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GBA Version

A return to the Nintendo Gameboy Advance for Spyro, this version of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning is developed by Krome Studios, the same developers as for the main console version.

Anyway, welcome to my walkthrough for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance version of Vivendi Games' newest addition to the Spyro the Dragon franchise, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. As you might expect with a walkthrough, I will be 'walking' you through the game from start to finish, of course the guide has the possibility of spoilers so read with care if you mind that sort of thing.

The walkthrough itself will avoid going down the 'alternate' paths of which they're all dead ends and only really lead to some gem clusters and the odd extra enemy to kill, not really worth the bother. If that's all sorted, let's get on with the guide...


Button Action
A Jump
A + A Double Jump
A + A (Hold) Jump and Glide
B Melee Attack
B (Hold) + D-Pad Charge
R Breath Attack
L Long Range Breath Attack
SELECT Switch Breath
START Pause Menu
D-Pad Move


Colour Function
Red These refill Spyro's health meter
Blue These fill up Spyro's experience meter
Green These refuel Spyro's breath attacks
Purple Fill up the purple Fury meter

Most of the gems you find will come from defeated enemies, but you can also find them inside Gem Clusters dotted around the place, usually you're sure to find at least one down an 'alternate' path. Also, you can earn Blue Gems by completing the mini-games.


If you've played previous Spyro games you'll remember that Sparx showed how many hits Spyro could take before he keeled over and died, however, like in Spyro: Shadow Legacy, Sparx no longer has this function and instead Spyro has a health meter. In the top left of the screen you'll see (when in use) a red bar which is depleted whenever Spyro gets hit by an enemy. To fill this back up you'll have to collect Red Gems, which, luckily enough, just happen to fall out of those same enemies that hurt you when you kill them, leaving you no worse off.


Spyro's breath is no longer an unlimited source of fire, in previous games there was no limit on how many times Spyro could use his natural ability to breathe fire but here in The Legend of Spyro, you are limited by the amount of Green Gems that you have collected. Each time you use a breath attack the green meter in the bottom right of the screen will go down unless refilled by picking up Green Gems from dead enemies or gem clusters. This gives you a need to either conserve your gems or find more before you can more easily take on the larger foes. As you progress through the game you'll unlock new breath types to use in your fight against evil.


The Purple Gems that fuel Spyro's Fury attacks drop from enemies that you kill, but unlike Spyro's breath attacks, the Fury attack can only be used once the purple meter in the bottom left of the screen is completely full, you'll see an icon signifying this. Each Fury Attack is powerful enough to kill all enemies on the screen in one go, and once you use it your meter empties completely.


As you collect Blue Gems through the game, most obviously by completing set challenges, a blue meter underneath your health will fill up. Once it does so you earn a single experience point that you can put into any one of your current breath types on the Level Up screen of the Pause Menu. Oddly it's not a permanent procedure so you can prioritise your current breath to having full so all you really need for full strength breath is to have two points.

You'll see a small flashing icon in the HUD next to the meter if you have an unspent point. Having a higher power move will increase the damage done by the primary and secondary attacks of that breath type but since all Fury attacks are one-hit-kill anyway it has no effect on it.

And that's just about all that you might need to know before starting the game.

#16 Alydol 21:49:16 12/03/2016
Love gba more than ds ds is waaaaay to hard
#15 SunburnCamo 15:11:39 05/04/2014
I had this game for a week and gave it to my friend as a moving away present along with a game boy advanced...
#14 91jared 21:42:31 25/10/2012
playing it right now <3
#13 JamesFakeman 20:11:22 10/09/2012
The GBA Version is underrated! I like this version!
#12 AMW1998 02:43:11 14/08/2011
It is really esay. smilie
#11 GamingMaster_76 03:26:20 22/01/2010
even though the GBA version is easy, it can be a little hard, and its awesome!!!!!!!
#10 Cynder13 21:59:24 05/01/2010
so simple beat it lik 200 times
#9 DemonSpyro115 23:28:47 04/05/2009
i also agree with american spyro the gba versio is soooo bad its easy and you can read the rest of my opinion on the main page of the game
#8 spyroxxx4 00:48:54 03/05/2009
I must agree with "American Spyro" i too have beat this game in under a day and there are spyro gba games that are kinda like 3d meanwhile this is 2d so in conclusion i think ps2 is way better
#7 American Spyro 03:43:21 24/12/2008
I have this game for PS2 and GBA. the GBA version is soooooooo easy, i beat it in less than a day!!!! the PS2 version is waaaayyyyy better and funner
#6 redthedragon 03:25:20 15/05/2008
It is pretty easy.
#5 Cynder13 00:13:11 10/03/2008
I won the GBA version like 23 times. It's SO....................... easy, but it's my opinoin.
#4 Dragginwings 05:04:23 10/02/2007
I didn't know that they could fit so much in a 2-D gba game.... And still be able to charge and glide...
#3 spyro pro 00:33:53 24/01/2007
not me!!!!
#2 Black Minx 00:01:02 02/11/2006
whew....... Me to...........!!!!!!!!...............
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