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Maze Map

One of the mini-games is that of a maze in Concurrent Skies that you need to get through within a time limit. Below is a map of the entire maze complete with the locations of all of the Blue Gems dotted around it and the path you'll want to follow to get through.

#10 American Spyro 23:35:55 17/12/2008
oh i remember this place. i was playing the GBA version. being in that place was boring. but alot of blue gems were in there.
#9 mad_guns22 12:06:25 22/09/2007
too bad i got the PS2 one... ha difent gameplay per game type
#8 cindet 15:33:45 29/05/2007
There's a book for a new beginning at wooolworths for 5 pounds
#7 xrobbo 04:09:56 30/01/2007
I actually thought it was too repetitive, and had WAY to much talking in it.
#6 kostasNcynder 22:44:51 06/01/2007
I have the ps2 version so i dont have the maze, but thats a pretty good job!
#5 Lover of Spyro 17:27:37 12/12/2006
this, as u call/say "maze" is quite confusing!!!(but thats just me!)
#4 Black Minx 23:01:21 19/11/2006
Um... ok if you say so.
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 22:48:46 26/10/2006
Heh, not really no. smilie

But the game says it is, and who am I to argue?
#2 Black Minx 22:43:27 26/10/2006
Is that a maze?.....
#1 artiste_violet 20:51:47 26/10/2006
How do u do that!? smilie

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