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The sixth console appearance for Spyro the Dragon, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning was developed by Krome Studios, the people behind the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series. Resetting the storyline they have created a new origin story for our little, purple dragon and in doing so have changed the style of play. No longer the straight platformer of old, A New Beginning takes Spyro into the field of fighting leaving behind any collecting or exploring that you come to expect from the games in the Spyro the Dragon series.

After being saved from certain death by an elder dragon, Spyro's egg floated down a river to where he was found by a family of dragonflies. Raised as one of their own you join Spyro as he sets out to discover the truth behind his origins. Along with his 'brother' Sparx, Spyro will need to save the world he comes from from an evil force bent on destroying it.

Game Controls

Action PS2 GameCube Xbox
Jump X A A
Double Jump X + X A + A A + A
Long Range Breath Triangle Y Y
Short Range Breath Square B X
Melee Attack Circle X B
Fury Attack R2 Z Black Button
Charge R1 R Right Trigger
Move Left Analog Control Stick Left Thumbstick
Camera Right Analog C Stick Right Thumbstick
Strafe L1 L Left Trigger
Tail Strike X, X, Circle (Hold) A, A, X (Hold) A, A, B (Hold)
Horn Dive X, R1 A, R A, R
Evade L1 + Left Analog + X L + C Stick + A Left Trigger + Left Thumbstick + A
Air Combo X, Circle, Circle, Circle A, X, X, X A, B, B, B
Air Knockback X, R1 A, X, X, R A, B, B, Right Trigger
Fire Breath D-Pad Up D-Pad Up D-Pad Up
Ice Breath D-Pad Down D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Earth Breath D-Pad Left D-Pad Left D-Pad Left
Electric Breath D-Pad Right D-Pad Right D-Pad Right

Flight Controls

Action PS2 GameCube Xbox
Fireball Triangle Y Y
Slow Down L1 L Left Trigger
Speed Burst R1 R Right Trigger
Move Left Analog Control Stick Left Thumbstick
Barrel Roll Left Analog + X Control Stick + A Left Thumbstick + A


Colour Function
Red These refill Spyro's health meter
Blue These fill up Spyro's experience meter
Green These refuel Spyro's breath attacks
Purple Fill up the purple Fury meter

Most of the gems you find will come from defeated enemies, but you can also find them inside Gem Clusters dotted around the place.


If you've played previous Spyro games you'll remember that Sparx showed how many hits Spyro could take before he keeled over and died, however, like in Spyro: Shadow Legacy, Sparx no longer has this function and instead Spyro has a health meter. In the top left of the screen you'll see a red bar which is depleted whenever Spyro gets hit by an enemy. To fill this back up you'll have to collect Red Gems, which, luckily enough, just happen to fall out of those same enemies that hurt you when you kill them, leaving you no worse off. You can also find Red Gems inside Gem Clusters so if you're low on health smash one.


Spyro's breath is no longer an unlimited source of fire, in previous games there was no limit on how many times Spyro could use his natural ability to breathe fire but here in The Legend of Spyro, you are limited by the amount of Green Gems that you have collected. Each time you use a breath attack the green meter in the bottom right of the screen will go down unless refilled by picking up Green Gems from dead enemies or gem clusters. This gives you a need to either conserve your gems or find more before you can more easily take on the larger foes. As you progress through the game you'll unlock new breath types to use in your fight against evil.

The only breath that you can use when you've got no more gems in your meter is that of fire breath. You'll be able to perform a rather weak, short burst even without gems so you're never quite defenceless.

Here's the list of all of the elemental powers and their upgrades.

