Vault of the Ancients

Chapter 41: Whispering Wilds

Jump up the ledge to meet Pluck and activate your new magnetic ability for this level. If you tap the button on your controller you'll start glowing blue and nearby objects will begin to be pulled towards you. This is good for grabbing coins out of trees and barrels from across the other side of the path but your first proper use is up ahead to pull a bridge towards you so you can cross a gap.

The next thing is to switch it off, otherwise the gates ahead of you will be pulled closed blocking you from progressing. With the magnetic ability off they'll swing open. And now into a Land zone.

Land Star Land

The magnetic ability is still usable while in a vehicle, here you're going to want to pick up a piece of a statue and carry it over to the broken base of that statue. The problem is that the magnetic ability will also attract the mines strewn around the place so be very careful when around them, either switch it off or just shoot them. At the far end of the area you can find the piece of statue floating, take it to the left to place it and open up the exit.

This second area has four pieces you need to pick up, the first is by the ramp in the middle (next to a Toolbox Toolbox), the second is by a boost pad to the left of the statues, the third is on the track that you reach by using that boost pad and the fourth is towards the end of that path (again next to a Toolbox Toolbox). Boost back to the main area and fix up the statues to progress. To get up the ledge you need to switch on your magnetic ability.

There's a puzzle in the floor that you can easily overlook, turn on your magnetic ability and move the little circle along the curved path until it fits into the receptacle at the right end. Then pull the bridge over to you to get inside.

Chapter 42: Riftward Road

Back up a short distance to find a Present Present then go use the new purple magnetic ability on the blue gates ahead (the same button that switched the blue one on and off now toggles between the two, which means from now on in this level you'll always have one or the other active). Just past the gate you'll be attacked by a gang of Muck Yucks, you'll notice that they too are affected by the magnetic ability so you can use the push ability to knock them off the edge if you like.

Drop off the right side of the platform and over a gap to a glowing blue circle, switch to push to lower the bridge next to it so you can reach Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/7. Switch back to pull to keep the bridge down to cross back over to where you fought the Muck Yucks and go forwards across another bridge that your pull ability is pulling down. You'll need to switch to push to push the next part of the bridge down to use as a ramp up. Jump over a small gap to the right to find Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/7 guarded by a Live Wire Lock. You'll need to press the red button on the right to lower a wall blocking the way to the left side of the board.

Jump back over and keep the pull ability on if you want to go talk to Persephone ahead, otherwise use the push ability to push over the bridge to the right just before Persephone and go up the ramp it creates. You can find a Wishstone Wishstone if you follow the platform around the curve. Use the pull ability to pull a rectangular bridge towards you. At the other end of the platform is a second of those rectangles, pull it to the right so you can use it to cross directly over to another one on the right with a Wishstone Wishstone on it, keeping the pull active move to the right end of the little curved platform you're on to move that rectangle around to the right to cross over a gap and reach a fight with some Cauldrones, cauldron looking enemies that spew out acid. And at the top of the stairs at the back is Epic Chest Epic Chest 3/7.

Cross back over the rectangle bridge by first pulling it towards you, then crossing over and pushing it so it points out then pulling it to the left to reach the previous rectangle. Get over that one and push it into position so you can reach a Sky zone.

Sky Star Sky

In here you need to shoot or bump into as many of the wind chimes as you possibly can. There's no time limit and there are way more than you'll need. Remember that your push/pull magnetic abilities are still active in here so watch out for the mines and make sure to not push away all those precious Gearbits. Once you circle around to parts you've already hit just keep going around, you'll find a new path appear not too far ahead. Just after the new path appears there's a Toolbox Toolbox on top of the split in the path. Further down this new path you'll eventually shoot up into the air and start a section where you'll probably want to shoot down the enemy vehicles. Once you get back down and into some more chimes you can find a Toolbox Toolbox above a mess of arches along the right side and another Toolbox Toolbox beneath the same arch. If you've shot every single chime you might not actually reach them though. This final area will loop around and you won't be able to go anywhere else but it should have enough chimes to finish off the ringing even if you missed the majority of them earlier.

If you completed the Sky zone you can go up the steps to play a game of Skystones Overdrive with the Watch Wraith and win the "Magic Spell Punk" Skystone. Go forwars to the glowing, blue circular area and use push to knock the Cauldrones off their perches. Jump up the left side and go towards the screen on the curved platform to make your way around to the Epic Chest Epic Chest 4/7 on the left. To cross the magnetic turning platform push it so that you can cross directly and then push or pull it so that it now goes to the left (there's a Wishstone Wishstone on the intermediate platform). There's another of those sliding circle puzzles up ahead, you can push or pull and they stop moving once they reach their slot so it's not really what you'd call a puzzle to solve.


Time for a quick Land vehicle section. Use push/pull to raise or lower the magnetic sections to determine whether you take the high or low paths. If you take the first path down you can find a Toolbox Toolbox. After a ramp along the right side take the next path down and then go up a ramp along the left side to get another Toolbox Toolbox.

Either way you go you'll end up in an open area with a large pendulum in the middle. It is a little easier to use the push ability to get it to bang into the chimes than it is to try to get it to swing around. Once all six have been hit the door will open.

Chapter 43: Slumbering Spires

Go through an archway next to Persephone to get to Epic Chest Epic Chest 5/7. To the right you can see some squares sticking out of the wall with blue or purple markings on them, switch your magnetic ability to pull (blue) to climb the first two and then push the top one out of the way. At the top of the stairs is your first Energy Guardian, these enemies are unique in that if you pull them towards you their vulnerable side is shown while if you push them away you can't do any damage. So pull on them and attack. Defeat a few more enemies here before going into a SuperCharge gate on the right.

First push the circle along the path to the right end of it, there's no slot but the arcane fan will turn on if you've gone far enough. Step into the fan to be lifted up above. Push down the bridge and then pull down the next one, at the top push the little circle into the slot. Now get back down to the puzzle below and drag the circle to the left end, that'll turn on the left fan. Up here you'll need to pull the blocks out of the wall and then stand on a block and pull it up while you're stood on it. Jump off and push the next block into the wall and then pull the rest of the blocks towards you. At the top is a Present Present and a second circle to push into a slot. That'll open up the path to the Epic Chest Epic Chest 6/7 below.

Back out the way you came in go stand on a glowing square and pull it up while you're on it. Up here is a Pit Crew location and a Sea zone.

Sea Star Sea

Drive forwards along the path past loads of mines and Gearbits until you smash through a couple of boats, just beyond them is a magnetic puzzle to solve. You need to turn the hands so that they grab onto the circular column that is also glowing. First push or pull the lower of the two handles all the way around so that it clips on, once that's done the upper one can be spun anti-clockwise to go upwards and grab the column higher up on the left. An issue that you might encounter is that the arms are not lit up and won't move, this is a problem that can happen if you load the level from Chapter 43. The only known way to fix this is to load the level from Chapter 42 instead.

Go through the opened path past some enemies and some more mines out into a more open section, kill the enemies here to proceed. After some ramps and more mines you'll reach a pair of hand puzzles. Rotate the left one so that it goes downwards to clip on then rotate it the opposite way to get the second hand to grab the upper column. The second puzzle is opposite, it's upper first then lower. Follow the path along through another Monster Gate and out into a third puzzle with three parts. There's a Toolbox Toolbox hidden in the back to grab before solving the third one.

If you did the Sea area the level will be a bit brighter. Go to the right of the Sea zone and up a platform you need to pull when stood on. Changing your magnetic ability will change the direction that the fan pushes you, so change to push to get to the left at the top and then up a vertical one. Pull a block out of the wall to climb up it and then push the fan and you'll reach a few enemies. At the back on the square section you should be able to see the effect of a fan, switch to pull and get dragged across the large gap.

Push down a drawbridge and then attack a trio of Cauldrones and assorted other enemies. Once done go to the left through a small gap to the right of the Wraith to loop around down to some steps, jump off the edge onto a fan below and you can find a Wishstone Wishstone at the end of the path. Push back up the fan and up another one over on the right side of the area you just fought in.

Switch to pull to go down another fan to the immediate right, then keep it on pull and float down the next fan, this leads to a hidden Epic Chest Epic Chest 7/7 beneath. Push and pull your way across a few more fans to reach the top and the Land zone.


First we take out the enemy cannons sitting on the tracks along with the other enemies that appear. The monster gate markers will vanish and let you solve the puzzle, this is just like the circle puzzles that you did on foot only you're now in a vehicle. Drag each of the three circles along their long windy tracks to their destinations (I found push to be most effective) and finish the level.

Chapter 44: Aerial Ambush

Under attack! Defeat the first two Pirate Henchmen to spawn a second pair and then after defeating them a fifth one will appear. And that's that, Academy defended. Talk to Flynn in the usual place to start the next level.

#3 ASTROBLAST1411 23:35:19 15/05/2017
Love it
#2 spyrothe111 20:15:29 24/10/2015
This level reminds me of Arkeyan Armory from the first game. smilie
#1 TheShadowDragon 00:06:59 20/10/2015
The only part of this level I enjoy most is the Skylanders' magnetic personalities. LOL!

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