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8:47 PM - Sunday the 25th of December, 2005 - by dark52
Yep. Hope you had a good one.

And look out for a new look to the site in the new year.
1:28 AM - Friday the 25th of November, 2005 - by dark52
A new mobile Spyro game has been released, again made by Kaolink, it features Spyro going around rescuing a few dragon elders from the Shadow Realm.

[User Posted Image][User Posted Image]
[User Posted Image][User Posted Image]

With only seven levels, it's not a long game, but it at least looks a little bit nicer then Ripto Quest did despite being a side-scroller. Quite why they couldn't think of an original name for the game though...
11:33 PM - Monday the 14th of November, 2005 - by dark52
Welcome to the brand new home for the site, Finally moved from the free hosts that have been vanishing as soon as we're established on them, but we're going to be staying at this .net location for quite a while now.

Since we went offline on the 28th of last month, I've finally managed to complete my Season of Flame guide along with a map showing the locations of the chests and keys as well as all of the eight items to flame/freeze/electricute in each level. I've also gone over a few of the older guides and spruced 'em up a little, there's not much new in them, but still. The Character Guide additions were put on hold just before the site went offline, but I'm going to start doing that again from Wednesday onwards. Oh, and a new small website has been setup to host all of my guides, see that at darkFAQs.

Some Spyro reviews are in, and it's not looking too good for Shadow Legacy if you're to believe them. IGN give it a 4/10, Eurogamer also gave it the same, Nintendo Power have apparently given it a 6.5/10 and Planet Gamecube gave it a 5.5/10. Check out some user reviews at GameFAQs and GameSpot as well to see their views.
5:33 PM - Sunday the 23rd of October, 2005 - by dark52
Looks like the site may be on the move again, our hosts are taking their server offline due to a rise in prices from their providers. They do say they are looking for a new server but I've no idea how long that will take, though I'll probably start looking for a new host after a week. In the meantime whilst this site is down, the extension will be pointing back to a geocities page where I'll post any updates to the situation. Seeya.

Sometime... smilie
8:21 PM - Monday the 17th of October, 2005 - by dark52
Five months on and I've finally finished off putting the Spyro the Dragon set of characters (88 in total), you can now find every single dragon in the Character Guide. Just another ten games to go... Oh, and I've added a thing on the right of the main page for some reason. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

In other news, the official website has been updated to promote Shadow Legacy, it doesn't really have anything new that we didn't already know, but there's a nicer link to the newest of the videos there.
1:39 PM - Monday the 3rd of October, 2005 - by dark52
VUGames have recently added a trailer to their Shadow Legacy section which shows the game's fighting, both with the small creatures in the game and the larger one that has appeared in several screenshots. It also shows the touch-screen features of the game with attacks being made after drawing a certain shape. Thanks to Captain Spyro for finding this one.
1:29 PM - Friday the 16th of September, 2005 - by dark52
IGN has it as well as a short preview. They also have some screens that you may have missed if you didn't read the comments for the previous news post. Cheers Mozepy and Neal.
11:15 PM - Tuesday the 23rd of August, 2005 - by dark52
Fifteen new screens have appeared on the VUGames website here. What's more it seems that the game will feature a new enemy, an evil wizard. And it's been rated E, which suggests that the game is now finished. Still no more news on a release date though, but the 18th of October still looks possible.

Scratch that, there's sixteen new screens. You'll find the extra one here it is 'there' but isn't on the screenshots rosta.

And some general bug fixes around the place, hopefully all images should now work that didn't before (Fusion title screens for example) and a slight behind the scenes change to the comments system to prevent some problems to do with urls.
10:15 PM - Saturday the 13th of August, 2005 - by dark52
Thanks to the nice people at Complete Free Host we've got some new hosting at last. Hopefully you've all found the new site easily and enjoy your stay here.

Just a slight change to the site with the right-hand menus being transferred to the left and into the main menu. Most of the posts in the forum have been saved as a back-up was made but a few were lost. You'll have to login again though as the old cookies won't work here.

My other site, darkGTA, will be staying down for a while longer.
7:27 AM - Tuesday the 12th of July, 2005 - by dark52
For no particular reason other then I woke up this morning and decided to do this, I've added a comment system to each of the Games pages. I also fixed a few minor problems with the forums too and added a few new basic features. I also brought in a new avatar system. Completely optional of course, with the default as being off. Go to your Profile and click Edit Profile, there in the bottom box put in the web address of your desired picture, please go for a square picture of 100x100 dimensions as that is what it will be squashed to. The restrictions of this web hosting means that I can't upload pictures to host here, sorry. Use ImageShack or similar to host your avatar.

Also added this update are all of the text versions of my walkthroughs, just in case you feel like downloading the whole thing in one piece rather then several. They should be identical or newer then the versions at GameFAQs so don't worry about that. I will get around to finishing the Season of Flame guide, sometime.

