Gadfly Glades

Chapter 25: A Teensy Problem

Plenty of things to destroy around here but the mushrooms don't seem to actually drop anything so I'd just ignore them. Jump up the path and you'll be introduced to the Flea Jumpers, the small enemies of the level, and the Cootie Trap. Go through the cage and down a couple of steps (obviously avoid the light beam), towards the screen you should be able to see a coin on a mushroom, if you bounce down you can find a Wishstone Wishstone chance and to the left a Present Present just below the cage. Return to the path to reach a fork in the path, you can either go into a Land vehicle zone or a Sea vehicle zone. The Sea zone is not the Sea Star zone and is just an additional bit of content before it rejoins the Land zone.


Ahead of you is an open lake area. Along the right edge there's a few frogs who spit out Gearbits if you get close and a dock to briefly get out and pick up a Present Present. The flowers in the pond have Gearbits on them, jump to knock them out. On the left side there's a glowing hole with a Toolbox Toolbox at the bottom of a 2D sidescrolling area. To get out you've got to go out the way you came in. And in the back left corner is a dock that'll immediately take you to an alternate entrance to the Land zone.


After a jump you'll land in an open area, drive around shooting the enemies that are wandering about. If you go up a hill near the middle towards the screen you can get a Toolbox Toolbox. There's another quick path to a second open area, here there's not many enemies but there is a Break the Barrels challenge on the right side. I would advise going in an anti-clockwise circle from the starting point. Once you're done shoot the support on the raised cage next to the giant rabbit to lower it and use it as a bridge out of here.

You'll land in a third open area, this time your fight is enhanced by the presence of a giant foot smashing down onto the field every so often. You can tell where the foot is going to stomp down by the large shadow that is cast. The larger enemies in here are best defeated simply by luring the foot into stamping on them. Try to stay close for as long as you can so that they don't wander off trying to catch up with you too early. Once enough enemies are defeated the gate will open and you can drive out of here.

Chapter 26: Fungi Funhouse

Before bouncing up the mushrooms go into the glowing door in the stump on the right. In here you can find Persephone and Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/6 protected by a Live Wire Lock. In here you want to go press the green button to reverse the direction of the fan blades on the right so you can cross over to the ignition on the left.

Now you can bounce up outside, continue past the giant watermelon to reach a fight. This will be your first interaction with a new enemy the Snot Snatcher. These fire out a green slimy tongue and if it hits you they reel you back in to them and do some extra damage. After killing a couple of Cootie Traps and another Snot Snatcher jump left onto some mushrooms and then towards the screen down to where there might be a Present Present for you. Continue bouncing to the left to reach a Sea vehicle zone, this one is for the Sea Star.

Sea Star Sea

Just an open area this time, the task is to find each of the five Twitterpillars and bring them back to the dock. Not all that much to say about the area other than that you will need to bounce over barriers by emerging from underwater, and that you can go against the current by bouncing out of the water. In the back left corner you can find a [Toolkit] and you'll find the fifth Twitterpillar inside the glowing pot nearby. Return to the dock with all five to complete it.

Either way go into the glowing doorway to play a game of Skystones Overdrive with The Pillar to win the "Beachcomber" Skystone and at the back of the room you can find a Present Present location. Bounce along the mushrooms going to the right towards the cameara a little and you will land on a rock with Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/6 on top of it. Defeat a few Snot Snatches on the lower rocks next to the mushrooms to unlock Epic Chest Epic Chest 3/6 at the back, then bounce up mushrooms to the left of that to find Epic Chest Epic Chest 4/6 high up above.

Before crossing over the cage towards the Land icon go to the right down onto some more mushrooms that lead to a SuperCharger gate. In here you've got a fight with a load of Flea Jumpers and a couple of Cooite Traps that turn up. Jump up the left path to perhaps find a Wishstone Wishstone then jump up the back path to reach the Epic Chest Epic Chest 5/6 after a battle with a Toxic Tushie and then some backup. These enemies stop and then plant their stinger into the ground before charging directly ahead of them, they leave the stinger in the ground glowing green which naturally does damage to you if you get close. Just make sure to get out of their path when they slam the stinger into the ground.

