The Cloudbreather's Crag

Chapter 6: Conquered By Kaos

Go to the left of where Nayu is standing and jump off the edge, down below you'll find a potential Present Present spot. Jump back up and cross the bridge and into the chapter title card. If you're feeling particularly mean you can smash the tents as they contain sleeping enemies, otherwise keep going to the right and smash your way through some wooden beams blocking the path.

As you go through the blockage go to the left and down into a glowing cave, out back you'll find a few sheep to terrorise as well as Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/6. Go back out and up the path to where you meet a Witch Pitcher, this particular one also activates an alarm that will summon other enemies. If you want to stop the flow of enemies smash that alarm. The Witch throws balls of purple energy along the ground at you which you can jump over. Once you've smashed the alarm and defeated any remaining enemies the gate blocking the bridge will open. Cross over the bridge to reach a quick block sliding type puzzle.

The idea is to push the halves of the gong back together, they can be in any position on the board but just have to be next to each other correctly. The simplest solution is to push the near one all the way to the left and into the back corner to join up with the other half. Once it is in place ring it to open up the main gate but do not go through it just yet. Instead go further to the left and hit a gong with a Triangle on it once (potential Wishstone Wishstone next to it). Go towards the back of the area where there's a gong with a Square on it behind some wooden beams you will need to smash through, hit that gong twice. Now go hit the gong you formed that has a circle on it once. That will open the door next to the square gong that has the row of symbols above it (provided you hit the gongs in the correct order). Inside is Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/6 and a load of treasure on the floor.

Go through the main gate the gong opened and weave through a few mines to reach another Witch Pitcher standing next to another alarm, kill her and the alarm along with all the reinforcements it brings. Nothing else of interest around here so jump into your Land vehicle next to Tazi.

Land Star Land

Avoid the mines scattered along the path but there's no split or any toolboxes in this first section. After landing in a free roam type area you can however find a Toolbox Toolbox by going up the speed booster on the right and making your way to the very top of the slope. Just to the left of where the booster takes you to is a floating orange gearbit, if you collect this it will trigger a whole load of gearbits to appear up here. Quickly gather as many as you can as they will disappear in less than twelve seconds. Once you're done go back down and head left to drive through to a combat area.

Destroy the two trucks that are already here and a ship will fly over dropping a few more in to fight you. Dispose of a few more waves and the exit gate will open up. Before leaving you may want to pick up the Toolbox Toolbox that is hovering in the air off the ramp on the right side of the area. The rest of the path leads directly to a giant gong you'll fly off the end ramp to hit.

Chapter 7: City Under the Sea

Walk forwards towards some mines, as you reach them veer off to the left and double back along the lower path to just beneath the bridge where Epic Chest Epic Chest 3/6 is found. Continue forwards along the lower path past the mines and through a beam blockage. There's a single spinning Drow enemy to take out (invulnerable while spinning so just move out of the way while it's doing that), once he's dead another will appear along with a Witch. Take them both out and then go talk to Chitza who has a large star above her head. She's got the Sea vehicle area to her left, if you have a Sea vehicle head on in.

Sea Star Sea

Dive into the glowing whirlpool at the back to be taken down into a sidescrolling underwater section. Dive down following the onscreen arrow that points in the direction you're supposed to go, you can often go off the path to grab a few extra Gearbits but I'll let you find those yourself. After shooting down a beam barrier you'll find the first of the blockages, shoot the Kaos face to open it up then go into a glowing hole to the right that also opens up, you'll then want to go straight upwards and to the left at the top.

Don't waste your time shooting the pufferfish, they reappear quite quickly. Going through another beam barrier the second blockage is up ahead. After smashing that one go back to the right over the passage you just ascended and down another passage inbetween some wooden platforms. Careful down here as the floor is covered with pufferfish, if you follow a short line of gearbits down in the right corner you can find a Toolbox Toolbox. Smash the third and final blockage to lower the water level a little. Star complete.

Still more you can do here though. If you go into the glowing doorway on the house to the left you can find Matzi who wants to play Skystones Overdrive with you, beat him and you earn the "Shadow Guardian" Skystone. Jumping into your Sea vehicle again you've now got the opportunity to drive around a lake, over on the left side is quite obviously a Toolbox Toolbox. Something you can do that is perhaps not worth the time it takes is collect the four puzzle pieces in the air above, to do that you need to use the water spout that the whale swimming around creates. Follow it around or anticipate where it'll swim to so that you get the right directional momentum to grab the puzzle piece when you're lifted up. The reward is just Gearbits so if you're having trouble I'd just forget it.

Once you're done exploring the water jump out via the right dock. Jump across the waterwheels and over to the left where some of those little Pike-Sized Prodder Drow enemies will attack. There's a Present Present spot before a jump down to where you'd reach if you had used the left dock. Go up the steps and through the glowing doorway to return to the level.

If you cleared up the blockage in the Sea zone the next little bit is a tiny bit different. Ignore the large waterwheel and jump across the water going to the right, next to the building at the bottom of the steps you might find a Wishstone Wishstone. And that is the grand total of difference.

