The Spell Punk Library

Chapter 23: The Spell Punk Library

Before you say yes to Cali's request to enter a book let's have a look around the Spell Punk Library itself. Just to the right of Cali you can see Sharpfin in an alcove, behind him push the shelf backwards to find a Wishstone Wishstone location. Bounce up the furniture to the right of Sharpfin to reach a SuperCharger gate at the back.

Into a book we go. The concept here is that there's a giant spiked thing rolling along towards you and you have to move to the right as quickly as possible to avoid getting hit. After the wall of coins make sure to jump up the next set of platforms to grab the Wishstone Wishstone before dropping off to the right and reaching Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/6.

To the left of the gate is Hugo on a ladder, bounce on the seat next to him to jump up on top of the bookshelf and grab the Wishstone Wishstone. Go around the corner and over to where Mags is, push the bookshelf to the left to find a Present Present. Now drop down to Flynn and on the right you can bounce on another chair in the middle of a gap, this one will bounce you up really high so you can reach the Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/6 high above where Flynn is standing. Push the bookshelf behind Flynn to find an Epic Chest Epic Chest 3/6 with a Live Wire Lock puzzle locking it. Idea for this one is to first press the green buttons to turn off all the fans so you can reach the lightning bolts in peace.

Left past Flynn up past Persephone and another bookshelf push so you can reach Poppy for a game of Skystones Overdrive, she'll give you the "Thunder Tow" Skystone if you win. Down below Persephone, to the left of Cali, is a book lying open that you can just jump right on in. This one features waves of the Pain Glass enemies along with Spell Punks to defeat. Three waves total and the reward is the unlocking of Epic Chest Epic Chest 4/6 on the right.

With all that done go back to Cali to get started.

Book 1: The Darkness

Enter the book to begin playing this side-scrolling section. Move to the right and jump up the steps onto a glowing light, this is a bounce pad that'll bounce you upwards. Bounce across a few more gaps and you'll reach a section with a platform that turns over. You should also be able to see a line of coins going down, that's a hint to follow them down where you can find a Present Present. Bounce back up and cross over the flipping platform to get to some crates, smash the first one to be able to use the bounce pad beneath it and meet up with the first enemies of the level - a Pain Glass.

These glass enemies can be easily defeated by bouncing on their heads a few times. Nothing below the next flipping platform just jump over it and you'll meet two more Pain Glasses, defeat them then jump over two flipping platforms in a go, the platform slightly judders before it flips to help you avoid falling off. There's a bounce pad now, if you jump up to the left onto some flipping platforms in the air you can reach a Present Present. Jump back down to take out another Pain Glass and his accompanying Water Spell Punk (you can jump on the Spell Punk's head too).

Over some more platforms is another pair of Pain Glass enemies but they are being helped by a nearby Life Spell Punk who is healing them, you may wish to bounce over to defeat him first. Another line of coins can be seen going down, follow it down to the left and behind some crates open up Epic Chest Epic Chest 5/6. Bounce back up and take down another two Pain Glasses who are this time backed up by a Life Spell Punk and a Water Spell Punk firing balls of ice at you. Not far now to the end of the book.

Some books require you to have a specific vehicle type but if you don't have it you can just skip the book and move on to the next one, you do have to talk to the person who has found the book first though. This first one is Sharpfin who has a Sky book to fly through.

Sky Star Book 2: Charge of the First Light Squadron

The task here is to destroy the Mothership, to do that you first have to reach it. Shoot down all the small ships that appear and avoid their missiles or red dots, the missiles will try to follow you but the dots will go in a straight line. Occasionally you'll see a blue thing with a gear icon on it fly by, if you shoot enough that you'll get a powerup and some Gearbits, on one of the larger ones where you get a time limit you'll be rewarded with a Toolbox Toolbox. After a while you'll reach a revolving enemy firing out red dots, while you could just ignore all of the other enemies this one you have to destroy to get past. Position yourself so that you can easily just nudge yourself to the side through a gap in the red dots as you continue firing.

