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Game Script

In the Year of the Dragon, in a world beyond the realms, I, like all the others, awaited the birth of the dragon of whom the prophecies foretold.

But the Dark Master heard the prophecies as well.

I should have hidden the eggs long before, but I. . . I thought they were safe. Oh, how I was wrong.

IGNITUS: May the Ancestors watch over you. May they watch over us all.

Eventually, the egg came to rest in a distant swamp, where a family of dragonflies gathered 'round, wondering what magnificent creature could possibly live inside.

They didn't have to wonder for long. . .

It was a purple dragon whom they eventually adopted and raised as one of their own. They named him Spyro, and he grew up alongside Sparx, the young dragonfly who was born the same day.

From that day forward, Sparx and Spyro were raised as brothers.


SPARX: C'mon, mom said we have to hurry. The Bulb Spiders are wrecking her mushroom patch.

SPARX: Jump over this hole, Spyro!
Press A to Jump.

SPARX: You're going to have to jump higher now!
Press A twice to double jump.

SPARX: Grab this ledge, Spyro.
Double jump up to the ledge, then press A again to jump over the lip.

SPARX: Flap your wings, big guy!
Double jump, then hold A to glide.

SPARX: Hurry up, slowpoke. Just jump down.
Press Down and A at the same time to jump down.

SPARX: I'll bet you can't break that gem cluster!
Press B to attack the gem cluster.

SPARX: Spyro! Look out for those Frogweeds!
Hold B while moving to charge.

SPARX: C'mon, HURRY UP! The mushroom patch is just over here.

WHACK-A-BULB SPIDER! Hit each Bulb Spider as it pops up from the ground. Whack them all within the time limit to win! Press Left and Right to move Spyro and A to WHACK.

Bad Luck.. Try Again?
Congratulations! You Win!

SPARX: Good job with those Bulb Spiders. We should head home now before it gets dark.

SOLDIER: Got you, you little gnat! Ha ha!
SPARX: SPYRO! Help me!
Hold the R to use your fire breath.

SPARX: Thanks, Spyro! I thought I was a goner! You almost toasted me too!
SPYRO: I don't know what happened. I just got angry, and fire came out!

SPARX: Mom! Dad! You should have seen what Spyro did! He breathed FIRE!
FLASH: We knew this day would come. We just hoped it wouldn't come so soon. You are not a Dragonfly, Spyro. You are a Dragon.
SPYRO: I'm a Dragon? So. . I'm not your real son?
NINA: You are our real son. It's just that you came from somewhere else.
SPYRO: Where did I come from? I want to know who I am.
NINA: There are rumors of a creature that lives in a cave in the swamp. Perhaps he will be able to help you.

NINA: Be careful, boys.
SPARX: Aww Mom..
SPYRO: We'll be careful, I promise.

SPARX: It looks pretty dark in there, Spyro.
SPYRO: Don't be a scaredy-fly.

SPYRO: Heeello?
IGNITUS: It can't be! You're alive!
IGNITUS: Hardly that, my young friend. I am Ignitus, Guardian of Fire. I can hardly believe my eyes. The purple dragon lives!
SPYRO: Purple dragon? What am I?
IGNITUS: A purple dragon is born only once every ten generations: a special creature of incredible power!
SPARX: Spyro? Special?
IGNITUS: Very much so. We are at war with Cynder, an evil dragon, slave to the Dark Master. You must help us!
SPYRO: But what can I do?
IGNITUS: Volteer, the Guardian of Lightning, has been captured by the Ice King. You must free him so he can help us fight the Dark Master.
SPYRO: I'll do what I can.
SPARX: Oh brother, here we go..

Fire Dojo

IGNITUS: Before you set out, there are things to learn about your powers, young one!
Complete the challenges Ignitus has set you to learn about your abilities.

IGNITUS: These power stones grant you the protection of the ancestors.
Move up to a checkpoint to save your progress!

