Land Of The Undead

Chapter 16: Not as Advertised

Jump up the steps to the right of Cali and Flynn and pick up the barrel of gunpowder, while you're carrying it it will drop a line of gunpowder behind you as you move. The bar doesn't actually represent the amount of powder left but instead the time until the powder line will automatically ignite, you can continue to move for a while after the bar runs out before the flame catches you up and detonates the barrel. But with such a close door to blow up you can just place it next to the door and the line will immediately ignite the moment you place it.

Double back and pick up the barrel again, this time take it down to the left of the steps ahead of you, you should be able to see the purple dynamite marker on a doorway down there - remember it won't blow up until the flame reaches the barrel, you have time after it starts glowing red. Go into the pipe you've opened up and crack open Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/7.

Going up the stairs above you there are a couple of ranged "Blaster Caster" enemies who fire laser beams from their eyes every few seconds - plenty of time to get an attack or two in. You'll see a gate with a vortex in the middle at the top of the path (possible Wishstone Wishstone to the left), go through the vortex and you'll appear on a vertical island in the background. Shake open the Present Present if it's there and then return through the door at the bottom.

Over the bridge to the right is a skeleton dog on a Segway called a "Spin-Off" named evidently due to the way it spins - just like all spinners it is invulnerable to damage while spinning. After he's gone a bunch of Bone Chompies will drop in, the ones wearing helmets will require a second hit to defeat as the first will just knock their hats off. Softpaw will introduce you to the concept of the Perspective Gates and how they function despite the high chance you've already just gone through one. Go through the door next to him and defeat a few more enemies including a Blaster Caster standing next to the large treasure chest. Cross the upper bridge and go through the gate, grab the nearby barrel and head straight back through and down to the treasure chest as it has Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/7 inside. (The existing trail of gunpowder on the left is showing you that you can also use the barrels to blow up Moneybone's screens)

Over by Softpaw through the gate again is a Land vehicle zone to start.


Choice of path doesn't matter too much until you smash through the second large locked door. Straight after that use the ramp to go up along the left edge and grab a Toolbox Toolbox at the top. After that it's a straight shoot to an open driving section. Here your main task is to blow open the door but you can also do a subtask of breaking barrels, to start that grab the flag in the air by the ramp next to the exit gate. The barrels are found in a line going from where you land, up a halfpipe ramp then towards the screen, then over to the right up the slope, further along towards the gate, next to the gate and on the booster ramp you started the task on.

To get the powder keg go through the Perspective Gate at the back left and go to the right past the spotlights (getting caught by them doesn't really matter much) to the end where the keg is. Pick it up and quickly head back through the gate and then use the two gates in the middle to teleport across nearer to the exit to drop the barrel. The end of the chapter is one simple boost jump away through the exit.

Chapter 17: Upside Downstairs Overtheres

Pass by the pit crew and head up the steps, just beyond them is a spotlight. Much like the spotlights in the driving section they just trigger an attack if you get spotted, it's generally a good idea to try to avoid them but it's not that big of a problem. Rather than follow the curve continue to the left to go through a Perspective Gate that'll put you onto the side of some cells, defeat the Chompies wandering around on there to get a couple of the cell doors to open. Jump into the left one first.

In the left cell there are a few enemies to defeat (and a possible Wishstone Wishstone spot if you bounce on the left bed), once they're gone grab the barrel in the back corner and rush out front again. Dropping into the right cell run the powder keg over to the chest at the back to blow it up and find Epic Chest Epic Chest 3/7. To your right is a Mabu named Luella who wants to play Skystones Overdrive, you'll win the "Spellslamzer" Skystone if you beat her. Go out and back through the Perspective Gate.

Continue along the spotlight's path and you'll see another chest to blow up, you can either use the poweder keg from the cells or another one a bit further on in a SuperCharger gate to explode it and find Epic Chest Epic Chest 4/7. Carry on past through into a SuperCharger Gate which features more Perspective Gates, this time with a lever that changes which way up the first destination gate is - which changes which other gate you can reach. Flip the lever so that the destination gate is on the top side and then go through, go through the gate on the other side to get to the upper section. At the far end is a powder keg for you to grab, quickly run all the way back through the gates to the lever, flip it and go through again so that you end up on the lower side. Down there is a chest to blow up and Epic Chest Epic Chest 5/7. The keg in here should last long enough to get the chest outside the gate if you left it, otherwise grab the keg anyway and head out of the area towards a large door that you need to blow up (again there's another option).

If you don't quite make it you can instead go to the right of the door through a Perspective Gate and around a path through some Chompies to another barrel that you can try again with. Through the detonated door you'll find Gaven standing by a Sky vehicle zone.

Sky Star Sky

Similar to a previous Sky area you have to save transports from grappler beams, to do so you naturally shoot the attacking ships. Rather than actually requiring you to destroy the attacking ships all you need to do is keep the occupied and away from the transports (the lights along the path will be green when the transport is moving, red when it has been stopped). After the first pair are safely through the exit another pair will appear, same procedure as before. While flying around you can find a Toolbox Toolbox over on the left side behind a large weird shaped pointy rock with holes in it, and a second Toolbox Toolbox on the right side next to a stack of crates.

