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After the short introduction and background to how Spyro got to where you meet him in his life you begin.

Move to the right and jump over the 'hole' (note: not really a hole) as the game says to, by using A, the jump button. Just past the hole Sparx will instruct you on how to double jump and just after doing that he'll tell you to grab the ledge when you double jump up the next ledge. You'll then see an arrow pointing vaguely up to the right and Sparx will tell you how to glide (if you fall down, use the grassy protrusions on the left to get back up to the arrow and try again).

Jump up the two ledges and jump down onto a thin grassy platform, upon which Sparx will teach you all about jumping down (hold Down and jump). Do this twice and then jump up the other side to get to a Checkpoint. If/when you die you will either return to the start of the level/area or the last Checkpoint you walked past in the area if you have done so. You don't need to do anything to activate it aside from walking past it. You might wish to note that this doesn't save your game, you need to do that yourself in the Pause Menu, and it only saves to the start of the area rather than where you are or the last Checkpoint you passed.

Just after the Checkpoint you'll be told to smash the gem cluster, you'll spot these all over the game and they will give you some gems when smashed. Ahh, your first enemy, Frogweeds. As you don't yet have any other of Spyro's amazing abilities you'll have to make use of his charge and melee attacks. Charge into the first of the pair and then tap B like crazy until the bar in the top right empties and the Frogweed explodes into a shower of gems. Repeat for the second one and move on.

Jump down to the right and kill the next Frogweed, smash the gem cluster and jump down to the right where you'll find a Frogweed right at the bottom. Jump up to the right, walk on to where Sparx is indicating and exit the first area.

Jump down to the right and kill the two Frogweeds before going left where you'll meet your first Bulb Spider. Much like the Frogweeds you can kill it by simply tapping the B button a lot. Kill it and the Frogweed and jump over the bubbling green stuff below (deadly) and onto the thin grassy ledge. Walk down the slope and kill the Frogweed about halfway down it. Jump up to the Bulb Spider on the right and kill it too. Going up the green ledges will do nothing but heal your injuries, if you can handle a couple of extra enemies, otherwise move on along the ground to the right, kill the Bulb Spider and pass the checkpoint.

Kill the Frogweed and jump over the deadly swamp below. Jump up the ledge on the right, then down and you'll reach a point in the level where you'll be harrassed and held up by a few Bulb Spiders until you kill them and are allowed to move on past. Stick to one side of the screen and kill the Bulb Spider there and a second will drop down. Kill it and then do the same on the other side and you'll be free to go. Jump up on the right, kill yet another Bulb Spider and Frogweed pairing.

Jump down the gap and kill the Bulb Spider on the floor and wander right to kill another, jump up a tall ledge, kill another Bulb Spider and then reach the first 'mini-game' of the game.

Whack-A-Bulb Spider. A very simple process, you need to 'whack' all twelve of the Bulb Spiders as they emerge from their hiding places in the circle around you. Simple scroll clockwise (right) or anti-clockwise (left) to get to them and press A to whack them. Each spot is only used once and you can see which ones have been whacked by the marking which will change. You will need to really not miss any in order to do it within the time limit given so get turning.

For winning you'll earn yourself a few Blue Gems which will raise your experience meter a little but not enough to be any real use. Moving right, kill the Bulb Spider and at the top of the slope jump up to the thin green ledge on the left, then further up to the right until you get to a checkpoint at the top. Continue on right, kill the pair of Frogweeds and jump over the gap to a Bulb Spider. Jump up to the right and you'll reach another checkpoint and Frogweed just before.

Kill the Bulb Spider on the right and jump down the ledges to a thin ledge whereupon you should jump further down and then up to the right (Bulb Spider alert!). Immediately jump up onto the ledge above you on the left, up the grassy ledges and then jump right at the top (killing Frogweeds all the way). Kill the Bulb Spiders on the right and then jump over the poisonous goop and then into the third Swamp area.

