The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning


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Here are a load of screenshots and concept art from this game. Enjoy.


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The original E3 footage.
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#30 Black Minx 12:44:53 10/07/2006
I know i`m just saying he`s not the helth meter in this game.
#29 ih8u2 20:28:58 09/07/2006
He's still in there. Read the articles, some mention him, and David Spade is voicing him.
#28 Black Minx 00:22:51 09/07/2006
No he`s not. ......

I`m sorry but sparx isint the helth meeter this time.
#27 Neal 01:43:38 02/07/2006
Sparx is in this, don't worry...Spyro withou Sparx is like Mario without his hat! Okay....that was lame....smilie, but Sparx is in it again, and is still a health meter, but moreso in this game than before.

#26 coryR 16:14:09 01/07/2006
this game is pretty cool looking...wheres sparks? i want to play it really bad.........the worst spyro game i ever played was enter dragonfly
#25 Neal 14:42:43 30/06/2006
I guess insomniac never planned for it that way, all the elder dragons in Spyro 1-3 didn't have dragonflies, just Spyro, so maybe they loose dragonflies after a certain age, but according to ETD yes, all dragons have dragonflies.
#24 ih8u2 10:13:51 30/06/2006
Do all dragons still get paired with dragon flies?
#23 Neal 04:03:14 29/06/2006
A swamp otherwise inhabited by Dragonflies.
#22 Cleveland Wiltz 21:26:21 27/06/2006
What was the place that Spyro was born?
#21 Neal 18:37:19 27/06/2006
Cleveland Wiltz - I know somebody (not personally, not even that closely...but do know) somebody who works for Amaze Entertainment, who are making the DS version of A New Beginning.

#20 Cleveland Wiltz 02:50:15 27/06/2006
Neal,where you learned this information from?
#19 Neal 21:31:31 26/06/2006
Yes, I'm mod...and now I spoilers.
#18 ih8u2 01:04:24 26/06/2006
Aren't you the moderator? Anyway, never mind, i've confused u with someone else. I mean don't post too much information, I want to get spyro legend without any spoilers.
#17 Neal 18:41:38 23/06/2006
What are you talking about, ih8u2???

I didn't understand that at all!!!
#16 ih8u2 18:27:26 22/06/2006
no neal! please don't post this on spyroforum! I wanna be really surprised! smilie
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