Fire Breath
Fire Blast of the Blazing Skies
Scorch the bad guys with a fuller, hotter breath that won't fizzle out.
Fire Blast of the Scorched Earth
Turn up the heat on your flames to see enemies run around with their pants on fire.
Dragsooth's Fire Blast of the Eternal Inferno
This ultimate burning force explodes out of Spyro's mouth like a fiery volcano.
Fire Bomb of Smoke and Flame
What's better than a Fire Bomb explosion? An even bigger one!
Fire Bomb of Melting Magma
Add power, sprinkle in some shrapnel and you've got a bomb with a nasty kick.
Malak's Fire Bomb of the Burning Plains
Break up the party for Cynder's goons with the mother of all explosions!
Fury of Ishlandur's Final Stand
Electric Breath
Electric Stream of Surging Currents
Fry your foes and throw them around using this super-charged zapper.
Electric Stream of Slithering Viper
More voltage will give the goons a shocking surprise! Toss them around like toys.
Icklemar's Almighty Electric Stream
You wanted lightning? Well here's the whole thunder storm!
Electric Arc of the Static Shock
Bad guys can't run or hide from these heat-seeking bolts of thunder.
Electric Arc of Crackling Silence
Imprison your enemies in an electrical cage of lightning for easy air combos!
Penagar's Thundering Electric Arcs
This all powerful, crackling electricity will stop at nothing!
Fury of Angtor's Raging Storm
Ice Breath
Ice Stream of Chilled Rapids
Give the bad guys a cold shoulder with more freezing power.
Ice Stream of the Midnight Frost
These frosty streams can spray entire enemy gangs with a winter coat.
Bissthalan's Hypothermic Ice Stream
Direct from the ice age! Unleash rivers of ice over everything that stands in your way.
Ice Shards of the Cutting Crystal
These rapid fire shards can pierce through even the toughest armor.
Ice Shards of the Biting Tooth
Perfect if you're in a tight spot, because these sharp shards can also bounce off walls!
Hydrax' Ice Shards of Arctic Hail
These giant, frosty shards of ice will crush anything they come up against!
Fury of Perisher's Unending Blizzard
Earth Breath
Earth Shot of the Trembling Cliffs
A thundering blast of earth sends enemies tumbling backwards.
Earth Shot of the Quaking Valleys
This double sonic boom is powerful enough to rock the mighty!
Yangdrithis's Shattering Earth Shot
Become a walking earthquake, and blast your enemies into tomorrow!
Earth Bomb of the Wandering Whirlwind
A winding tornado will send your enemies flying into the sky.
Earth Bomb of the Whipping Winds
This terrifying twister puts the bad guys in a spin!
Hargen's Earth Bomb of Spinning Terror
The vortex of doom! Few can escape its whipping winds.
Fury of Kytheron's Wrath of Nature


The Purple Gems that fuel Spyro's Fury attacks drop from enemies that you kill, but unlike Spyro's breath attacks, the Fury attack can only be used once the purple meter in the bottom left of the screen is completely full. Each Fury Attack is powerful enough to kill nearly all of the enemies on the screen in one go, a few of the stronger types of enemy can just about survive a singly Fury attack, and once you use it your meter empties completely.

If you manage to upgrade both the primary and secondary breath abilities you unlock a more flashy Fury for that element.


As you collect Blue Gems through the game, a pool of blue in the Level Up screen will slowly fill up. You can drain the pool into your chosen element and type of attack to upgrade it, each notch takes more of the pool to fill and only when you reach each notch does the breath get stronger. You cannot take experiene out of an element once you've put it in so choose wisely as to what you want to upgrade and when.

And that's just about all that you might need to know before starting the game.

#17 Wojowu 17:48:38 27/12/2011
10 minutes after finishing game : D
#16 XxXSpyrosXxX 00:10:43 21/09/2011
oh yeahhhh!!
#15 SD-King 02:58:24 21/12/2008
#14 Spyros_fan 13:41:53 08/10/2008
If the movie is pretty much the same, and you are saving up for a Wii so you can get the latest game, and you already have TEN, and you will get the movie in a year (plenty of time to get the money for the movie), is buying this game worth it?
#13 SD-King 02:50:29 19/07/2008
#12 gary 03:30:01 28/04/2008
well,new game is coming soon.
#11 Legendary Fairy 12:44:42 02/04/2008
I Like this game,I have it in Ps2 e GBA version. I finish them ten times if more times. My favorite characters are Ignitus,Spyro and Cynder...ops even Sparx (A little...)...I heard...ehm read that is going to be released in October (I think)the last game of The Legend of Spyro: Darkest Hour. I can't wait for it. I want to beat the Dark Master once time for all since he made Cynder evil and against her very will,capture and imprisoned the Four Guardians (Volter,Cyril and Terrador first then Ignitus,while he was saving Spyro,that he was pursued from Cynder.) I don't care that he is the first purple dragon of the prophecy (I think that Spyro is better of him...^///^)I want to destroy him for what he did. I REALLY CAN'T WAIT!!!!GO SPYRO!!!...I wonder if we finally meet Hunter of Avalar?And what is going to happen?What happened while Spyro,Sparx and Cynder were froze in time?And the Four Guardians are okay and alive?Or...I don't want to think about it.But we are going to found out perhaps in October.
#10 gary 16:44:02 09/03/2008
Cynder is not enemy at all.GAUL is enemy
#9 SD-King 22:41:13 14/02/2008
#8 Nathan 03:42:45 06/07/2007
This game is of the chain
#7 cinder 16:08:30 29/05/2007
i beat the game in 5 hours. if you want to test yourself don't level up
#6 CynderLightLife 04:29:47 20/04/2007
Got this on xbox. kept giveing up, then, one day, very booorrrreedd, I won.

*does dance*

#5 kostasNcynder 22:46:57 11/01/2007
i got ps2 version
#4 kostasNcynder 22:46:07 11/01/2007
i beat this game exactly 5 times before i read this in only 3 days CCCCYYYYYNNNNDDDEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cynder<^> SGU5kostas!Cynder is H.O.T.!!
#3 spyro pro 01:55:16 03/01/2007
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