The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning


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Here are a load of screenshots and concept art from this game. Enjoy.


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The original E3 footage.
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#75 ih8u2 00:38:34 31/08/2006
love spyro's expression in the shot with two baboons, he looks ready to beat the living crap outta some crapchute monkeys.
#74 ih8u2 00:36:50 31/08/2006
The cinder in front of sparx looks kind of cool, but if that skinny living dead one is her, then eewww...I'm used to Spyro now though. He looks different, but he's technically cute. If this was what Spyro had always looked like, we probably wouldn't be as disturbed by it because we'd be used to it.
#73 Black Minx 00:36:14 31/08/2006
OK when I said I think Cinder is Spyro`s mom I sure hope I wus rong.
#72 Black Minx 00:30:25 31/08/2006
MAN! Sparx looks like an alyin!
#71 ih8u2 00:27:48 31/08/2006
Oh, wait, I think I see her where Sparx is and she does look a little weird. But I'm not sure its the same skinny living dead dragon in the other picture.
#70 ih8u2 00:26:21 31/08/2006
That isn't really Cynder. I've heard people describe Cynder and that looks nothing like what I've heard.
#69 Black Minx 00:22:02 31/08/2006
Ingnitus looks wicid!!!!!!! As for Cinder........YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSHHH!!!!!!!!!!
#68 Black Minx 00:18:45 31/08/2006
(yyyyyyyyuuuueeeeeeessssshhhhhh) Uh scratch that last complament!!!!!!!
#67 Black Minx 00:16:39 31/08/2006
Wher I dont see Cinder!
#66 GnastyRatchet 00:01:04 31/08/2006
DAYUM! Cyder is downright scary looking! She almost looks like the living dead smilie! I didn't realize how old she would look. And Ignitus looks AMAZING! His spots remind me of a peace keepers dragon, and his overall pose is just awesome! YAY!!!! FINALLY A PS2 DRAGON ELDER THAT WALKS ON ALL FOURS! Geez, I hate to say this, but both these new dragon designs make Red look like something from a crappy kids show :/.
#65 ih8u2 23:52:50 30/08/2006
What's up with Sparx? Ignitus be looking all big and powerful like a traditional dragon! He is now the hottest character in that game in my book.
#64 artiste_violet 22:22:19 30/08/2006
To dragginwings: why do u want a DS? Because i bet the console version is much better than the DS one! To be honest, i bet the DS version is gonna suck a bit.
#63 artiste_violet 21:42:17 30/08/2006
Ewww! sparx looks ugly! But ignitus looks AWESOME!
#62 Black Minx 23:00:31 28/08/2006
Yea! This game is going to rock on all the concles!!!!!!!! (altho i`m knot so sure about the one on mobile.)

Besids I dont have a DS ether.
#61 ih8u2 03:12:37 28/08/2006
Don't cry, dragginwings! The PS2 and XBox and GameCube versions will kick butt too!
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