Run to the right a little and kill the Frogweeds before jumping up and killing a Bulb Spider, jump down and then down through the thin grassy platform. On the floor you'll find a couple of Bulb Spiders to kill in order to get past, so do so and then jump up to the right. Here you'll need to jump up onto the thin platform above, do so by jumping from underneath the gap between it and the wall on the right.

Go the rest of the way up and kill the Frogweed on the right and keeping to the ground level kill another pair along the path. Kill the Bulb Spider and activate the checkpoint before leaping over the top of the ledge and down the other side to yet another Bulb Spider. Continue going right and you'll spot a large baboon standing below you.

To free Sparx all you really need to do is kill the two Cynder Soldiers and Cynder Leader here. What's special about this fight is that you finally get to use your Fire Breath. It's not all that powerful though unfortunately so it may still be a good idea to use your melee attacks rather than relying entirely on your new breath. You'll also want to keep an eye on the green meter on your breath HUD on the left if you do decide to use your breath attack a lot as you can't if it's empty.

Moving on, jump up to the right and then down where you'll find another Cynder Leader to beat up. Kill him and then advance towards the green and blue dragonflies hovering near the end of the area.

Now in the fourth area of the Swamp, move right and smash the gem cluster before jumping down and beating up a poor defenceless Bulb Spider. Kill a pair of Frogweeds on the right, smash the gem cluster, kill the Bulb Spider, kill another pair of Frogweeds and smash another gem cluster. Jump up the ledge, kill the Bulb Spider to the right and jump up to the top of the ledge above where you'll be able to attack another Frogweed, you might need to use your breath attack in mid jump so as to stun it so that you can actually get up there. And jump up to the checkpoint.

Jump down to the right, kill the Cynder Solider, kill another and then kill a Cynder Leader. Kill another Soldier just past him and then a Leader up on the ledge. Jump down to the right, smash the gem cluster and kill the Frogweed then jump further down to the left. Kill the Frogweeds and activate the checkpoint.

Moving along ground level, kill a Frogweed and Bulb Spider before jumping down to a pair of patrolling Soldiers and a Leader to the right of them. Just past him is a new type of baboon, a Cynder Commander. Much like the Leader but has more hitpoints and a big hammer. Jump up to the right to exit the area.

And the fifth and final area of Swamp. Jump down to the right and kill the pair of Cynder Soldiers there, followed by their Leader and another Soldier above him. Jump up to yet another Soldier patrolling to the right, kill him and then the Commander just after him and before the checkpoint.

Smash the gem cluster and drop down to the right to smash another, on the left you'll find a Frogweed guarding a gem cluster and then going right you'll want to kill a Bulb Spider or two. Drop down the very short drop and kill a pair of Frogweeds before jumping up to the right, smashing a gem cluster and jumping up to where you'll meet Ignitus for the first time.

Fire Dojo

After Ignitus informs you of the situation he'll teach you all about how to effectively use your Fire Breath and its several methods of attack. Walk up to Ignitus to begin. First you'll learn about the Power Stones, or checkpoints as they're also known and then Ignitus will instruct you in how to attack Frogweeds, hmm... well at least it's a move you might not have bothered to use yet, the Tailstrike. You might also like to note that you don't actually have to use the moves Ignitus suggests, you can kill them in any way you like.

Moving right, you'll be told about Gem Clusters again. And then, combos. Basically tapping B several times in a row. You'll next be told how to use your Fire Breath. Moving on again you'll learn a new attack. The Fire Ball. It's like your Fire Stream attack but you can hit enemies from a distance. Kill the Cynder Soldier and move on to the final part of this tutorial.

You'll now unlock the ability to perform a Fury attack. Once the purple meter to the left of the green meter fills up you can perform a fury attack which will kill all enemies on the screen and will then drain your purple meter to empty again. It's quite a nice move to use if you can't be bothered killing all of the enemies nearby. And now jump up and along to where you'll meet Ignitus again to finish up in the Fire Dojo.

