The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning


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Here are a load of screenshots and concept art from this game. Enjoy.


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The original E3 footage.
WMV (14.0MB)
First Trailer
MOV (36.7MB)

#105 Dragginwings 21:48:28 06/09/2006
Thanx, dark52. I'll have dad fix it 4 me, I do NOT want to mess anything up. smilie
#104 artiste_violet 20:30:38 06/09/2006
your probobly right... thanks dark52.
#103 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:52:40 06/09/2006
Works fine for me, perhaps you need to upgrade the version of Quicktime.

And just to make sure, you are saving it to your computer, right? It's 36.7MB and would no doubt take a long while to load up in the browser if you're just clicking on the link rather than downloading it directly (right click + Save Target As...).
#102 artiste_violet 00:39:52 06/09/2006
i cant play video 002 eather and i got Quicktime! what gives!?
#101 Dragginwings 20:38:50 05/09/2006
Huh... I thought I did... I'll ask dad.
#100 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:03:19 04/09/2006
You'll probably need Quicktime to play it.
#99 Dragginwings 16:41:26 04/09/2006
Hey, dark52! I can't get video #2 to work!! smilie
#98 Black Minx 10:52:51 04/09/2006
#97 ih8u2 17:23:26 03/09/2006
Oh, I see! I forgot about the evil force. I got confused because I'm not sure if its like a person ghost phantom thing or just a force that can't really be directly fought.
#96 Black Minx 12:02:49 03/09/2006
Hu? No no no what I mean is she is trying to reserect some super evil being. So you may indeed have to fight that at the end!
#95 ih8u2 01:37:25 03/09/2006
That's not really shocking. She sort of is the big villain so I think she has to step in and fight Spyro somewhere.
#94 Black Minx 00:33:18 03/09/2006
This may come as a shock!!! But I think Cinder is the forth boss in this new game!!!!!!!!!!
#93 Anonymous 22:56:02 02/09/2006
Videa Uniersal had a great idea to make The Legend of Spyro a New Beginning.Something tells me that this is going to be the coolest Spyro game ever!And the art is really nice.Very feching.
#92 ih8u2 20:41:42 02/09/2006
He's probably chubbier because he's just a wittle baby! And you know how babies are normally chubby.
#91 Dragginwings 18:19:57 02/09/2006
Doesn't Spyro's stomach look very different, or is it just me?!
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