If you did not go into the Sea zone just go to the right jumping over the wooden pontoons until you reach a large waterwheel. Jump onto one of the blades as it rises from the water and ride the waterwheel up to the very top so you can jump off onto the high up platform, jump off to the right.

You're now in an area where a bunch of those small drow enemies will start attacking. Across a bridge to the left is Persephone, you can upgrade your Skylanders mid-level with her here. After that follow the path to the right onto a small ship with a glowing wheel, kill the small drow enemies on the boat to unlock it so you can use it to move the ship.

After crashing the boat jump across the other boat and then head to the right where you'll find Kitemaster Azko who will ask you to take part in a quick minigame involving a sheep and a kite. Move the kite from side to side and up and down gathering the 30 coins that the minigame requires. Reward for that is a gem, or a Wishstone Wishstone. Go back to the left and talk to the fox standing in front of a mine entrance.

Smash down the barrier in front of the mine and free the miners behind further barriers along the back and the left walls. Reward is a Pinata (I don't think this one can be a Present). Follow the path further left to a new gong puzzle. Take out the enemies first and then push the right half of the gong into the top right corner. After hitting the gong backtrack a little and go up a path that goes along the right side of the area, this leads up to a gong with a square on it (and a Wishstone Wishstone perhaps), hit it once. Drop down and hit a triangle gong in the bottom left corner of the area, hit the circle gong you just formed and then the triangle gong one final time. Inside is the Epic Chest Epic Chest 4/6 you'd expect.

Chapter 8: Scaling the Road

Heading through the gate the gong opened you'll immediately come across a Land vehicle zone, jump aboard!


After bouncing across the balloons it's time to fight, the main focus is the large turret at the back of the area. Once you've killed all the enemies a giant dragon will perform a flyby, before you leave the area to follow it go up the slope to the left to grab yourself a Toolbox Toolbox.

Along the track again you'll find your first small choice once you get onto the dragon's back. If you go along the lower left rather than up or to the right you can hit a repair token, the other ways are just gearbits. The next ramp you'll want to go up for sure though as on top of the second upper area is a Toolbox Toolbox. Not much further and you're done with the chapter.

Chapter 9: Temple of the Cloudbreather

Go up past the two foxes to where you can see some mines moving about, go to the left down some steps and smash through some beams and you'll reach Epic Chest Epic Chest 5/6, it has a Live Wire Lock puzzle on it that you'll have to solve first. The trick here is to use the speed boosts to use the ramps to jump the gaps along the top edge, you've gotta move quickly otherwise you will just drop into the gap.

Back up to the right go past either side of mines and go down the steps to the right where there's a Wishstone Wishstone chance. Back up again now up the large set of steps at the back. Jump onto the first moving platform and smash the beams to the left of it, sit on there and wait to get over to the left where there's a Present Present spot. Get back on and ride it over to the right where you'll meet Chicha and her Air vehicle zone.

Sky Star Sky

This section is fairly straightforward, shoot down the marked ships and then shoot down the larger marked ships. A lot of barrel rolling should help avoid getting hit. As soon as you destroy the second of the large ships you'll be taken back out of the zone so make sure to have grabbed the Toolbox Toolbox in the tunnel before doing that.

After that (or not) go to the left of Chicha onto a second moving platform to get across the water. Kill the spinner then go down the steps and run past the mines as they slide to one side. After a witch at the far end go up the steps and wait by the edge for a moving platform to approach, ride it to the far end and jump off onto a platform with a weird looking yellow device floating in the air. This is a special gate that only SuperChargers can enter, approach it and press the buttons the game tells you to and you'll be transported inside.

After talking with Pacha go to the right through some mines and smash down a beam blockage to reach the first of the Gust Gears, jump onto it in a gap between the mines and ride it to the left edge where you will need to jump immediately over to the second wheel in another gap. You get off this one to the left as well. Go up the ramp past the mines through some beams and into a fight with a bunch of Drow enemies. After defeating them you can access Epic Chest Epic Chest 6/6 at the back before using the portal to exit the area.

There's a little bit of treasure down to the right but otherwise jump back onto the previous moving platform and jump off onto the middle section with the steps. Hit the sliding gong twice as it passes by the middle to open up the gate and start your fight with the Goliath Drow "Rush Crusher". All you really have to do is to move out of the way when he charges, otherwise just attack and he'll die after a while (he's not a boss). Take the key to unlock the first of two chains. More enemies will start pouring in, eventually one of the spinners will have a key on his back, defeat him to take it and free the dragon.

Chapter 10: Call Down the Thunder

Back at the Academy, talk to Mags over near where Cali is stationed and she'll ask you to test drive one of your vehicles (doesn't matter which terrain), go in to one of the test areas and grab a few Gearbits before heading back out to chat with Mags again. After that if you talk to Flynn you can get going to the next level.

#3 Halvmorke 07:24:59 06/06/2017
One of my favourite levels in the whole series.
#2 PopFizzMagic 21:40:57 03/10/2015
#1 Snap Shot 21:03:01 03/10/2015
I really enjoyed this level. The randomness of the gifts are strange but I'm getting use to it.

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