Cross over that cage to be introduced to the Toxic Tushie enemy and take part in another fight with one, some Flea Jumpers and a few Cootie Traps. After they're gone jump into your Land vehicle.


A fairly ordinary track section now, you might want to chase down the orange gear to start one of those Gearbit rush segments. If you keep along the right side of the track you'll find a ramp that jumps you into a Toolbox Toolbox. Further on you'll land in a beehive areas, kill the bees and the Queen Bee will appear, kill her to win a Toolbox Toolbox and the exit will open.

Chapter 27: Waterdrop Way

To pop the water droplets without getting stuck in them all you need to do is bounce on them. Go towards Persephone on the right and drop down towards the screen to find a Present Present. The second of the mushrooms at the opposite end will bounce you really high, you can use that to get on top of one of the tall flowers and then reach the potential Wishstone Wishstone on the other. Defeat a trio of the level's enemies ahead before jumping up a flowerpot and some mushrooms to reach the beginning of the Sky vehicle zone, if you aren't taking part go right up the flowers.

Sky Star Sky

You'll be whisked off to a large open area with four giant taps to shoot but before you go shooting that last one there are a few things you can do. You can find a [Toolkit] hiding near the turnips below one of the faucets and another by the carrots next to the tap opposite. If you start chasing down an orange gear you'll probably find greater success by trying to cut ahead of it rather than following directly behind it. At the back along the flowerpots you can find a stopping point where you can get out of the vehicle and open a Present Present, and along the right side there's a smashed flowerpot you can land in and open another Present Present.

If you completed the Sky section then the rain in the following area will have turned off and no longer be a nuisance for you. Jump up the light blue flowers on the right towards the top of the large flowerpot, don't jump onto the pot just yet instead follow the flowers down to the left to grab a Wishstone Wishstone. Now you can go up top and defeat a few Flea Jumpers, a Snot Snatcher and then a pair of Toxic Tushies. Drop off the left side of the flowerpot to find Epic Chest Epic Chest 6/6. Just a hop up to the Land zone by Wheeler and Heeler.

Land Star Land

Drive along the path until you jump down into an open area for another foot battle. Get her to stomp on as many of the larger enemies as you can and just keep on shooting the smaller ones as they appear, there are powerups on the ramps at either side if you want them. After taking on a second wave of the larger enemies the gate will open to let you out and finish the level.

Chapter 28: A Display of Knowledge

You'll be given a Legendary Treasure and asked to set it up, just place it on the ground here for now, you can always place it somewhere else later. Talk with Mags, then Eon to learn where you're going next, and then to Flynn to go there.

#5 PortalMasterone 23:35:59 05/11/2015
The Collector's voice actress, Ashton Johnson, is very notable for voicing Gwen Tennyson from the Ben 10 series, and Terra from Teen Titans.

Actually Aura, I was speaking of the actual bee enemies in the second Land section.
#4 Aura24 07:18:15 04/11/2015
@PMOne The beetle enemies already have names, confirmed from the SuperChargers strategy guide.

Beetle Bouncers (small), Rhino Rampage Beetles (big), and Snot Snatchers (fly enemies).
#3 PortalMasterone 03:41:44 15/10/2015
I'm calling the bee enemies Driller Bees and Queen Bee-Trés.

And I'm also calling the beetle enemies Beat-Hauls and Bigger Beat-Hauls.
#2 Snap Shot 03:38:58 11/10/2015
One of my favourite levels. It felt like an old school skylanders level to me plus it's a good level to to farm money.
#1 TheShadowDragon 16:11:15 10/10/2015
Yea-uh! Tessa has returned!

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