IGNITUS: Attack this Frogweed, Spyro!
Press A to jump, then hold down on the Down and press B to do a Tailstrike attack from above.

IGNITUS: These Gems give you power and knowledge passed down through the ages. They replenish your energy and allow you to perform more powerful attacks.
Press B to break open the Gem Cluster and collect the Gems.

IGNITUS: If you are facing too many enemies, you can knock them away from you.
Press B four times in a row to do a combo attack and knock an enemy over. Press A then B to perform an attack in mid-air.

IGNITUS: Practice using your Fire Stream to defeat these enemies.
Press R to use your Fire Stream.

IGNITUS: You can attack this enemy from a distance using your Fire Ball.
Press L to use your Fire Ball.

IGNITUS: When you have collected enough Purple Gems, you can perform a Fire Fury!
IGNITUS: This summons a blast of pure elemental Fire which defeats any enemy on screen.
Press L and R together to use your Fire Fury.

IGNITUS: You see what you can do with a little training, Spyro? Use these powers wisely, and you will prevail!
SPYRO: Thank you, Ignitus!
IGNITUS: Now let's make our way to Dante's Freezer and find Volteer.

Aerial Odyssey

Fly to Dante's Freezer! Use the D-pad to move and R to shoot fireballs. Look out for Cynder's turrets and Dreadwings!

Bad Luck.. Try Again?
Congratulations! You Win!

Dante's Freezer

SPARX: Brrr.. I'm freezing my tail off.
SPYRO: I wonder where the Guardian of Lightning is being held. . .
SPARX: Well I'm no hero, but how about we follow the path?
SPYRO: Hrrrmphh.

SPYRO: I wonder what all these statues are for.
SPARX: I think one of them just blinked.
SPYRO: No way! You're crazy.

SPARX: Are we there yet? It's chilly out here.
SPYRO: Stop complaining; I'm sure we're almost there.
SPARX: What about a fire? And marshmallows! Mm..
SPYRO: Always thinking with your stomach.

Get to the top of the mountain before the time runs out. Watch out for the snowballs those pesky Cynder Soldiers are throwing! Use the D-pad to move and A to jump. Press R to use your Flame Breath and melt the snowballs!

Bad Luck.. Try Again?
Congratulations! You Win!

SPARX: Maybe it's warmer in here!
SPYRO: I thought you didn't like dark caves?
SPARX: Can you hear that echo? ..echo? ..echo?
SPYRO: Heeelloooooo! ..elloooo!
SOLDIER: Hello little dragon.
SPARX: Eeep!
SOLDIER: Get 'Em boys!

SPARX: You've got to learn to be quiet, Spyro.
SPYRO: Me?!?

SPARX: Quick, through here Spyro, I can see Volteer!
SPYRO: Sparx! Maybe he's trying to warn us about something.
SPARX: What? I can't see anything.
SPARX: Ahh!! Spyro, look out!!

SPARX: Take that! We showed him!
VOLTEER: A purple dragon! I am Volteer, and I must commend you two on your valiant efforts. Incredible, amazing, wond..
SPYRO: No time to talk! we have to get back to Ignitus!
VOLTEER: Ignitus? He lives? I have much to discuss with him. Terrible things are afoot.
SPARX: Does this guy ever stop talking?

VOLTEER: . .and so I was captured, and my power stored in a Magic Orb, drained away by Cynder.
IGNITUS: This must be a part of the Dark Master's evil plan. We have to stop them!
SPYRO: But what can I do?
IGNITUS: Cyril, the Ice Guardian, is being held somewhere in the Tall Plains. You must find him before he is used to power another Magic Orb.

Electric Dojo

VOLTEER: The time has come for me to teach you the power of Electricity, Spyro.

VOLTEER: Use your Electric Stream to zap these enemies.
Press R to use your Electric Stream.

VOLTEER: Your Electric Arc attack will home in on enemies from a distance.
Press L to use your Electric Arc.

