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We join Spyro chasing Sparx around a large open area in the Swamp near his home. Practice smashing the mushrooms and weeds with your stylus to get a Red Gem, this is the only way to regain any health lost but you don't need it right now and you can't actually store extra. Follow Sparx up the path on the right of the area and jump up to the gap in the middle going left. Double jump holding left to get over it, you can't glide just yet so take it running. Walk over to the far left and you'll be prompted to break down a barrier, use the stylus to do so, tapping it like the mushrooms just before and it'll break.

Continue following Sparx through the cave and you'll meet the first of the game's many enemies, a Frogweed. Limited only to a melee attack (which won't be all that pointful later on), get up close to it and hit it a few times until the bar on the top screen depletes. Once dead you'll get a Blue Gem, aka a Spirit Gem. These are used to upgrade your abilities, though you don't even have any of those yet.

Carry on following the yellow dragonfly and you'll meet another enemy, the Fire Beetle. These can only be killed by squishing them with the touch screen and they tend to do a lot of damage if they get to you before you can do so, so act quickly and don't let Spyro walk over them. In situations where a whole crowd of them is coming at you, just wave the stylus over them instead of individually tapping them, it's a lot quicker and easier. Another pair will appear a tiny bit further along and then slightly further a larger crowd of four will appear around you. Just continue on to the end of this first part of the level.

At the start of each new area will be a Save Crystal, make sure to touch these as you'll get back to full health upon doing so and if you die you'll end up back at the last one you touched.

Kill the Frogweeds in your path and jump down where you'll see a cutscene. Now with the Fire Breath ability you should attack the ape Soldiers that are attacking you. Once they're dead you'll have a quick conversation with your parents and then get to carry on. Kill another couple of Soldiers as you head forwards.

Jump onto a ledge in the top left corner and kill some more Soldiers that teleport in as you walk.

As you pass the Save Crystal a magical barrier will popup and stop you from going backwards the short distance that you otherwise could have. Kill a few Soldiers that appear before the barrier disappears. Follow the spine around and you'll be attacked by some Soldiers and a Leader. To defeat the Leader you'll need to get rid of its shield, you do this either by tapping his shield with your stylus or by using your stylus on a bomb that he throws and throwing it back at him. Then you can take him down like normal, he just takes a bit more damage to kill than the Soldiers.

Head left and jump up onto some steps where there's a Frogweed waiting. There's a Leader on the step above. Continue on to the right and glide over the gap. Kill the Frogweed and continue heading right. You'll be interrupted by a barrier and a pair of Soldiers that attack. Kill them and you're free to finish the section.

Jump over the gaps going right and you'll be stopped by a barrier, a couple of Leaders will have appeared behind you so turn around and defeat them both. As you head around the corner you'll be attacked by Fire Beetles again. Keep going squashing beetles until you reach a point where Soldiers attack.

Continue on around the circle and you'll meet Ignitus. Follow him into the temple.


Over where Ignitus stops is a purple box. Tap on it with the stylus and drag the circle from the right anti-clockwise until you complete the circle. This will initiate a Light Crystal Puzzle. The game will tell you exactly how to solve this one. Simply follow the onscreen instructions and position the mirrors exactly how it wants you to.

Once you've solved the puzzle you'll return to the game and see a white Crystal Shard on the ground. Make sure to pick these up when you finish a puzzle as you need them to unlock extra puzzles and cheats. Continue following Ignitus and you'll be ambushed by yet more apes. Focus on killing the large groups of Soldiers first and then once they stop appearing go and take down the Leaders throwing bombs at you.

Once you've killed them all Ignitus will start walking again. Follow him through another room and out onto a ledge. After that you'll be trained properly in Fire. Just follow what he asks you to do and you'll succeed. The shield part requires you to only use the shield to defeat the enemies, and that requires moving around and into them - standing still won't do anything.

Head back through to the other room again to complete the level.

Dante's Freezer

Kill the Troll that appears as you head left, try and avoid his axe as you do so. Once he's dead head through the opening and prepare for several fights in a row. Once you've killed the multitude of Trolls and Soldiers you'll be given Electric Breath. Great. Solve the puzzle and then tap on the large catapult. Drag the circle from the front to the back to destroy the barrier up ahead.

Another large area, another large ambush of enemies. A new enemy, a Disciple will appear. These guys help others and have a ranged attack. Basically they're weak though and don't take any kind of special tactics. Keep killing the enemies until they stop. Then solve a puzzle to the right and finally use the catapult in the middle to smash another barrier to the north.

