearing a short way down. Once you reach the bottom it turns into a sideways 2D section, just gotta go up and down over the tentacles. Once you reach the first geyser in the orange section go up above that geyser to find a Toolbox Toolbox. There's another downwards section with more tentacles to avoid.

Once you get into the next sideways section (this time moving to the right) go past a couple of geysers and then go up through a small gap in the roof to find a Toolbox Toolbox. This is just before the double geyser. And after that it's a massive geyser that'll push you up and into the boss fight.

If you didn't go into the Sea zone you've got a Land zone to do.


Same as the previous Land sections really. There's a Toolbox Toolbox at the top of the land ramp partway through but that's about it.

Now it's time for that boss battle with the Beachcomber. What's different if you did the Sea zone? Well she starts with a little bit of her health depleted already. Move out of the way to avoid her ship smashing attack then when she charges up by wrapping her arms around herself move out of her direct path as she'll charge forwards jabbing with the claws. After a couple of charges she'll rest for you to do some damage to her. Loop that until about half health.

She'll then dive underwater and you'll see a red reticule appear, that marks where her first tentacle will pop out of the ground, move away and the line of tentacles will follow you for a little while, she'll then pop out and let you attack her. Next she'll dive under and create a revolving set of tentacle arms that cover the entire arena, jump over them as they pass and just wait until she gets tired to attack her some more. Repeat until dead.

Chapter 37: Titanopolis

Just to the left as you enter the next area you are just able to see Persephone to buy some upgrades from her. There's a vent just past her that you've got to jump on a few times to get going with a Wishstone Wishstone above it. There's another Wishstone Wishstone over on the right side of the area behind a boat and a SuperCharger gate up on the ramp at the back.

Push the building over to form a bridge then push the smaller block to the right, jump up it and push a small block backwards before pushing the tall block off to the left. Push that small block over the bridge you've formed and follow it over, push the small block to the far left corner and then move the tall block here off to the left to reach a Present Present. Back over push the little block into the right corner and jump up.

For this puzzle you want to push the tall block into the left corner then the small block next to it. Now you can push the tall block down, then right, then up and then left and finally off the edge. Just a short jump to the Epic Chest Epic Chest 4/4 and the exit.

Time to get going into that Land vehicle zone.

Land Star Land

Landing in a free range driving area your task is to smash down the barriers to reach the titan, starting with the barrier to the right use your attacks and it'll form a ramp after a while. Jump that ramp into a second area, the next barrier is just along to the left but there's also a Toolbox Toolbox in the far corner that you can pick up. Just follow the buildings up the slope to the third and final sandcastle to ramp over.

We're fighting this boss on foot. Thundertow is a giant crab who at first will walk towards you to perform a melee attack. After that his next attack involves sitting down, shaking for a moment and then leaping forwards, this isn't aimed at you so just get around back to avoid taking damage. At about half health he'll add a new attack in firing off green bolts into the air, avoid them even after they've landed. He'll then slam the ground with a red pulse attack that shoots out directly in front of him a fair distance before going back to the old shakey jump. Once you've defeated him pick up the necklace by jumping in the middle of the area.

Chapter 38: Humble Hero

Go in the door next to Mags to reach a block puzzle, the idea here is to use the blocks to form a connected line between the two engines. To do that you push the middle block down and to the left and the back right block to the left, the blocks connected to the active engine will light up green and if you've successfully joined them together the inactive engine will become active. That's it, talk to Sharpfin to start the next level.

#7 GhostRoaster617 00:43:54 22/02/2016
I'm not gonna lie I would have liked it if Beachcomber was a villain who you could have captured with the sea trophy, but I guess I'm not too bummed we couldn't play as her.
#6 spyrothe111 21:46:41 03/11/2015
I did with Tree Rex. I also played as Head Rush to use her stomping attacks on the buildings. smilie
#5 TheShadowDragon 15:07:39 20/10/2015
Has anyone played this level with the Giants yet?
#4 SkylandrPurists 10:57:40 20/10/2015
Thundertow looks like a discount Larry the Lobster
Beachcomber acts like smilie and looks like smilie
#3 PortalMasterone 11:45:38 19/10/2015
Actually, Tessa said Thunder Tow was a lobster titan.
#2 Drek95 08:59:56 19/10/2015
Pterashark also starts with a bit of his health depleted if you completed the Sky zone. smilie
#1 Deja Vu 22:18:34 18/10/2015
Wow, that was fast.

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