Please let me know it you find something wrong or an error crops up.
2:55 AM - Wednesday the 8th of June, 2005 - by dark52
Yesterday was the one year anniversary of this website. Probably a good thing that I've lasted this long.
3:21 AM - Thursday the 19th of May, 2005 - by dark52
Vivendi have finally officially announced the game Spyro: Shadow Legacy for the Nintendo DS, though Amaze Entertainment are the people actually responsible for developing the game.

Shadow Legacy will take use of the DS's touchscreen by way of inputting spells which are shapes and symbols. The second screen is shows the actual view of Spyro moving around. Wireless also plays a part too allowing you to trade collectable creatures. The game will also feature a levelling system, the more enemies you defeat, the more skill points you get to put to Spyro's strength and abilities, you'll also be able to put your experience towards building Spyro's collection of magical powers and martial arts combat abilities. The game also reportedly focuses a lot more on the story and development of characters then any previous Spyro game.

Experience the magic, live the adventure! Spyro returns home to the dragon realms to find them in ruins. He soon discovers that a powerful magic force has banished everyone to the mysterious Shadow Realm. Spyro must master the use of magic and hone his skills - take touch-screen control of the fire-breathing dragon and save the day!

The short video of the game in action on GameSpot shows an almost familiar view of play on the top screen with the camera following Spyro from overhead, though it also seems a more RPG like style of view then before. Here are three screen captures from that video:

[User Posted Image]

See more screens by clicking here to get to the Nintendo page for Shadow Legacy.

Storyline from Nintendo. Also thanks to Mozepy for finding the IGN, MyGame and GameSpot articles.

In other news, I've finally finished adding the pictures to the Spyro the Dragon walkthrough and altered the Character Guide a little as well as finishing off another page of dragon profiles from Spyro the Dragon. Unfortunately this will be the last content update until the end of June, due to other commitments. Hope to bring you more Shadow Legacy news before then though.
2:06 AM - Saturday the 14th of May, 2005 - by dark52
After a rumour of a Spyro DS game, it's been just about confirmed in a press release from Vivendi mainly about their McDonalds promotion. It's right at the bottom after some stuff about Crash Tag Team Racing.

As previously posted, the game will indeed be more RPG like then other games and be arriving this Autumn. Something about introducing magic too... More substantial news at E3 about Spyro: Shadow Legacy, hopefully.

This fall the popular Spyro video game franchise will expand to include Spyro Shadow Legacy on Nintendo DS where for the first time ever the franchise will incorporate popular role playing game elements and introduce magic into the adventure.
2:45 PM - Monday the 2nd of May, 2005 - by dark52
You should now be able to register and login to accounts and post with them on the new forum. The News and Updates forum is exactly the same as the news and comments you see on the front page and news archives, but there it is displayed in forum form and you can edit your messages there as with the rest of the forum. And since the news reads directly from the same tables as the forum, it changes there too.

No doubt there will be a few problems here and there, if you experience any just post it in the Bugs/Suggestions board or email me if the error prevents you from posting.

In other news, I've also changed the default style of the site to the newLight scheme which is currently my favourite, most likely because it's the newest of course. newLight has also seen a slight makeover with the style of text too. I also finally managed to solve a problem that was being created in Internet Explorer where the titlebar and footer would decide to randomly go off by a few pixels, all sorted now thanks to nested divs.

Please note that this forum system is currently temporary and may be taken down at any time. It is in the test stages and many features may be altered, added or removed during this time. Also, due to a change in the system, you will need to register an account if you want to change the style of the site now. This keeps all options within your profile.
5:12 AM - Sunday the 17th of April, 2005 - by dark52
I've added another page of dragon pictures to the Spyro the Dragon section, the Magic Crafters ones, and finally added the totals of the levels underneath their names.

Also newly added is a slight modification to the righthand side menus for the different sections which now shows which page you're on clearly rather then just removing it from the list.

In the next couple of weeks I'll try to both finish off the Spyro the Dragon section completely as well as creating some new forums for the site which will include a sitewide login system. It's nearly done but needs a few tweaks here and there.
2:07 PM - Sunday the 3rd of April, 2005 - by dark52
Also fixed a slight problem with the random images in the corner, ie I've put the file extension in.

UPDATE: The problem has sorted itself out, though not without causing another problem, which I believe has been sorted now as well.
4:21 AM - Monday the 28th of March, 2005 - by dark52
We've reached the 50th news post. Great. Took nearly ten months to do so, but I got there! Anyway, the update is another stylesheet, the classic one. It will transform the site into what it looked like way back near launch on June 6th 2004. Very little practical use for the stylesheet, but still it's there if you want a change back to the old.

Happy Easter!
3:20 PM - Friday the 18th of March, 2005 - by dark52
No real content this update I'm afraid.

Sorry about the lack of updates over the past month, I've been quite busy and there hasn't been any Spyro news at all. This update is just a behind the scenes one, a slight modification of the stylesheet implementer which should work just as before. Also I believe there are a few more images in the Light stylesheet then before as I hadn't written the right value in before.

I may get back to work on the Season of Flame guide next week, but I might just continue playing World of Warcraft instead, unless I'm bored of it by then of course.
6:32 AM - Sunday the 20th of February, 2005 - by dark52
That's right.