Aerial Odyssey

Another 'mini-game', this time it's flight. If you've played Spyro: Fusion (Orange) you might see the similarities between this and one of the mini-game types in there. But regardless, all you need to do is get to the other end of the area and not die in the process. Either avoid the turret's fire or destroy them using your fireballs. You may also need to shoot down some Dreadwings that get in your way. Holding down R is a lot easier than tapping it I must say. You'll travel from nice green sunny looking islands to white, icy islands towards the end.

Dante's Freezer

Jump down to the left and kill the Cynder Soldier at the bottom. Jump up onto the thin icy platform to your left, kill the Soldier and Leader on the top. Jump down to kill another Soldier, and then down again. Drop down the icy platforms and kill the Soldier on the right, followed by the Leader just past him and the extra Soldier behind him. Checkpoint.

Kill the Soldier on the right, jump up the thin platforms and kill the Soldier on the left before jumping up to the top of the right hand side and killing the Solider, you might find you need to jump and attack a few times before you can get on there if you time it wrong. Continue on your upwards journey, one more jump upwards and then go off to the right. Kill the Leader, Soldier and the other Soldier, then drop down to the right where you'll see a brief dialogue between Spyro and Sparx which introduces you to a new enemy, the Troll.

One will be awake on the right so just attack it a bit, there's nothing really special about them apart from being frozen in place before you get to them. Kill all six of the required Trolls here and you'll be allowed to move on to the left at the bottom. Watch for icicles overhead as you go, jump along down to the left and exit this first area by jumping down the thin ledge.

Jump down to the right, past a few thin platforms right to the bottom where you'll find a Cynder Soldier awaiting you. Jump down to the right, kill the Leader and Soldier on the left below the moving platform and then head right again. Going down here will lead to a few more enemies to kill but not much else so jump up to the right and keep going up until you reach where a Troll and Ogre and patrolling. The Ogre once seemingly killed will turn into a green ghost like thing which you'll need to hit again to fully kill.

Jump up to the checkpoint on the left and wait for a moving platform above you to get low enough to jump on. Once that rises to its highest point jump to the right and kill the frozen Trolls up there as well as the Ogre just past them. Jump down the thin platform, kill the Troll on the left, jump further down and then further still to another frozen Troll. Jump to the left even further down and kill the Troll there before moving on right to exit the area.

Continue on rightwards, kill the Soldier, Leader and the two Soldiers down behind him. Kill the Commander just along past them as well and then the Trolls beyond him still as well as the two Ogres also. Jump down past them, kill the frozen Troll and his Cynder Soldier companion. Beat up the Cynder Leader below them before jumping up to a checkpoint.

Mind the gap, falling into the icy waters below will kill you so make sure to glide over them to the Soldier. Kill the Leader and two Soldiers just past him but watch out for the Turret which fires icy blasts to the left. Kill the guy inside the Turret to stop it firing. After that, kill another Leader and Soldier, jump up, smash a gem cluster, kill another Leader and Soldier, then a pair of frozen Trolls and then, lastly, an Ogre. Walk to the right and exit the area.

It's a race to the top of the mountain. Basically you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to get to the top for no good reason. Either jump over everything that comes your way or flame it with R (gems come out of the snowballs if you manage to hit them), charge constantly (except to jump or flame) as the time is quite close. The second screen will introduce some rocky snowballs, just jump over them and the third will have them a bit more often. After you reach the top of the third screen you win and get some free Blue Gems.

Kill the two Soldiers to your right and jump up the thin platform above. Kill the Cynder Leader to the right, drop down and wander further right to where you'll find an Ogre and Troll to kill (going down the hole is an alternate path but if it's a shortcut then it's rather pointless). Jump to the right of the Troll and kill the Cynder Leader, run further right and you'll meet up with a Dreadwing. It'll fly at the start but then land and allow you to beat it up rather easily. Once it's dead just carry on past to a checkpoint.

Jump down to a Troll, then down the thin platform and down another to where a Soldier is patrolling on the right. Continue in that direction and kill another Soldier and Leader before jumping up to the right where an Ogre is wandering about, once he's dead just wander out of the area and into the next area of Dante's Freezer.