Advance forwards and kill the Disciples, Soldiers and then a few waves of Trolls coming in from the bottom. Once you've killed them all solve the puzzle and head right to a large open area. Enemies appear from all around the circular area but the last one will appear in the middle. The new enemy, a Ghost, is weak to Electricity. It will throw an axe from afar and teleport around the area. So keep zapping it with Electricity as you see it until it dies. Simple. Also solve the puzzle by the barrier to open it.

Straight away a Leader will attack. Kill it and the one that replaces it. Then fire the catapult to finish the section.

Head north until you meet a Troll, kill it and you'll trigger a few waves of enemies. Then the barrier disappears, amazing. Keep on following this easy to follow path, kill some more enemies that appear around the corner and then walk north to where you'll fight a couple more Ghosts and their entourage. Solve the puzzle to open the barrier. Cross the bridge to exit.

The first area of enemies will end with a single new one, an Angler Fish. These are really quite dangerous and a pain to kill. Although saying that you just need to hit it with electricity. If it's a distance away manually target it and use the secondary Electric Arc attack. Then solve the puzzle!

Wander along the winding path up to the right and fight enemies until you reach a barrier. Then more waves of enemies will teleport in behind, ending with a Ghost and then a bunch of Fire Beetles so take a step backwards to avoid getting hit when they spawn. Once you've killed them just follow the path through to the end.

Follow the path around until you get to a middling sized open area where you'll be ambushed by enemies once again. Kill them all and continue along the path, watch out for the Angler Fish as you go around a corner on the stone part, fire some Electric Arcs to the right to avoid getting hit a lot.

Go down south of the fish and kill a Ghost sitting around near a puzzle. Once it's dead another Angler Fish will appear, then another and a load of Trolls. Then you can do the puzzle. Head up to the right and through a gate to the next part.

Kill the Ghost and then a bunch of Trolls, heading to the right you'll want to sweep away loads of Fire Beetles. Then it's a few of those Fish before the barrier up some more steps will vanish so keep on your toes with the Electric Arc attack.

Up top you'll be attacked by yet more enemies, culminating in a few more Fish. Once all are gone solve the puzzle to the right and exit through the gate by dragging a circle upwards. Boss fight!

Ice King

First target his shield and then focus on one of his shoulders. Once one shoulder has been destroyed he'll run off to another section of the level which you'll follow him to. Here target the other shoulder. He'll move off again to the top of a tower, this time you'll be targeting his chest. Smash off the armour and then the same place again to finish him off.

The main concern with this fight is surviving his axe attacks, you really need to avoid them which may take some practice in learning just which part of the screen he's about to strike.


Time to learn some electric attacks. You'll be taught how to lock-on with the Arc attack and how to use the Electric Shield which prevents damage - useful for enemies such as the Angler Fish which attack rapidly and heavily. Since it doesn't do any damage you just have to kill the dummies in any way you like. Then is the fury, it's the same as the Fire Fury really.

Ignitus will come in and teach you a Breath Finisher. Y, Y, Y, B + A, you'll need to be in the air when you press A. You can then also block off areas by dragging the remnants around a bit. Amazing.

Tall Plains

Drop down to the right where there's a puzzle to solve. Once Garnet 4 is complete jump back up to the start and glide to the right and a bunch of Soldiers and a Leader will attack. They look a bit different but there's no other difference that you need to take note of.

Keep gliding to the next platform and you'll be introduced to a new enemy, an Armadillo. To kill it you need to tap on it with your stylus and then just attack it as normal, fire is apparently its weakness. It'll be followed by a load of monkeys and finally another pair of Armadillos and a single Angler Fish. Move on upwards.

You'll spot a llama tied up ahead, but before you can free him you'll have to fight off some more enemies. They're just a few simple apes. Tap the llama a few times to free him. Follow him to the left and you'll be attacked by yet more apes. Kill them and the Fire Beetles that accompany them before moving off to the left.

You'll be immediately attacked so kill them all immediately. Head south and you'll learn Ice Breath. Kill a few Soldiers and then cross the frozen water past the barrier that just went down.

Another ambush will occur, kill them all. Once you've killed a Ghost it's over. Solve the puzzle at the bottom right and then move left. Jump down the ledge and it's another fight. At the end a large Spider Tank will appear, simply attack it with Ice from a distance, make sure to keep away from it when it explodes at the end.