After a load more ships you'll reach a double version of that enemy, focus on the red dots rather than the enemies themselves and just try to stay in position beneath one of them while continuously shooting. Once one is down the other should be simple. Now to face the Mothership. First it'll fire a few waves of missiles, these don't track you so you can treat them as the red dots before, fly in between them and shoot at the ship - you don't really have any other time to do it. When you see the ship start powering up a purple energy blast make sure to get out of the way to avoid the massive energy beam that will be fired - if the ship flies to one edge of the screen to do it make sure to be on the far side of the screen. If it moves to the very centre of the screen quickly fly to just above the ship so you can safely determine which direction you'll need to fly around the ship in order to avoid the beam. Once it's destroyed you can pickup a Toolbox Toolbox as a reward.

Book 3: The Ancients Plan

After talking to Flynn next we head into another book. After defeating the Fire Spell Punk jump down the hole behind him, at the bottom to the left you can find a Present Present. Jump back up and continue to the right until the Darkness smashes a bridge, jump down the hole it has created and avoid the purple spikes rolling along the floor as you continue to the right. Go past a couple of enemies and then watch the timing on your next jump so you're not hitting those spikes as they fall down, standing on the platform over the gap they go over your head so you can wait there a moment for the next one to go past.

After the next upwards jump you can go to the left a little to find a Present Present but the main path is to the right through some more enemies. If you follow the coins beneath you can find Epic Chest Epic Chest 6/6 at the bottom. The rest of the book is just a little bit of the more straightforward enemy and obstacle jumping.

Sea Star Book 4: The Hydra

This Sea vehicle book next to Mags has you diving down to the bottom, dodging mines and other dangerous things along the way. You can shoot the mines if you want to, they will vanish and not come back. Most of the sidepaths away from the arrows are just extra Gearbits. If you go up to the right after you see the first Hydra hatchlings you can find a Toolbox Toolbox in amongst some crates. Another Toolbox Toolbox can be found at the bottom to the left after you get introduced to the Fracture Fish.

Eventually you'll reach the lair of the Hydra, dive into the pile of food to gather it all up. Once the cave opens up start moving to the right avoiding obstacles as fast as you can to reach the geyser out of here.

Land Star Book 5: The Core of Light

Hugo has the final book to delve into, this one requires you to use a Land vehicle. It may not look like you're doing much but continue to shoot at the Darkness to ward off the black smoke tendrils that will otherwise begin to cover the screen and damage you. While you continue to shoot with abandon make sure to concentrate on your driving up and down to avoid the spikes and then eventually the laser beam firing out of the Darkness's mouth (often the beam covers the more valuable Gearbits so try not to be too greedy). All you have to do is wait it out and survive.

Chapter 24: Feathered Friends

All you gotta do is talk to Tessa, then talk to Eon, and then talk to Flynn to start the next level. Eon will be telling you how to change the powers you've selected as rewards for your Portal Master Rank which is handy to know as it means you can adjust things for what you plan to do rather than have everything set in stone. Be warned that you can only change your Portal Master Powers while in the Academy.

#6 Wishblade 02:52:50 28/01/2016
Cool chapter. I love the dreamy animation of the books.
#5 PortalMasterone 17:11:00 25/10/2015
In some of the pages of this level, you can see the SuperChargers Dive-Clops, High Volt, and Splat. However in the "Charge of the First light Squadron", you can High Volt, Dive-Clops, and Astroblast piloting three Sky Slicers. And in Book 4, you can see Gill Grunt piloting the Reef Ripper.
#4 eddiej27 23:26:42 10/10/2015
VV He's a water element.
#3 Deja Vu 12:26:07 07/10/2015
Wow, that was fast. Now I can finally find the last Epic chest.
#2 PortalMasterone 02:49:54 07/10/2015
What element does it say on Thunder Tow's Skystone?

Very interesting 2-D environment.
#1 TheShadowDragon 23:42:28 06/10/2015
While playing in the interactive books, the Skylanders, Vehicles and enemies have black outlines. Normally, computer-animated characters do have those.

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