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Here are a load of screenshots and concept art from this game. Enjoy.


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The original E3 footage.
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#90 Dragginwings 18:18:33 02/09/2006
Um , YOU BET HE DOES!!! HOLY %&$#@!!! Please tell me dat ain't Sparx. He loox like a %&$#@!!!
#89 NO ONE 18:00:55 02/09/2006
Sparx is ugly.
#88 Black Minx 10:59:49 02/09/2006
#87 the red vixen 01:01:49 02/09/2006
Once you do that, (if you feel like it) try making a new folder on your desktop and minimize the size of the web page and drag the the web site name into the new folder and then you keep the file... no matter how many times updates are added to the real site.

I think...
#86 Black Minx 00:23:32 01/09/2006
Oh........ ok thanks!
#85 ih8u2 19:53:10 31/08/2006
I can understand Black Minx fine, and they have removed the video. Please search for "spyro" at Then click the "Date Added" option to the left, it should be one of the first or the first vid's there.
#84 the red vixen 14:17:04 31/08/2006
Type better plz... we can't really understand. the red fox takes that back what he said about makeup on her eyes... told me that the eye was looking so far to the left that it looked akward to him.
#83 Black Minx 11:32:40 31/08/2006
Oh! How the heck do I see the new movie on Krome Stodeouse
#82 Black Minx 11:08:34 31/08/2006
Well the oun thing I saw said she was trying to resorect some evil force. That`s probibly the plot. ih8u2 your queston is solved.
#81 ih8u2 02:08:10 31/08/2006
I didn't see any makeup, but she was snarling big enough that you could see her gums, I think. But her tail does look like a blade. I wonder what's with all those rings or collars on her body--one around her neck, one around the tail, some around her arms...Does it signify that she is serving a greater force or is she just trying to accessorize?
#80 the red fox 02:02:20 31/08/2006
I held on to the play button and I got 4 images of her at the part with Sparx:

1:She swooping down and looks like she's ready to kill,

2:Her mouth looks like she's snarling and it looks like she has makeup on her eye's,(the red vixen does not agree)

3:Her mouth's open and the graphics look weird as you see the inside of her mouth,(it's really just pinkish red)

4:You see her tail which looks like some lethal dagger.
#79 ih8u2 01:25:16 31/08/2006
That is her, but she looks so pretty in the movie. That's just a screen capped at the worst moment.
#78 Black Minx 00:48:26 31/08/2006
#77 ih8u2 00:42:32 31/08/2006
Well, I heard she was pretty and powerful looking with a lot of red markings too. But that may be my memory failing me. She does look like the medieval depiction of an evil dragon though, in the pic with sparx. But I can't stand the other one!
#76 GnastyRatchet 00:40:22 31/08/2006
Actually, from what I heard Cyder looks exactly how she was described. She's a black and purple dragon with razors on her (they're on her wings) and she's rly evil looking (heck yes smilie!). What did u hear she looked like ih8u?
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