Head to the right over the bridge and quickly swish away the Fire Beetles that swarm in. Then do the puzzle to open the barrier. Straight away you'll meet another new enemy, a Rock Brute. Again use Ice to kill it from afar.

It will then be followed by a few apes and then finishing with a couple of Armadillos and a couple of Angler Fish. Head north through a hollow tree trunk to where a Ghost is waiting. Kill it and then several Armadillos one at a time. Once they've finished appearing cross the bridge to the left, watch out for the Fire Beetles.

Again it's a large area filled with enemies. Ice is the best thing to use here as you'll be attacked by a Brute and a few Spiders. Head north when you're done.

Pull the door open and head inside. Kill the enemies that spawn in and head up the spiral path. As you do, kill some Fire Beetles and then a bunch of Apes that ambush you. On the next south part of the path you'll be ambushed again, watch out for the Fire Beetles at the end, and straight after them is a Rock Brute.

Continue circling upwards until you get to a barrier. This is a short fight which ends with a few Armadillos. The next bit contains more Fire Beetles and a few Soldiers as well as a few Armadillos towards the barrier blocking it off. And continue onwards around all the way to the puzzle at the top. You'll have to kill a few more apes before getting to it though. This puzzle introduces the Prism, it splits a white beam into three beams; blue, green, and red.

Head to the right and kill an Angler Fish, then go to the left and kill the other enemies that start spawning. Once they're dead head left past the barrier, kill the single Leader to open up the next barrier on the right.

Walk along the path killing enemies until you reach the barrier, then double back and kill some more that spawn in. And then turn around again to go through the lowered barrier. There's a rather pointless attack by a single Ghost up ahead up around another corner to where you'll be slowly ambushed by a bunch of enemies. Kill the Rock Brute over by the puzzle and solve it.

Go around the corner and attack the enemies that slowly spawn, you might need to walk back and forth a bit to get some of them to appear before the barrier goes. The next area is very large and will be a quite long fight. After a load of monkeys there'll be a couple of Brutes followed by one of those Spiders at the very end. Also kill the Armadillos rolling around the whole time. Solve the puzzle at the top.

Just beyond the barrier is another ambush site. Keep killing around here until the barrier vanishes, as usual. The last area is fairly tame, kill the Ghosts until the final barrier lowers and you finish the level.

Stone Sentinel

This one's a lot simpler than the Ice King as you can shoot the rocks he throws at you. You don't need full power to destroy them, just a quick blast will do. Concentrate on the arms when he's not throwing stuff and you'll eventually win.


Learning Ice Breath for real now. There's nothing really special, just that your Ice Shield freezes enemies for a short time.

Munitions Forge

Go north and you'll encounter a new enemy that you'll be seeing a lot in this level. The Magma Worm, just use Ice Breath on it. Once you've killed the first one it'll trigger a few waves of enemies, it'll end with a Fish. Defeat them and then solve the puzzle here. Moving on right swipe at some Fire Beetles and the accompanying enemies behind them.

Continue following the path down to the right, curve around the lava and head up the slope. Kill all the enemies here, watch out for several Angler Fish spawning below, and head out.

The first area is just your run of the mill enemies ganging up on you. Kill them and solve the puzzle. Keep killing the enemies and then go talk to the mole in the middle of the room. To the right you'll find the first of the trapped moles, tap on it with your stylus to free it. Head further right and kill the spider to trigger Mole-Yair into talking to you again. Circle the room tapping on the moles to open the barrier to the north and then go through.

Tap the mole on the left and then keep killing the enemies until you learn Earth Breath. Solve the puzzle to the north of the area and then jump along the metal pipes over the lava, you will get hurt if you fall into the lava here.

Kill the Ghost and then a few Fire Beetles. You'll then be attacked by a load of Armadillos in succession. Once you've killed the Rock Brutes go down south and free the mole there. Head north, kill more enemies. Free the mole and solve the puzzle which introduces a new mirror.

Open the door and head through.

Kill the Brutes and the Soldiers that attack. Free another mole on the other side of the barrier and talk to Exhumour. Head right and solve the puzzle right next to the top of the barrier.

There's another new enemy on the other side, a Leech. Kill it with Earth. Then kill all the hordes of enemies that spawn, you might be starting to find that you're having to switch breaths quite often now. Try to remember exactly which breath goes with which enemy. Free a mole, solve a puzzle and then move on.