VOLTEER: When you have collected enough Purple Gems, you can perform an Electricity Fury!
VOLTEER: This calls up thunderous Electric storms which obliterate any enemy on screen.
Press L and R together to use your Electricity Fury.

VOLTEER: I am impressed with your progress, young dragon. Never forget to trust in your own abilities, Spyro.
SPYRO: Thank you, Volteer!
VOLTEER: You must go; Cyril needs your help!
Press SELECT to cycle between available Breaths.

Tall Plains

IGNITUS: You must move quickly, young Spyro. Our fate depends on you. Find Cyril and the Shrine.
VOLTEER: The Atlawa may be able to help you. They are a proud tribe, driven underground by Cynder's forces.
SPYRO: I'll do my best!
SPARX: Me too!

SPARX: Who's that?
KANE: I am Kane, leader of the Atlawa. Get out of my way! I have important work to do!
SPYRO: Can we help?
KANE: No! Far too dangerous for you! I need no help!
SPARX: Fine, you big meany!

KANE: Where did all the soldiers go? I am ready to fight!
SPARX: We already took care of them all!
KANE: What? Kane needs no help! Leave me alone!
SPYRO: Nice guy, isn't he?

KANE: You! What do you want now?
SPYRO: We need to get to the Shrine to rescue someone.
KANE: Rescue the big dragon? Impossible!

KANE: I am going to the Shrine to save my people!
SPYRO: Well, we're coming too.
KANE: NEVER! It's too dangerous!

KANE: You will have to beat me in a race if you want to go to the Shrine!
SPARX: Ready, set.. GO!

Beat Kane to the finish line to win the race! Use the D-pad to move and A to jump!

KANE: I cannot let you pass, you are not worthy! We race again!

KANE: You have beaten me. I will allow you to pass.
SPARX: About time!

Congratulations! You Win!

KANE: Be careful. The God of the Shrine is angry!
SPYRO: We will be careful. Thank you, Kane.

Stone Sentinel

SPARX: Let's be really quiet this time.
SPYRO: There's nothing here!
SPARX: Ahh! Not Again!

KANE: You have saved my tribe. They wish to worship you!
SPARX: Worship! That's more my style!
CYRIL: Jolly good show, if I do say so! Mighty impressive!
SPYRO: We should return to Ignitus and Volteer.
KANE: Thank you, Spyro! You are one of the Atlawa now.

SPYRO: So, Cynder now has the Orb from Cyril as well?
IGNITUS: Yes, Spyro. We must find Terrador, The Earth Guardian.
CYRIL: I overheard one of the guards talking. He is being kept in the Munitions Forge.
VOLTEER: That's where Cynder is making all the weapons for her armies.
SPYRO: Well I can only try my best.
CYRIL: I say, that's the spirit. Good luck, chaps!
SPARX: So, who or what is a chaps?

Ice Dojo

CYRIL: I've got a thing or two to show you about the power of Ice, my boy!

CYRIL: Use your Ice Shards to freeze these enemies.
Press R to use your Ice Shard.

CYRIL: Your Ice Cloud attack can be fired at enemies from a distance to freeze them.
Press L to use your Ice Cloud.

CYRIL: When you have collected enough Purple Gems, you can perform an Ice Fury!
CYRIL: This summons freezing winds to shatter and melt all enemies on screen.
Press L and R together to use your Ice Fury.

CYRIL: Not bad, not bad at all, for a youngster. Be careful in your quest, Spyro.
SPYRO: Thank you, Cyril!
CYRIL: Time to leave, I think. There's important work to be done!

Munitions Forge

SPARX: Eeww, it smells like rotten eggs!
SPYRO: That's the brimstone and lava, silly. We're inside a volcano after all.
SPARX: Still smells bad..

MOLE-YAIR: Who's there? Who is it?
SPYRO: We're friends. We've come to stop Cynder's soldiers.
SPARX: ..and rescue someone very important!
MOLE-YAIR: You should look for my brother, Exhumor. He can help you. Go this way and you'll spot him!