When that second wave of transports has been saved approach the statue and land on the side. Make your way towards the top and pick up a powder keg before going through the Perspective Gate. Drop the keg between the chest and the statue to blow them both up in one go. Inside the chest is a Present Present. When you're ready, get back into your Sky vehicle and protect a final group of three transport ships at once. Remember you don't need to kill everyone, just keep the transports moving. Once the third is through you'll automatically leave the area.

Go left following the spotlight along its curved path straight into another Perspective Gate. Upside down follow this curve around to the left where there's a Present Present spot then double back and go through the Perspective Gate to the right (I dunno why there's a Powder Keg down here, nothing worth blowing up nearby). Go towards the screen and you'll find Epic Chest Epic Chest 6/7 at the end. Going to the opposite end now you'll meet a new enemy known as a "Spot Bite", these dog skeletons attack if they see you in their light. Defeat him and the Spin-Offs that appear afterwards to open up a gate to Softpaw and a quick Land vehicle section.


Not much variation in this section, just make sure to be on the upper section partway through it as there's a Toolbox Toolbox off the final ramp of it.

Chapter 18: Eon's Escape

If you take the path to the right you can perhaps find a Wishstone Wishstone. Otherwise head forwards towards a Sea vehicle marker with a Mabu called Cora standing next to it.

Sea Star Sea

For the most part in here if you wander off from where the arrows are directing you you'll only find some extra Gearbits. The idea is to simply get through to the other end by avoiding mines, there are jets of water being blasted that will try to bump you into the mines but if you anticipate the direction they're going to push you you should be able to counter it by moving in the opposite direction as you go past. Once you go through the first Perspective Gate you're going to have to immediately get used to using the dive button in reverse, other than that it's not actually much different to being the right way up.

After a long descent through multiple fans go to the left (the normal route) and then up at the next junction and you'll find a Toolbox Toolbox. And to the left at the bottom of that section (to the right is where the mines start moving) you'll find another Toolbox Toolbox. You'll find the obstruction once you go through another Perspective Gate.

Go to the right and defeat a few Bone Chompies, then you've got Persephone to buy upgrades from and a Perspective Gate to go through. There are a few enemies on this vertical section, defeat them then go to the left where you can see some spikes shooting out of the ground every few seconds. Run past just after they shoot as they're quickly replaced and go through another Perspective Gate at the end. Go left over a pair of spikes and you'll find a Present Present spot, go back over them and then over the bridge and around to the right where Epic Chest Epic Chest 7/7 can be found battle locked by a single Spot Bite and then regular locked with a Live Wire Lock. To get all of the lightning bolts you need to hit the red button on the right to lower the wall of the top section, then the button at the end of that will lower the wall on the bottom section.

Continue on along the path to the right (no need to go back over the spikes on the upper path there's nothing useful there) and through another Perspective Gate. Here it's just a simple case of going to the left and grabbing the keg to explode the door. A few enemies will appear but you don't actually have to fight them, go through the last gate to reach the final Land vehicle section.

Chapter 19: Moneyback Guarantee

Land Star Land

Where Lord Stratosfear was a boss fight on a track Moneybone is a boss fight in the open driving style. To begin with just attack Moneybone as he moves around, once he stops in the middle and starts creating a purple circle beneath him race through a Perspective Gate and then start avoiding his laser attack. Once the gates turn blue again drive through the lower gate back to where Moneybone is and attack him again. After a while he'll jump up and fly off to a different area, follow him through the Perspective Gate and get to attacking again. After a while he'll throw down a whole load of his little minions and then kick off another purple circle attack, quickly drive through a Perspective Gate to get away. More laser dodging until the gates turn blue again, return to whichever section he's in and attack!

On harder difficulties he's going to have a lot more health so he'll be doing all of that over and over again while you whittle away his health. Make sure to watch out for his minions when they appear as they will explode if they get close and even follow if you switch perspective, they are a massive pain and take a lot of health off you on Nightmare so you have to be very careful of where you're going - drifting can be helpful in getting an angle to destroy them before they get to you. When Moneybone starts doing the more powered up charge attack you will want to mainly concentrate on getting out of the way rather than trying to attack him while he's doing it, not that you shouldn't be attacking if you can but staying alive is better than dealing a little bit of damage. Switching perspective will stop that attack and if you immediately switch back again you have a second or two to attack him before he starts charging again.

Chapter 20: Reunions

Academy time! The game would like you to go talk to Pandergast over on the left side of the Academy, he'll ask if you want to take part in a race but you don't actually have to do so, you can just say no and carry on. After talking to him go to Eon in the back of the Academy and you'll be able to go to the next level.

#6 yelvy 21:13:52 14/04/2016
I feel as if this level should have been named something else. 'Land of the undead' didn't really fit.
#5 PortalMasterone 08:32:22 05/01/2016
dark52, you should also mention that in addition to Pandergast, there is also the Boom 5000, a robot ally to the right of his zeppelin that processes out cards to trade with the Pit Crew for different vehicle designs.
#4 ButtonHappy2 18:45:50 27/12/2015
Tip: hold your controller parallel to the surface you are walking on.
#3 spyrothe111 21:45:26 03/12/2015
I preferred the battle with Moneybone in the 3DS version of Swap Force, but the music was still cool!
#2 PortalMasterone 17:05:20 11/10/2015
I think Pandergast has a similar personality to Dr. Krankcase.
#1 PopFizzMagic 00:12:46 06/10/2015
good level

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