Kill the apes that spawn in, as well as a Leech or two. Free the mole at the bottom and the top and then head left. Watch out for Fire Beetles and then immediately more Soldiers and Leeches. Free another mole to the left and solve the puzzle.

As you go towards the opened barrier you'll be attacked by a few Angler Fish. Kill a few Ghosts and then you'll be introduced to another new enemy, a Nataloid. This one has a rapid attack but it's not all that damaging. Use the long-range Earth attack to kill it, kill a couple of spiders that appear and then free yet another mole and solve another puzzle. Head left.

Kill the apes and Leeches that attack you straight away. Once the barrier goes down go to the left and kill a Nataloid standing by the side. Free the mole and solve the puzzle next to it. Jump onto a small platform in the middle of the lava and then free the mole on the other side.

You'll then be attacked by some Leeches, followed by a combo of Ghosts and Magma Worms. After them will be Soldiers, Fish, and Armadillos. Head right and kill a couple of Nataloids before freeing another mole and solving another puzzle. There's another mole in the top right corner.


Shoot down the purple blobs that Steam fires at you, they require a full blast of your fire breath. When you can attack the gems at the back of the train. Once that has been destroyed Steam changes to firing red fireballs at you, these just require a single tap to destroy. Again take down the main engine while you can.


Time to learn about Earth. Like Ice there's not much to learn. You can charge your secondary Earth by holding X and that's about it.

Concurrent Skies

Solve the puzzle ahead of you and then take out the Leeches a bit further on. Kill a Leader with yet another skin and then some Fire Beetles will start spawning. Kill them and various other enemies until the barrier sound plays.

Kill the giant Spider ahead and then some Fire Beetles. Kill more waves of enemies in this next area, watching out for another wave of Fire Beetles in the middle. Once the Rock Brute is dead you can move on again.

Head up to another puzzle and kill the enemies that jump you as you get close to it. Fire Beetles! Head further left and more enemies will spawn. Kill them all as usual.

Head inside the building and kill the Leaders that attack you straight away. Kill more Ghosts and apes, Fire Beetles after a while. Then some Angler Fish will attack as the fight moves out through the exit. Kill a few more apes and then approach the barrier where a giant Spider will appear behind you. Killing it will allow you to move on.

Go inside and solve another puzzle. Head to the left and swipe at some more Fire Beetles, kill the large Spider that approaches. Kill more and more until some Fire Beetles start annoying you, jump over to the right away from them. Kill the Brute with them and then finally another Spider Tank.

Solve the puzzle over on the left and then finally into a small area where waves of Armadillos will spawn in.

Kill the Leader and the Angler Fish just past it, watch out for the Fire Beetles that spawn in though. Go up the steps and kill another Leader, keep on killing, more Beetles will appear near the puzzle and then a couple of Nataloids on the right. Go onto a dead end open area to trigger some Armadillos and then go and solve the puzzle back down the steps.

Up the stairs again to the right to kill the enemies that start spawning the moment the barrier drops. Then go up the other side and kill the enemies there until the next barrier drops. A Rock Brute will appear behind it, kill it and then go up the steps beyond.

Kill a Leader at the top and walk out into a large open area. Kill a few enemies and then solve the puzzle at the far end. Some more enemies will spawn in, not really much of a threat. Head back down and go through the final barrier.

More enemies will spawn in in this last area ending with loads of Fire Beetles after a Spider Tank. Exit.

Head up the stairs to a pair of Rock Brutes, once you kill them more enemies will start spawning in behind them, not too many though. Head up the steps through the barrier on the left and you'll meet a Spider Tank at the top. Once you kill it immediately run back down the steps to avoid the Fire Beetles that are about to spawn in. If you stand by the new barrier you should be able to avoid them all.

Once they've been exterminated continue following the path and there's another Spider Tank. Kill it and then a few waves of apes. Solve the puzzle over beyond the barrier. Kill the Ghost past the next barrier and then a large Spider Tank to the right. Kill another Ghost and then head down the steps to solve Pearl 4. Just walk on through to one final area of simple enemies and then off the screen.

Immediately kill the Spider Tank and then a Nataloid and a Disciple will appear. Kill more enemies that spawn in until the barrier drops. Head down the slope and kill a Ghost. More enemies ending with some Armadillos.

Head up the slope and get ready for loads of Fire Beetles surrounding you. After them a Spider Tank will appear, and then another. Kill a Nataloid ahead and then yet another Spider Tank past the barriers. Solve Pearl 5 to lower another barrier.

