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Here are a load of screenshots and concept art from this game. Enjoy.


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#15 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 01:08:55 22/06/2006
I dunno, it might be. At least it looks a bit nicer than the one Vivendi have on their site.
#14 Neal 23:52:32 21/06/2006
Is that the real logo, dark?

And Cynder (not Cinder) was leading a war to kill all the other dragons, so that she'd be the last on living, Spyro was the last egg left after the massacare.

I don't want to divulge too much into how I got this, but a developer on 'TLOS:ANB' for the DS at Amaze let some info. slip on another forum, so I'm going to re-post it now:

"The game revolves around Spyro as a young'n (eight years old) discovering that he is in fact a dragon, and not just that, a dragon of legend. He was the only one of many eggs that survived a war started by the evil Cynder to eliminate the dragon elders and rule the world.

So the story begins to unfold and you must help free the imprisoned dragon elders and defeat Cynder to save the world.

The DS version contains features not seen in the PS2 version, namely a fun, yet challenging mini-game of light reflection puzzles, 70 in all.

Stay "tuned" for more.


...and I checked, this guy DOES work at Amaze, but he joined since 'S:SL' was completed.

Sounds neat, not original by any means, but still neat...
#13 Cleveland Wiltz 23:03:55 15/06/2006
Yeah! Black Minx,Cinder is trying to resurrect some evil force to take over the world.
Cinder is not related to Red or any of the Dragon Elders I know.
But,Cinder seems to be created by somebody called"The Dark Master".
I don't know she looks like,but her markings are black,yellow and red.
#12 ih8u2 16:55:10 13/06/2006
i think something like that was hinted at very mildly in spyro 1-- the elder said, "ever since you were a little dragon, we've always known..." spyro goes "known what?" and the old dragon says, "ahh, I forget!"
#11 Black Minx 02:28:51 10/06/2006
It seems Cinder is tring to reserect some evil. Thats what i herd.
#10 Cleveland Wiltz 20:43:44 07/06/2006
It seems Spyro is a special dragon destined to save the world from ruin.
Spyro was on a quest to uncover his roots and realize his destiny.
Spyro is a Dragon of Destiny.
#9 ih8u2 15:50:57 06/06/2006
phhfft! Once we get past 6/6/6, Friday 13th is no problem. Bring it on...i'll b first in line for the game. smilie
#8 Cleveland Wiltz 22:47:53 02/06/2006
#7 spyro gamer 19:26:11 01/06/2006
smilie man this game looks sweet but what is up with spyros new look can someone tell me what is up ..........also they should make spyro a character in super smash bros since he's part of nintendo now.........did anyone hear about the new game?????ssb brawl......why put snake in there
#6 ih8u2 01:30:03 31/05/2006
interesting, i'd heard that b4 but it wasn't specific. i've also never heard of blue spirits.
#5 Cleveland Wiltz 19:19:44 29/05/2006
Oh! And one more thing.
I went to GameZone just to discover that the gems Spyro will be collecting
will be power ups. Red gems will only refuel Spyro's health meter.
Green gems will regenerate his breath.Blue gems are for things called"blue spirits" and can be used to upgrade skills.And finally yellow gems will build up fury that when unleashed can clear the screen of enemies.
That is all I can tell you.
#4 Cleveland Wiltz 16:44:27 29/05/2006
Yeah. But it better be awesome!
Where is the fan art of the cover art?
#3 ih8u2 12:50:03 29/05/2006
good idea for fanart!
#2 Cleveland Wiltz 21:12:26 28/05/2006
I liked Spyro's combat! I hope they will show the cover art.
Maybe we should make the cover art of what it will look like.
#1 ih8u2 23:36:16 21/05/2006
the stone golem loox awesome! and i haven't seen that logo b4...

good pix!

i also take back wut i said bout spyro bein ugly, i've gotten used to his appearance and he's actually kinda adowable.
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