Kill the frozen Trolls, then a couple of Soldiers and a Leader. Jump down and kill a Commander and another Solider and Leader pairing above him. Jump up and kill the frozen Troll on the left, jump up again to the left to kill another and an Ogre before reaching a checkpoint.

Kill the Ogre, Troll and Ogre on the left, jump up the thin platforms and beat up the Leader and two Soldiers on the right. Jump up to kill a Cynder Commander further to the right, then above him a Leader, Soldier and Turret. Then kill the Dreadwing after them before leaving the area.

Drop down to the right, kill a Soldier, Leader and then another Soldier next to a Turret. Jump up the ledge on your right, smash a gem cluster, kill the frozen Troll and then take care of the Ogre. Wait for a moving platform to get within reach above you just before the warning sign and sit on it until it reaches the top where you'll want to jump to the right and kill the Troll. Wait for the other platform to reach you on your left and jump on that one too. Kill the two Soldiers and the large Dreadwing on your right and then check the point. Jump up to the left to enter the cave here.

Kill the two Soldiers and the Cynder Leader and move on left. Smash the gem cluster, drop down where you'll find a load of baboons. Kill them all and jump up the left hand side to finally reach the end of Dante's Freezer.

Boss: Ice King

The first boss of the game. In order to kill him I suggest you use your Fire Ball attack. To do so make sure to be facing him when you press L. Avoid his swinging sword by jumping over it and stay below or above his ice breath when he breathes (hold Down to fall quicker if you're in the air). To replenish your breath meter smash the icicles on the floor with your charge attack. Keep blasting the Ice King with your Fire Balls and he'll die pretty quickly.

Electric Dojo

Time to learn a new breath attack now. Walk along past Volteer and he'll give you the Electric Breath ability which you'll be switched to automatically. Kill the Cynder Soldiers using the Electric Stream which should be able to kill them in two hits. Move on past once that's done and you'll learn the Electric Arc attack, the Fire Ball of electricity.

Kill the example Soldier with it and then as usual keep moving to the right where you'll learn the Electricity Fury move. Once the two Soldiers are dead, run along to meet up with Volteer on the right.

Tall Plains

Leaving Ignitus and Volteer behind, walk to the right a bit and you'll encounter a new enemy, the Armadillo. It's not really much of a threat so just kill it. Jumping up to the right you'll meet yet another new enemy, the Rubble Brute, it's nothing special really so just beat it up, flame it, electrify it, whatever it doesn't really matter. Jump up to the right, kill another Armadillo and continue on to a checkpoint.

Jump down to meet some red versions of Cynder Soldiers and a Cynder Leader, they're exactly the same otherwise though. Jump up on the left to another Soldier, and then further along a Soldier, Leader and Commander grouped together, a few nice streams of full powered Electric Breath should take care of them quite easily. Continue along and finish this first area.

Drop down and kill the Armadillo on the right, then jump up the ledge and carry on right. Jump up onto the thin grassy platform and kill the Rubble Brute, continue up the thin platforms and go right at the top to where another Rubble Brute is sitting. Drop down at the end, kill the Brute at the bottom and jump up on the right to yet another Brute. Carry on right and you'll meet up with Kane, an Atlawa.

Jump down to a pair of Soldiers and fry them. Move on further right, dropping down as you go and you'll be accosted by a Cynder Leader, four Soldiers and a Commander, all conveniently waiting for you to kill their friends before they drop down to attack you though. Once all six are dead and buried, gallop off eastwards to a checkpoint and Kane again.

Jump up to the right and kill the Armadillo followed by a Rubble Brute, followed by another Armadillo. Smash the gem clusers and exit the areaa.