Ripto Quest
I've written a full and complete walkthrough to the game taking you from Main to Snake. Also included with this update is a full script to the game. All fully furnished with pictures and all. Hurrah!
1:05 PM - Thursday the 17th of February, 2005 - by dark52
Some news about the still officially unconfirmed Spyro DS game.

Spyro DS
Recently IGN brought to attention a certain product listed on as Spyro DS. It has since been sort of removed, but the page still remains with Spyro DS at the top.

As for what the game is, has an article about Spyro DS being a Tactical RPG game, quite what that will actually mean for the gameplay I don't know. Here's a rough translation, via Babelfish, of what it actually says:

The next adventures of Spyro the Dragon will take place on Nintendo DS. However according to the first information arriving on the play, the title will not be a play of platform this time. If the kind appears still not very clear, it would seem that the gameplay title is directed towards Tactical RPG, a field where Advance Wars DS on the same machine is already awaited. Spyro DS is awaited for the end of the year.

I've no idea how credible the sources are but they might be good.
11:04 AM - Wednesday the 16th of February, 2005 - by dark52
Finally got around to completing the alternate stylesheets to match up with the default one, so switching between them shouldn't cause any problems with viewing the site. If they do, please post the error in the Error Reporter.
5:28 AM - Tuesday the 15th of February, 2005 - by dark52
Please post any errors or mistakes you find within the site here so I can set about fixing them, no matter how small or large. If you do not wish to be credited please either don't include a name or specify so in your post. Include any errors from any of the chooseable stylesheets be it for one or all of them.
5:28 AM - Tuesday the 15th of February, 2005 - by dark52
Just a general update to the site.

A Hero's Tail
The entire guide is now up and ready to be read. All I need do is finish off the maps which I got bored of making as it slowed me down as I wrote. Meh.

Web Desgin
I've changed the sidebar to be more compact and only links to the games rather then all the pages within each game. This should reduce a little bit of clutter. Also some other minor changes around the site that you might notice. Over half the static pages of the site are now up to XHTML 1.0 standards and I'm hoping to get the rest finished off within the next few weeks, despite that fact that there'll be little noticeable difference.
7:49 AM - Friday the 11th of February, 2005 - by dark52
We went over bandwidth, though I'm not sure how many times this has happened really, so I've changed the host earlier then I would have hoped as the site is still in testing stage, though most should work. Oh, and only this dark theme is currently tested for the most of the site, the other two are a bit off, especially the dropdown menus one, the links don't work at all.
12:14 PM - Thursday the 10th of February, 2005 - by dark52
This news post is merely to test out a feed that I've added to the site. Should be fine I believe.
11:54 AM - Thursday the 10th of February, 2005 - by dark52
Once again, we've moved. Hopefully this time it'll be better as this host seems okay.

Web Design
Now hosted by, I can use both php and MySQL to now allow me to change alot of the stuff that I couldn't before. Though of course me being the lazy git I am, only the Spyro the Dragon stuff is here so far.
1:03 AM - Sunday the 23rd of January, 2005 - by dark52
And here we are again.

Web Design
I've added a comments function to the news now so you can pointlessly comment all you like. It should be better then the old forums I used to have. Though of course you could just use our new forums!

Yep, no more InvisionFree forums, it's all punBB now. What that means, I do not know. But it's hosted on this server and should be more useable then the crummy Invision ones. Though of course it's only going to be there incase you need to ask a question or to socialise if you want.
8:00 AM - Saturday the 22nd of January, 2005 - by dark52
I'm still working on the new php/MySQL version of the site.

Web Design
I've transfered the profiles to a MySQL database as well as all the news. My how I used to posted long pointless news posts.

A Hero's Tail
Reformatted the .txt version of the guide, and I must say it's looking a lot better then before, the items all fit into the text now instead of breaking the flow. I've also added a few extra things such as a task list at the start of the levels as well. Once I have Sunken Ruins finished up I'll submit it to GameFAQs.
8:00 AM - Sunday the 16th of January, 2005 - by dark52
I've tried to make the site a little more accessible.

Web Design
I've changed the frontpage of this site so that it doesn't rely so heavily on JavaScript anymore, though all the other pages are still the same. This should allow a basic access to those with JavaScript disabled even if it means using the back button a lot. If I can find a better host that allows me to use php (free of course) then I'll switch to that and make it so there's no heavy reliance on JavaScript, but for now I'm afraid any of you without JavaScript will have to suffer. Sorry.
8:00 AM - Wednesday the 12th of January, 2005 - by dark52
Few things to mention today.

A Hero's Tail
I've now fully completed the whole of the Dragon Kingdom Realm. Including the boss fight. Expect more soon. I've also got a .txt version on GameFAQs now so check that out if you can't be bothered with a more colourful and interactive version.

Here are a couple of test links for different stylesheets. <a>click here to change to DARK style!</a> or how about <a>clicking here to change to LIGHT style!</a>
8:00 AM - Tuesday the 4th of January, 2005 - by dark52
Well... it's done. That is all.
8:00 AM - