The Sky Eater

Chapter 47: The Sky Eater

If you don't have a Sky vehicle talk to Flynn to skip the section. Chapter over.

Sky Star Sky

Immediately go to the left and you'll see a Toolbox Toolbox sitting on a floating rock. Once you've got that go and shoot the large orange crystals on the sides of the enormous geode to crack it open, then shoot the inner crystals, you will start to be attacked by enemies but not many. After that we're headed forwards, take the left hole to find a Toolbox Toolbox. Use your brakes a lot here to stop yourself from bumping into the closing barriers. You'll end up in an inner zone, shoot the moving cannons and you're done. There is a Toolbox Toolbox on the back of a ship flying around in here so get that before shooting the fourth.

Chapter 48: Grinding Gears

Step off the ship and start fighting the enemies that appear, for whatever reason the enemies in this level are those new Drow enemies we saw earlier in the game. Once you've defeated them all go to the right and destroy a large Kaos barrel, beneath it is a button that you can stand on to roll out a bridge to another ship. Step on a button on the intermediate platform to roll out the rest of the bridge to reach Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/4. Head back to the area you just fought the enemies in and go through the Live Wire Lock on the door at the back. Activate the screen to be shown the safe path across the platforms, basically straight across except for the third platform. There is a Wishstone Wishstone on the platform to the left and Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/4 at the back. Head on out again.

Go up a ramp to the left just before you reach Glumshanks to find a Present Present. Talk to Glumshanks to start a Land section.

Land Star Land

The path is simple, just try to avoid the things popping out of the ground best you can. Once you reach the open area you've got to lure the giant pink hand into slamming down onto the buttons. If you get it to hit the right button you can go down a short path that loops back around and gives you a Toolbox Toolbox, you'll then smash through the door the left button would have opened. Keep to the right and take the tunnel rather than the bridge to get another Toolbox Toolbox.

After some more track you'll end up in another hand room, this time with three doors. The only exit is the middle one but you can take the left one for a quick loop around to get a Toolbox Toolbox before returning to the button room. The right one also has a Toolbox Toolbox and a loop.

Chapter 49: Darkest Goo

Walk to the left to find Epic Chest Epic Chest 3/4 and a console that you can play a quick memory game on, if you jump on the pads in front of it in the pattern it shows you get a few coins. Go back around to the right and you'll meet a smaller version of the platform puzzle you saw earlier. Talk to the robot to see which of the platforms are safe to stand on (the ones that glow white), once you've stood on a safe platform it turns white so if you are having trouble remembering which ones it said you can go back and get a reminder without having to remember as many now.

Once across go past the Pit Crew and Persephone to reach Glumshanks next to a Sea zone.

Sea Star Sea

Your task in this first section is simply to shoot the large cover in the middle and then jump down the hole. In the second area go forwards and to the right, dislodge some gears from the blade and jump into the air to grab a Toolbox Toolbox. After that go to the back of the area to shoot another cover, this time with a few extra enemies defending it. Down the hole.

To fight the Hydra Hatchling just drive around the area until you see circles beneath you, keep moving and just after they stop the Hydra will pop out of the water to try to attack you but it is of course also your opportunity to attack it.

You're done with the Star but there's still some stuff to do in your boat. Go to the right to a dock to briefly get out for a Present Presentt and a game of Skystones Overdrive with the Computer, you'll win the "Sky Eater" Skystone if you succeed. Get back in your boat. If you go to the right turbine you can shoot one of the pipes to reveal one of those orange gears that'll trigger a Gearbit rush, they stretch all the way around the left side of the area as well. Staying down the left end if you hang around you should see a Toolbox Toolbox attached to a magnet moving in and out of range, jump from the water to grab it.

Heading left from the Sea zone we get to a much larger platform puzzle, ask the computer which are safe to see the small number of them. On the other side there's another one of those memory games to the left and dead ahead is another platform section. Make your way across to the SuperCharger gate on the left side (a few enemies will need to be defeated first). Yep, another platform puzzle with only a few safe spots to stand on. On the left side is a Present Present and at the back a second platform section with a Wishstone Wishstone in the middle. Some more enemies to fight after that, on the right at the back is another Wishstone Wishstone and at the back left of this third section is Epic Chest Epic Chest 4/4.

Once you're back out continue across the platforms to a couple of those Witches. Go up the steps to fight off one last horde of Drow to finish the chapter.

Chapter 50: Crush of Kaos

Beginning the fight with Emperor Kaos you must first dodge some balls he's firing towards you, just move to the side and start attacking him. He'll repeat that a few times before he slightly changes the attack to a row of balls, to avoid them just stand really close to Kaos when he does it. After that you'll see a small dot move towards the centre of the area that'll split into four and create four copies of Kaos. You can tell which one is the real Kaos as he's the only one with the crown on, attack that copy while avoiding the spiked balls being rolled at you from the Kaosi.

The next stage of the fight he brings up a giant sword. Avoid the line that it shows and then jump over the shockwave that appears after it slams down. Keep dodging that and after a while the sword will go away. Now we get the light this time creating six Kaoses, the real one is again the only one with the crown. He'll get back to doing some more ball throwing and sword chopping, just keep attacking the real version of him whenever he does the clone thing until you get to the next stage.

The giant hands will cause ripples that come towards you, jump over the full length ones and just move slightly off centre to avoid the half length. When the hands rest it's your opportunity to attack them. Next the fists will slam down onto the floor causing a square shockwave to jump over, attack the fist as it rests. And now for some giant balls, you can see them form so you should be able to move out of the way (too big to jump over) in advance. Kaos will then join in for real and create squares of balls that are pretty much just shockwaves, and then he'll charge up and do a shockwave that'll mean he needs to rest. Attack him and then repeat this last part until he's defeated.

Harder difficulties just increase the damage done to you and the damage needed to damage Kaos, it doesn't as crazy as Nightmare in Trap Team by any means. So long as you can avoid the obstacles it should just take longer to do.

Chapter 51: Fear and Obey

Using a Land vehicle drive forwards through the yellow rings while avoiding the purple columns, the more rings you drive through the faster you get but you'll slow down if you miss one so you've gotta be careful (the columns do damage but don't directly slow you down). Once you drive through an orange glowing ring you'll burst forwards hitting The Darkness, use your attacks to damage him further until he backs away. Keep repeating this until you move to a new location.

After successfully damaging him enough you'll enter a track section, shoot down the Shadow Guardians and just race to the other end to smash into The Darkness again. The main problem here is the energy balls from the Shadow Guardians, to avoid them drive from side to side as rapidly as you can. Keep on doing this as you smash through The Darkness's face a few times before you end up back in the tunnel again.

More rings to drive through only now they and the columns are now rotating around the tunnel, fun. Keep on doing this again and again until he runs out of health. On harder difficulties that will take a while. Partway through he'll start using a rune that has a search beam attached to it, just drive through the beam when it's green to activate it and move out of the way. Even later on if you're still fighting him he'll add a second one of those and they'll get a bit more irritating to avoid but the same tactic applies.

Defeating The Darkness will complete the game's story mode, congratulations!

Chapter 52: Endless Possibilities

A small addition to the Academy, you can now play a game of Skystones Overdrive each day in the room above where Master Eon is found.

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So there is! I've added it in, thanks!
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In the sky section turn your vehicle to the left at the start. There is another toolbox there
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Defeating Kaos at Skystones Overdrive the first time will reward you with his own Skystone and the Kaos Krown.
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