Taking heed of the arrow pointing up to the right, glide up to the right and over the gap. Jump up and kill the Brute right away, then an Armadillo a little further along and another Brute up on a ledge. Again take not of the sign and glide to the right. Kill the two Brutes here then jump onto the moving platform. Wait for it to slowly reach the other side, jump off and kill the Soldier and Leader. Jump up to frazzle the two Soldiers above and continue on down the slope to a Dreadwing. Jump up, once you've killed it, and activate the checkpoint.

You'll want to jump the small gap to where the Soldier is as well as a Leader, then jump another gap upwards to another Soldier patrolling and kill all the Soldiers and the Leader up there. Electrocute the Commander on the right then jump up and kill the two Brutes sitting waiting for you. End of area.

Jump down to the right and you'll be stopped by a troop of Soldiers who want to take you on one by one, kill the four of them to get moving again. Going right still, kill the Leader and then jump up to meet with Kane yet again. Jump up the ledge and activate the Power Stone.

Drop down and kill the Leader and pair of Soldiers below him. Moving on right, kill the large baboons on platforms and stuff, a nice Fury attack should be very effective here. From the higher of the two thin platforms jump to the right and speak to Kane. Kill the Dreadwing and move into the next area.

Kill the Armadillo on the right and then its brother next to it. Drop down to kill a Rubble Brute and then jump down the thin platform to some Soldiers, a Leader and a Commander. Glide to the right over the gap and kill the Dreadwing just after the checkpoint, then a Turret, two Soldiers, another Dreadwing and a second Turret are waiting to die.

Jump up and kill the Commander above and then the Soldier above him. Jump up the thin platforms and head right. Kill the Brute and talk to Kane at the end of this area.

It's racing time! For best results just ignore as many of the enemy creatures as you can, jump over them for best effect. Otherwise if there is a creature in the way that you can't jump over (ie the Brutes with the roof too close) then kill it as quickly as you can. Keep charging as much as you can in order to stay ahead of Kane as he's reasonably quick though it shouldn't be too much of a close call at the end. If you do however fail, then you just start right back at the beginning of the race again.

Kill the Armadillos on the right, the a Brute, an Armadillo above him and then a squadroon of baboons made up of two Soldiers and a Leader, you'll also probably want to kill the two Turrets and Commander right after them too. Jump up to the checkpoint.

Jump down to a Brute, kill it and jump down through the thin platform to another and an Armadillo. Jump up on the right to kill a Rubble Brute, then up again to an Armadillo. Jump up the thin platform to yet another Brute and then beyond to Kane.

Boss: Stone Sentinel

Yes, again. Nearly identical to the Ice King previously just avoid his fists and smack him with your Electric Arc attack repeatedly, smashing the rocks that fall to replenish both your health and breath. Once dead you'll meet Cyril.

Ice Dojo

Time to learn Ice Breath now. Walk past Cyril and you'll get started. Instead of a Stream type attack you'll fire pellets, or Shards, of ice when using Ice Breath which is rather slow and as you'll be training with the basic form they're a bit weak as well. Once all three are dead move on to learn the projectile version even though the Shards can be fired over a long distance already. Ice Cloud is a little stronger than a single Shard though. Finally learn the Fury attack and finish up in here.

Munitions Forge

Kill the patrolling Soldier to your right, just past the Mole mining away. They're good guys and you can't attack them or talk to them or interact with them in any way. Anyway, moving further right you'll want to kill that Leader in the way and to also avoid the fire plume that bursts out of the ground often. Jump down the thin ledge to your right and you'll meet a new enemy, the Magma Worm. If you've powered your Ice Breath to full they shouldn't pose much trouble.

Drop down the thin ledge down here and kill the Soldier below, run past the plume and hit the Leader in the middle of the moving platforms with an Ice Cloud or two. Make sure to time your jumps onto the moving platforms so that the bursts of fire don't hit you and use them to get up to the right. Kill the Magma Worm and jump up the high ledge to a checkpoint.

Jump down to the right, kill the Magma Worm, and the Turret up on the right if you want, then drop down the thin ledge with a flame burst underneath it, timing to go through without getting singed of course. Kill the two Soldiers walking about here and then the Leader further right followed by another two Soldiers past him. Jump up the thin ledges to a Worm to kill, then over the flame and over the deadly lava to the end of the area.