SPYRO: Are you Exhumor?
EXHUMOR: Who's askin'?
SPARX: Your brother said you could help us!
SPYRO: We're looking for a big dragon.
EXHUMOR: You'll have to make your way to the Railway. I'll get a mine cart ready if you clear out these soldiers.

EXHUMOR: This will take you to the big dragon. You have to hurry! The Conductor isn't far away.
SPARX: The Conductor?
EXHUMOR: He rides the rails, carrying out Cynder's evil plans on Steam, his train.
SPYRO: Do you think he's heading towards Terrador?
SPARX: We have to go!

Press B repeatedly to speed up. Press A to Jump over obstacles. Press R to use your Ice Shards and break barriers.

Bad Luck.. Try Again?
Congratulations! You Win!

SPYRO: Mole-Yair! You have to help us!
MOLE-YAIR: Too bad about your cart. Head through here, and you'll reach the central cavern. Quickly, the volcano is about to blow!

SPYRO: I don't like the sound of that!


CONDUCTOR: You're too late! Cynder already has the Orb!
SPYRO: Nooo!
CONDUCTOR: Now I get you all to myself. Steam and I are going to run you down!

CONDUCTOR: End of the line..
TERRADOR: Thank you for freeing me. We have to leave before the volcano erupts.
CYNDER: How dare you interrupt my plans!


Escape from Cynder! Use the D-pad to move and R to shoot fireballs. Look out for Cynder's turrets and mines!

Bad Luck.. Try Again?

SPYRO: No! Ignitus!
TERRADOR: We must go Spyro, while we have the chance!

Congratulations! You Win!

SPYRO: I can't believe we left Ignitus..
TERRADOR: There is still hope, young warrior.
VOLTEER: You must seek out Cynder in her lair in the clouds.
SPARX: Do we have to?
SPYRO: We don't have a choice. I won't fail Ignitus again.
CYRIL: Stiff upper lip, boy. You haven't failed at all.
SPYRO: I'll defeat Cynder and stop the Dark Master!
SPARX: Am I the only one who's scared?

Earth Dojo

TERRADOR: I must teach you about the powers of Earth if you are to rescue Ignitus.

TERRADOR: Use your Earth Shot to knock enemies backwards.
Press R to use your Earth Shot.

TERRADOR: Your Earth Rocket attack can be launched at enemies from a distance.
Press L to use your Earth Rocket.

TERRADOR: When you have collected enough Purple Gems, you can perform an Earth Fury!
TERRADOR: This calls vines from the ground to pull enemies into the earth.
Press L and R together to use your Earth Fury.

TERRADOR: That is all I can teach you, Spyro. Go now, for Ignitus and for us all.
SPYRO: Thank you, Terrador.

Concurrent Skies

VOLTEER: Cynder's lair is a dark foreboding place. I wish you luck, champion.
SPYRO: I'm coming for you, Ignitus.

SPARX: Man, this place is huge.

SPARX: Oh boy! How do we get over there?
SPYRO: If we climb to the top of that spire, I should be able to glide over.

SPARX:'s really far down, Spyro.

SPARX: It's a maze?!?
SPYRO: We'd better make sure we don't get lost.

Find your way out of the maze! Use the D-pad to move and push blocks. Hold down B and use the D-pad to help Sparx fly around for a better view!

Bad Luck.. Try Again?
Congratulations! You Win!

SPYRO: We have to get to the top, quickly.
SPARX: But Ignitus could be anywhere..
SPYRO: I just know he's up there being drained by Cynder!

SPYRO: All these soldiers... We must be getting close!
SPARX: Why are you not scared?

SPARX: This must be it!
SPYRO: Here we go!
SPARX: Be careful, Spyro.
SPYRO: You too, Sparx!


