The Cloud Kingdom

Chapter 11: The Brewing Storm

Forwards past Queen Cumulus and into the fog, just past a couple of guards you'll find a pair of small fiery looking enemies darting about - called Bitning Bugs they are the Chompy equivalent for this level. Go up the steps in the left corner and jump up to the left when you reach the two people. If you jump up the steps and go around you'll find a Present Present spot, drop back down and head right. A group of bugs will appear, take them out and blow the horn, it won't really reveal much this time but horns you encounter further on in the level will help you known what lies ahead.

As you go to the right follow the grass path to your first Inflatrator encounter. These trolls suck in nearby stormclouds (which are generated by the fountain for some reason) and become larger. When they are defeated in this larger state they will fly up into the air and smash down again, be careful not to get hit when they do this as it will damage you. Once they're gone go up the steps at the back and have a quick chat with Ukko who has the Sky vehicle Star above his head.

Sky Star Sky

For this flying section you'll be flying around a track shooting down transport ships. Just keep flying forwards until you spot each of the transport ships - you'll know you're getting close when you see the mines they drop, then shoot like mad. There's one Toolbox Toolbox in a small columned building in the middle of a split in the path, if you miss it you can try again on the next go around. And shortly after the paths join up again there's a second Toolbox Toolbox on a lone pillar along the right side of the track. As long as you don't kill the last of the nine ships you can keep going around and around.

Go to the right down some steps hidden in the mists to find some more trolls to defeat, killing them all will unlock Epic Chest Epic Chest 1/5 at the side. Go left past the Sky zone again and jump up the small floating platforms, you should be able to see where they are by the glint on the coins. Keep going left after you encounter a few enemies to find the SuperCharger gate. Using a SuperCharger Skylander open it up and head inside.

We switch to a slightly more top-down perspective for this area, jump along the gears and blow the horn to get a quick view of the area below. Jump down and go grab the gem/Wishstone Wishstone before going to the left to blow a second horn. There's a Present Present location to the left of the gears below you now so jump and open that or smash the pinata or whatever. Carefully get past the glowing orbs that are moving about on the large gear, they do hurt if you bump into them. There's one more horn just after that that'll reveal the enemies below that are shooting at you. You'll have to kill the three of them before the Epic Chest Epic Chest 2/5 in the middle of them will unlock.

Jump down from the roof and follow the steps up to a light beam type puzzle, to solve it all you need to do is walk clockwise until the two beams hit the two statue heads in the mouth. Cross over the bridge that creates and defeat a couple of trolls before you tackle a second light beam puzzle. This one's a tiny bit more complex but all you need to do is rotate the left crystal so that it is pointing at the head and then you can just rotate the light beams to hit the two crystals.

Chapter 12: All Roads Lead to Ruin

Walk past the Land vehicle zone and jump across some floating platforms to find Epic Chest Epic Chest 3/5. Now go get in your car.


Take a left at the first set of ramps and then hug the right side of the track to find a Toolbox Toolbox, shortly after that you'll rejoin the main track again. To avoid taking damage from the electric barriers just use the ramps to jump over them. Shortly after the ships appear and start dropping mines (drive around them) take a right at the top of a hill, you'll find a Toolbox Toolbox in the middle of a big ramp jump. The track will then curve back around to rejoin the main path again but it's just one more ramp to an open driving area.

In this open area you're tasked with ringing four bells, first take out all the enemies though. Two of the bells are up the small ramps near the gate, one is directly above the other two in the middle of a large ramp jump, and the fourth is along the nearly vertical path going over the top at the back. That's all there is here, exit through the gate.

Chapter 13: Mayhem at the Market

To your right is a pit crew location for upgrading you vehicle and on your left is a horn to blow. It won't reveal all that much but does give you an idea of the electric barriers ahead. Walk through the electricity when it's off, you should be able to get past all three in one go. Now to be introduced to the Meteo Trollogists, a ranged troll that shoots little storm clouds (which Inflatrators can suck up), before you go tackle them head on though there is a possible Wishstone Wishstone spot to the right. Attack the trolls and the backup that appears afterwards, go left into the fog and you'll find a Live Wire Lock on a doorway. Other than getting into the gaps of the gears and letting them carry you around there's not much complicated about this one.