Drop down and kill the Magma Worm below you, run over the flame and kill the Worm just past it (mind the falling rocks). Jump over the moving platform to where a mole called Mole-Yair is standing, he'll helpfully point you in the direction of his brother, Exhumor, which just so happens to be the only path. Walk up to the checkpoint on the right then drop down and kill the Soldier below it. Kill another and then the large scorpion like Buffalo Beetle in the middle. Jump over the flames on the right to a Leader and a pair of Magma Worms before another Buffalo Beetle to finish the area off.

Jump over the flames on the right and then go over to Exhumor who'll promise a mine cart if you can clear out some soldiers. Jump over the lava, past the mining mole and kill a Soldier next to him. Then kill the Cynder Commander to the right of that and then a Leader and Soldier. Jump up to the right and through a couple of flames to a checkpoint.

Jump up and kill the Soldier then jump up to the right using a couple of moving platforms to kill a Leader and Soldier and you'll have a clear path to the end of this area.

Kill the Buffalo Beetle to your right, run over the flames and kill a few Magma Worms. Jump over the next flame and kill the Turret firing on you, then over the thin ledge and up to a checkpoint, walk down to the right to talk to Exhumor and finish this incredibly short area and into an incredibly tedious one.

It's the B tapping of a lifetime. You'll want to furiously tap B the whole time you're in the mine cart but to also watch out for the kindly pre-warned obstacles ahead, firing your Ice Shards on the barriers and jumping over the gaps, just plain running into them will slow you down and the Conductor and Steam will slowly but surely catch up. As long as you manage to avoid the obstacles it isn't too hard to keep ahead as long as you tap at a decent rate. Once you pass into another screen you can stop tapping and your minecart will crash regardless.

Walk to the right a little and a pair of Buffalo Beetles will drop down from the ceiling, kill them one at a time (or Fury them) and continue right to a Magma Worm. Kill him and jump up above where he was standing. Jump over the lava and to a miner mole. Kill the Leader on the top ledge and jump up to where he was, continue on to the right, kill the Magma Worm below the Commander (and the Commander if you so wish) and activate the checkpoint a little further along.

Jump up to Mole-Yair on the right. After him kill the Buffalo Beetle at the top, drop down and kill a Turret, walk along a little to kill a Soldier, kill a Magma Worm and jump up to another Buffalo Beetle to kill before exiting the area.

Kill the Leader and his two Soldiers and move on right to a Commander just down the ledge. Jump up after him, cross over the flames and then down the other side, avoiding the flames as you jump through the thin ledges. Jump up and kill the two Soldiers at the top and go right where a large Buffalo Beetle is waiting. Past him is a Soldier and a Leader before the checkpoint.

Kill the two Magma Worms below, then jump up the ledge on the right from the middle. Kill the Leader, two Soldiers, a Commander and a Magma Worm in the place below. Then finally kill another pair of Soldiers and a Leader, jump over the small barrier between you and the end of the level, BOSS FIGHT!!!

Boss: Steam

A different format boss this time, the Conductor is driving about in his train called Steam. Fire Ice Clouds at the train as it approaches you, then jump up above, avoid the dynamite, jump back down behind it and fire at it again. Then as it goes along the back just run out of the way of the thrown dynamite. When jumping above the train watch out for the steam from its funnel and when in front of it try not to stay too long as it will fire along the ground at you as it rears up. Collect gems from the rocks that land on the ground and just keep hitting Steam until the health bar empties. It'll also go along the top occasionally so just jump up there to get in a few cheeky hits. Once you do kill it, you free Terrador but you've got another task to do before getting the new breath...


Much like Aerial Odyssey earlier in the game, just hold down the R button and weave your way through the turrets, mines and Dreadwings shooting whatever gets in your way.