CYNDER: Too late now, puny dragon. My master's work is almost complete.
IGNITUS: You have to stop Cynder from releasing the Dark Master.
SPYRO: I don't know if I can.
IGNITUS: You are the purple dragon. You can do anything if you set your mind to it!
SPARX: Woah, don't go giving him a big head.
SPYRO: I will do my best, Ignitus.
IGNITUS: Then I shall take you to Convexity, where Cynder is headed. This is the only place the Dark Master can enter into our world from the Dark Realms.

IGNITUS: Before you go, Spyro, I have something I must tell you.
SPYRO: What is it?
IGNITUS: Cynder. She is not as evil as you believe.
SPARX: Oh, come on!!
IGNITUS: She has been corrupted by the Dark Master, but she was once a dragon, just like you.
SPYRO: Like me?
IGNITUS: Indeed. From the very same clutch of eggs.
SPYRO: But I will still have to stop her to stop the Dark Master.
IGNITUS: May the Ancestors be with you.

Final Battle

CYNDER: Enough of your meddling, Spyro! My master's work is complete, and now I will destroy you, once and for all! SPYRO: Bring it on, dragon lady!

CYNDER: Master.. Help me!

SPYRO: She is just like me!
SPARX: We have to get out of here, Spyro!
SPYRO: Not without Cynder..
CYNDER: Thank you, Spyro.
SPARX: This place is coming apart!!
SPYRO: Are you ready, Cynder?
CYNDER: Let's fly!

IGNITUS: You have amazed all of us, Spyro.
VOLTEER: The world is safe again from the Dark Master.
CYRIL: ..and all thanks to one amazing dragon!
SPARX: What about me? I helped too!
TERRADOR: . .and his incredible friend.
SPARX: That's more like it!
SPYRO: Are you feeling better, Cynder?
CYNDER: Yes, thanks to you Spyro.
SPARX: Aww brother, here we go..
SPYRO: We don't know what happened to the Dark Master, do we?
IGNITUS: No, and we shall be vigilant. But we are together again, and all thanks to Spyro. Well done, young dragon.

#30 Cynder529 22:48:05 19/03/2012
me, Well there is one its Dawn of the Dragon.
#29 zoethedragon 15:27:29 16/07/2011
nice but why is it sooo difrent then my one on gamecube?
#28 miniquiny999 17:01:30 07/07/2011
what is align?
#27 semp123 16:33:28 16/06/2011
BBCode failure. smilie
#26 semp123 16:32:47 16/06/2011
This is the script for the GBA version.
Even the URL tells you that.
#25 Spyro n Cynder3 03:28:58 13/11/2009
hmmm i dont think this is on ps2 cuz they said other stuff and Volteer was all talking a whole bunch at the end...
#24 Awesome Sparx 06:06:58 17/08/2009
Hmmm, is this the wii? I have it on ps2, and the script is a bit different, especially the beginning.
#23 Thericadragon 04:46:58 26/07/2009
This version ROCKED I loved it!
#22 spyro77 19:44:19 28/04/2009
in the game the script is diffrent
#21 dud 10293 01:55:27 14/11/2008
They aren't brother and sister if anyone has seen the end of Dawn of the Dragon then they would know what happens
#20 QueenDarkMaster 23:37:47 09/11/2008
Yo. SPYRO & CYNDER ARE BRO AND SIS!!!!!!!!!!! They are not mates, or something. ugh.
#19 spyro 1234 18:37:12 13/08/2008
its not called the darkes our eny more! its cale the dawn of the dragon and yes they do help each other
#18 Tye-dye Dragon 11:59:57 28/07/2008
I have played Spyro and I think it is stupendious! I've completed it six times already!
#17 Chloe 16:50:43 28/04/2008
In The Darkest Hour Cynder and Spyro have to help each other complete the game(i think)
#16 Cynder812 16:16:06 22/04/2008
I think Spyro should get together with Cynder.....though I have second thoughts they might be siblings......I wonder
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