More enemies spawn in up top and then more up to the left, including an Angler Fish. Once the next barrier goes down, head back down and then up the steps. Kill the Brute and a few apes that teleport in, then solve Sapphire 1 to the right.

Head up the steps and start killing. Keep killing until the barrier on the left goes down. Kill some more. In fact, keep killing until all the barriers have vanished, if you need health don't hesitate to use all the crystals around the area.

Once you've cleared out the area go and solve the puzzle to the left, Sapphire 3. Then head up the steps, kill a Ghost and then jump back down to avoid the Fire Beetles. Keep killing the enemies that start coming down the stairs and some more Fire Beetles. Once they've slowed head upwards to where there are more barriers that need fighting to get through. Keep on doing that same thing you've been doing all game.

Once all the barriers are gone you can go and solve Sapphire 2 on the right. Then just head north.


Quickly tap on the purple balls she fires at you, and in the interim attack her - just don't do full bursts so that you have something to hit the purple balls with.

Keep on doing this until she starts flying around a bit more, then she'll start doing one of several different segments.

She'll attempt to swipe at you so fly around the screen a bit avoiding it.

She'll chase you, dodge her purple laser beams as you go until you reach the main room again.

You chase her, just attack as often as you can.

Eventually you'll finish the fight.


Unlike the console version, this Convexity is inhabited. Jump to the right and start killing the apes, beetles and various enemies that attack you. Once you hear the barrier down sound head to the far right end and jump onto the next platform.

Again kill some more enemies until the barrier here drops, then solve Sapphire 4 at the top. Head south down a thin path and kill the enemies that appear next to the next barrier. Jump to the left once you can.

This next patch of enemies will have Fire Beetles appear during so watch out for them. Off to the left once you clear it. After a couple of Rock Brutes + Nataloids the whole area will be swarmed with Fire Beetles, if you stand on the right you should be able to avoid them. Once they're all dead the barrier will drop. Solve Sapphire 5 and then head south.

The final level. Go south straight into a fight with Leaders and such. You'll eventually be attacked by a wave of Fire Beetles from the south and a couple of Fish. Then some Brutes, a Spider Tank and a few Nataloids to finish off this section.

Follow the platform along and jump onto the next. More enemies will strike! Keep on killing until the northern barrier drops. Head up there and kill the ambush. Then solve Ruby 1 (the last puzzle, you should have 40 shards now), go south again and to the right through the other barrier that is now not there.

As you go south on the next thin platform you'll be attacked from all sides. Keep killing the enemies, watch out towards the end for a couple of Fish off to the left. Once the barrier is down walk to the left and into another fight. This one ends with loads of Fire Beetles so try and stay over to the right behind where the barrier was.

Jump left and onto the last platform.

Final Fight

You'll need to quickly tap on the purple bolts she fires at you and inbetween blast her.

Another stage consists of her firing a purple line towards you, alternately go to the top or the bottom of the screen to avoid it.

When you see large Void Whales coming towards you you'll also need to watch out for a laser beam Cynder is firing at you.

As you get to about the same health as she was at the end of the previous fight Cynder will fly off and you'll chase her through a tunnel and then she chases you back.

Then simply use your Fury to defeat her and finish the game.

#12 Equator 13:45:33 15/01/2012
I'd love it if there were a section telling us which cheat is which, as they are blanked out when you buy them. I assume Cynder is the most expensive?
#11 cynder85436 00:21:49 03/01/2012
does anyone know where i can buy the ds version for this game
#10 ZinaWalker 01:50:43 19/12/2011
i wish i could be cynder haha
#9 cynder fan 11:29:53 30/06/2010
smilie is soooooooooooooooo isy to bet
#8 convexity spyro 22:34:23 06/05/2010
thnx for the help
#7 madison-dwrd 07:18:12 19/12/2009
is this game cool? i dont own the ds version... yet...
#6 Doomdrao 12:37:55 02/10/2009
wooo this helped smilie
before, i died like a million times trying to defeat the train X3
#5 Cynder 19 06:25:11 25/09/2009
On my game, smilie defeated herself in smilie form. I used the smilie cheat, So good bye spyro!!!
#4 Cynder 19 06:23:22 25/09/2009
Cynder is SO easy to beat!!!
#3 Spyrorocks99 15:11:01 21/08/2009
gess not
#2 Spyrorocks99 15:10:29 21/08/2009
you can only do one post here?
#1 gaul2 03:33:30 11/08/2009
thank you i needed to see a Walkthrough

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