Earth Dojo

And as with all the other breaths, you learn from the newly found Dragon Guardian. This time it's Terrador, of course, who'll teach you all about the wonders that Earth Breath has. First up you'll be instructed on the use of your Earth Shot attack, then Earth Rocket and finally the Earth Fury. Simple.

Concurrent Skies

Jump down to the right, kill the two Soldiers and then jump up to their Leader and another Soldier behind him. Along the path you'll find another Leader standing on a thin platform and a Soldier to the left. Jump up to the right and walk through the electric barrier once the purple electricity turns off, of course it turns back on quickly so run through fast. Run underneath the Jellyfish at the appropriate time, jump down to the right, kill the Commander and Soldier before jumping further downwards to the left and to a checkpoint.

Kill the Electric Leech past the Jellyfish, go through the gate and then kill another Leech. Run underneath the Jellyfish and kill the Soldier. Jump up to the gem cluster on the right, then left to a Leech, jump up the Jellyfish and go to the right. Kill the Dreadwing overhead, a Soldier patrolling and continue right. Glide far to the right and kill one last Soldier, go through the electric gates and exit the area.

Kill the two Soldiers on your right, jump to the right onto a Jellyfish. Bounce along on another two Jellyfish and you'll get to a bit where Sparx will talk again. Activate the checkpoint and kill the Soldier directly above it. Jump left up onto the Jellyfish and then right to where a Cynder Commander is standing. Kill it and then glide to the right, following the large arrow. Kill the Soldier and Leader and finish up this area.

Walking right, kill the Leech and then jump up onto the ledge. Then jump up to the left, killing the Soldier as you do so, jump up the thin platforms, killing the Leader on the left in the middle, until you get to the top. Go to the right, kill the Commander in front of the gate and go through it. Jump down to the right, kill the Leech, then further down past a Jellyfish, kill another Leech, and down further to a checkpoint.

Kill the Leech below and continue on your trip downwards. Kill the Soldier to the right and walk that way to a Turret with a severe weakness in that it's firing above you. Kill the Soldier above, jump to the left onto a Jellyfish, up the thin platforms, onto another Jellyfish, up some more thin platforms and then some Leeches whilst still going upwards. Upon reaching the top, go to the right, through the gate and exit the area.

A maze indeed, sort of. You've got to get to the other end of it within the time limit. You can pick up the blue gems for extra free experience but they're not essential and some of them are off the path a little. It's not a maze in that you have many different ways to go, much like the rest of the game there's only really one way. Check my map of the maze if you are having trouble with it though.

It might seem to be suggesting another race, but there's not. Kill the two Leeches on the right, jump up the ledge, kill another, jump another ledge, then onto a Jellyfish straight onto one to its right then jump to the left and up. Keep goind left and through the electric gate. Jump up the ledge and down the other side to a Leech, then jump from the little outcrop up to the left, go through the gate and up behind it. Jump to the right onto the Jellyfish, onto a second and then up to the right, killing a Soldier.

Go up to the right, then jump up through the thin ledge to the left, jump up again to kill another Soldier and down to the right to yet another. Go up the ledges, past a checkpoint, and kill the Leader and Commander. Jump up behind him and blast the two Soldiers. Jump onto the left of the two Jellyfish to the right of them and then up to the right. Continue up then right, kill a Leech, go through a gate, kill another Leech and then finally exit the area.

Kill the Leech below you and walk through the electric gate. Kill the next Leech and jump onto the Jellyfish. Jump onto a second and then onto a platform and again onto another Jellyfish still going right. Kill the Leech before jumping up to another Jellyfish on the left which you'll want to jump up to the right from to get to a checkpoint.

Through the gate, kill the Soldier, drop through the thin ledge, bounce along the Jellyfish to the right, kill the Soldier, Leader and Commander on the top. Keep going right, drop down and kill the Soldier followed by a Commander and finish up in this area.

