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Welcome to my Walkthrough to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Skylanders: SuperChargers. This walkthrough is based off the PlayStation 4 version primarily so some parts may be slightly different if you're on other consoles.

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders or vehicles and will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task. The only requirement to get through the story is to have a Skylander, any element or size will do, and a Land vehicle. The more Skylanders and Vehicles you have the easier it'll be and the more you'll be able to do.


On Foot

ActionPSXboxWii UWiimote
Attack 1SquareXYA
Attack 2CircleBAZ
Attack 3TriangleYXC
MoveLeft AnalogLeft AnalogLeft AnalogNunchuck Analog
Place Legendary TreasureR2RTZR-
Remove Legendary TreasureL2LTZL1
Co-op Teleport (Hold)L1LBL2

In Vehicle

ActionPSXboxWii UWiimote
Attack 1SquareXYZ
Attack 2TriangleYXC
MoveLeft AnalogLeft AnalogLeft AnalogNunchuck Analog
HornL3Left Analog ClickLeft Analog Clickn/a
Co-op Switch Driver (Hold)L1LBL2
Co-op Gearbit Suction (Hold)CircleBA-
Vehicle ModsDpadDpadDpadDpad

#2 ButtonHappy2 00:59:58 04/10/2015
The header Console Version should be changed to something like Regular because the "3DS Version" is shared with the Wii, changing it's name to Racing.
#1 TheShadowDragon 00:01:50 04/10/2015
By any chance, will there also be a guide full of new characters' upgrades and paths? Can hardly wait to see which paths are better and what new abilities the reposed ones have.

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