The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning


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Here are a load of screenshots and concept art from this game. Enjoy.


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The original E3 footage.
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#60 Dragginwings 13:57:43 27/08/2006
(STILL crying, literaly!!!) Iwanna DS soooo bad, I'm crying right now!!! Really, in real life, I'm crying!!!
#59 ih8u2 12:31:03 27/08/2006
if you mean computer graphics, than all the console games have had them. They just looked polygonal and crappy, but they were computer generated (right?). But since that is a DS screen, I'm assuming maybe you mean the first handheld to have those cutscenes?
#58 GnastyRatchet 14:16:56 26/08/2006
U know, by looking at that one screen with Ignitus, I think this will be the first Spyro game with CG animated cutscenes! For those with no idea wut CG animation is, take a look at the cut-scenes in Crash Tag Team racing.
#57 Black Minx 22:34:08 25/08/2006
Well yeh thats whey I said that i`m getting the idea that Ignitus is Spyro`s father in this game!!!!!!
#56 Dragginwings 19:51:30 25/08/2006
So, in the picture, it's Spyro's egg!!?? COOL!!
#55 Dragginwings 19:49:50 25/08/2006
Thank you, ih8u2.
#54 gyrodragon 19:18:21 25/08/2006
dude this game is gonna rock!!!!!!
#53 ih8u2 23:39:37 23/08/2006
He is an original character appearing for the first time in this game. Evidently, he is guarding Spyro's egg at the start of the game. He is also like a mentor, I think.
#52 Dragginwings 22:02:12 23/08/2006
Don't look @ me!!!! Who is Ignitus, anyway? Did he first appear in SL???
#51 ih8u2 03:08:08 23/08/2006
to micheal: I heard that too, but the latest article says he's red.
#50 Dragginwings 17:19:07 21/08/2006
Well yeah, but scorpions are creepy! They are dangerous if you are afraid 2 pick them up by their tail.( I DO agree with you, though, you cannot prevent a spider's bite.)
#49 Black Minx 10:50:17 20/08/2006
Oh brother scorpeons arnt that dangerus. Your mor likly to die from a spider bite.
#48 me 16:06:02 19/08/2006
To Crymson The Dragon : I AM MOST TERRIFIED OF THOSE THINGS, TOO. I had a SCORPION paperweight w/ a REAL SCORPION IN IT. I looked at its head through my dads microscope and... I NEARLY JUMPED OUT OF MY SKIN!!! Plus, I had a heart attack.
#47 Michael 10:32:40 19/08/2006
I don't think that red dragon is Ignitus. From what I hear, Ignitus is a black dragon, not a red one.
#46 me 22:39:59 18/08/2006
Um, on the last 2 pictures, the 1st one, I think, loox better, and Spyro's old look is WAY better than his new look. Spyro loox best in AHT.
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