Drop down through the thin ledges and kill the Leeches before jumping right over the Jellyfish to a second death sign. Jump up to the left from it onto a thin platform with a Leader on, then up to the right where you'll find a Dreadwing, Soldier and Leader to kill. Walk through the gate, kill another Soldier and Leader then jump onto a Jellyfish on the right. Again jump onto another Jellyfish after the ledge and to one more Soldier before the end of the level.

Boss: Cynder

Thrown straight into a boss fight against Cynder, you'll have to get started right away. Fire your Earth Rocket attack at her and try to keep above her flame attack. Refuel with the pieces of ice that fall to the ground occasionally but as she nears death and reaches the right you'll win and free Ignitus.


A rather empty level, there aren't many enemies here, and none that you can fight. You'll have to go through three areas and get to the other side of each, just remember not to jump at the flying creatures and not to glide if a moving is too far away, and you'll get to the final boss fight of the game once you exit the third area.

Boss: Final Battle

Equipped with a new, weird, and purple breath attack (Convexity Breath) fire at Cynder with either of the attacks, they both do the same thing. Keep hitting her just as she recovers from the previous blast, disrupting her fire breath until you run out of gems in which case you'll want to either smash any rocks on the ground in front of you, jump over a flame breath before she flies off or get ready to charge to the other side of the screen. Avoid flying too much as you have little control over getting down from it and you will tend to be too high to hit her.

Avoid the falling rocks, keep disrupting her attacks with yours, avoid flying when she goes off screen as she will occasionally fly through the middle again before settling on the other side, and try to avoid the flames she drops very occasionally when flying. Once you get her down to near death you'll notice that you have a full Fury bar, use it to finish her off and to complete the game. Congratulations.

#34 madison-dwrd 01:17:43 19/12/2009
hey, steam is easy if u know what 2 do: stand in the middle of the tracks, he will try 2 run u down, jump outta the way! he sometimes crashes... MELEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! repeat like a million times... die when he gets a new life, it might help, dont worry, it will save what life he is on.
good luck smilie
#33 Lexi360 19:44:27 03/10/2009
I'm getting this game soon. It stinks I'll have to beat Cynder, i luv her in dotdsmilie
#32 Maetro 18:13:30 02/12/2008
How do you change to fire mode when you lightning mode to defeat the ice king on a xbox 360
#31 helpme 21:33:50 17/08/2008
cynder kees killing me when she dose that big explosing how do i beat her? plz help me
#30 hellopeople 21:25:08 17/08/2008
this game is sooooooooooooo hard but funsmilie
#29 Cynder girl 18:33:48 21/07/2008
what platform is this for?
#28 emily 21:38:12 17/07/2008
i got past cynder finally i stayed to the right and kept hitting her.... i really enjoy spyro
#27 spyro 00:41:30 23/05/2008
#26 hmm 01:50:41 21/04/2008
The game was pretty fun and hard, the only bad thing was that it was so short. 6hrs or less to complete a game was not worth the money
#25 cynderlightlife 03:55:41 22/09/2007
To The one,

You only use the convex breath dureing the battle. If you kept it, what would be te point? And, if you killed Cynder, that would ruin the entire triology.

Now, to Mrgamer,

Jump on the rocks till you reach the middle. I can't explain it, so go check out .Many videos have been put up there.

#24 Mrgamer 19:30:30 09/09/2007
Can somone give me some hints on how to reach cynder's platform in the convexsity stage. Thanks.
#23 The One 17:29:14 31/07/2007
I passed Convexity but I dont have the convexity breath!? Do I have to kill Cynder to get it?
#22 Neo 17:21:51 31/07/2007
I can't get past Convexity!! Help me
#21 Spyro 01:36:48 27/07/2007
You defeat Steam by using fireball breath and then do the ice fury
when the red bar/ life is very low then he blows up.
then you elder 4/5.
#20 Lacora 21:59:04 11/07/2007
Um how do you kill steam,I'm not sure if it's the mini game or not-didn't know there was a mini game- but the walkthrough for the boss steam wasn't helping me and I'm not sure how to beat it ,help?
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