Inside the unlocked room you'll find Persephone to buy upgrades, a Present Present spot, and a game of Skystones Overdrive with Guss to win the "Calliope" stone. Go outside and through the electric barriers, go through the shop killing the enemies inside and then out the other end. Rayna has the Sea vehicle Star for you to earn if you are able to.

Sea Star Sea

The first split in the path has nothing of note down either path, take whichever you like as they join back up almost immediately. The next split is actually hidden underwater, just after the two sets of four pillars that you weave through there's a jump and then some horizontal spiked pillars, on the corner ahead if you dive underwater you can go left down a seemingly completely empty path that rejoins the main path with a boost jump into a Toolbox Toolbox. The first building with an arrow pointing down isn't actually important, all it has is Gearbits, but the one shortly after that has an underwater path that gets you another Toolbox Toolbox (if you miss the central path you can just about sneak around the corner on the sides without getting reset). Continue following the path dipping and diving until you get the open area.

Here we have a fight with the Storm Sequencer. As it powers up to attack it'll move its targeting reticule to try to lock onto you, keep moving out of the way and try to get closer to shoot it. After a bit of damage it'll shield up and two pipes will appear on the surface with purple and blue energy beams along them - do not try to jump over them yet. Destroy the smaller enemies that have appeared and then the whole thing will start to spin and you'll have to jump over the arms to avoid taking damage. To jump you just quickly tap on the dive button. Keep attacking it until it puts its shields back up again.

The next stage of the fight sees some shielded boats appear, to take them out you first have to lure the Storm Sequencer's ranged attack to hit them instead of you. Do that by getting close to the shielded ships and then quickly driving away once the reticule goes red. It doesn't have to be perfectly aligned, just nearby will do. Once the two ships are gone the Sequencer's shields will drop again but this time the purple beams will stay active - to avoid those you have to stay under the water as it passes, you can't jump over them.

Completing the Sea section will switch off all of the electric dynamo barriers but they're easy enough to wait out anyway. Past the first set here you'll be greeted by a Storm Spawner, these larger enemies just summon a load of those little Bitning Bugs so are not quite as dangerous as they might look. Before tooting the horn jump off to the left through the clouds across a series of small platforms to reach Epic Chest Epic Chest 4/5. Return and blast that horn to get a look at the platforms ahead. This bit is a little easier with the dynamos off but you can see them fairly easily through the clouds so shouldn't pose too much threat.

In the top left corner you can see Epic Chest Epic Chest 5/5 and in the top right another horn to see the next area. It's a light beam puzzle, but first clear out the enemies. Over on the right side is a Wishstone Wishstone spot and in the far left corner a Present Present spot. For the puzzle itself rotate the light beam so that it hits the crystal on the right, this will split the beam so you can aim it at both the righthand head and the crystal to the left. Blow the Stormhorn behind the opened door to finish the chapter.

Chapter 14: Clear Skies Ahead

Nothing hidden around here, just some food if you're a bit damaged. Jump into the Land vehicle next to Rilo to get this boss fight started.

Land Star Land

No need to look for alternate paths or any toolboxes, there's none of those here just a single path following Lord Stratosfear around. The idea is to simply get close enough to him to use your vehicle's attacks, that said there's no real need to drive all that fast he'll come to you and then he'll race off whenever you take a certain portion of his health. After the first about 25% is gone he'll summon some smaller ships to come and attack, they'll smash down onto the track when they die and if you hit them they'll damage you. A few waves of those and Lord Stratosfear will appear again.

After taking his health below half he'll start using a shield made up of those round balls, shoot enough of them to get an opening where you can start damaging him again. After he flies off again the track will be filled with rolling mines, don't try to shoot them just try to avoid them. After getting past a bunch of them Stratosfear will return once again, keep on shooting him and taking out his shield whenever he regenerates it and you're done.

On the harder difficulties the attacks will be more of a problem. For the lightning bolts just try to hang back a bit and not drive into them (remember speed is not important in this fight). For the balls shoot like crazy trying to detonate them when they turn blue before they get close. And for the smaller attacking ships he sends in just dodge side to side across the track to avoid the missiles.

Chapter 15: The Land of the Undead

Another Academy adventure now, here you'll be introduced to the Training Dummies over by Buzz. After talking to him turn the key to drop a single Greeble enemy into the area, you can twist it three times to get up to three active at once. Once you've killed three of the dummies your task here in the Academy is done once again, talk to Flynn to catch a ride to the next level.

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