Ridepocalypse Demo Derby

Chapter 39: Win, Lose or Glumshanks

Go down the bridge to the left and then down to the right, jump along the tops of the train cars to reach a Present Present at the end. If you drop off you can find Persephone. Go up the steps and carry on to the left past the Land zone icon. In the bottom left corner you can find a SuperCharger gate.

In here you've got to beat three different people at games of Skystones Overdrive, so make sure to have checked that your deck is well set up. Before facing the first one go to the right across a gap and on a bounce pad to the right to reach a Wishstone Wishstone, once you've got that go back to the left and talk to the crab sitting by the Skystones Overdrive board. Once you defeat Claws he'll open a door for you with a small reward (a Wishstone Wishstone) behind it as well as the path to the second player, Slick. Defeating him will earn you the "Malefor" Skystone and a Present Present behind the gate on the way to number three. Defeating Scrag gets you the "Lord Stratosfear" Skystone along with the opening of a gate to Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/2.

Back out of the gate you can find Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/2 behind a wooden fence between the SuperCharger gate and the Pit Crew, just gotta solve a quick Live Wire Lock (press the buttons). After that go talk to Pandergast in the middle to start the first part.


This first challenge just requires you to drive around shooting small enemies. When you get to the point of the tiny enemies know that you can shake them off by using a drift speed boost and you can activate the spikes by pressing the button in the middle of the arena. After that you'll get a reward and then the Dread Roller will appear, this one's a little tougher than the small enemies you've been fighting so far but only slightly, just drift circles around it while you attack.

Having done everything already head straight back in.


The arena has changed configuration for the fight against Turbo Teeth. Really not much to this section, just shoot down Turbo Teeth to finish it off. There are plenty of smaller enemies helping him but you'll probably accidentally hit them at the same time.

Hey! Get back in there.


This fight against the Wreck-o-Saurus has at least a little bit more to it. After you get him low on health he'll start putting up a shield, to disrupt the shield all you need to do is drive along the path that leads up behind him to use the boost pads and knock the shield out. Keep on attacking 'till he's gone.

Chapter 40: Ancient Archives

Go talk to Flynn to get to the next level.

#2 SkylandrPurists 11:03:28 20/10/2015
Hold on! TURBO teeth, WRECK o saurus. Am I sensing a theme here?

#1 skylandsfan 23:19:39 19/10/2015
This level was so easy on nightmare. All you have to do is have a few earth or tech traps

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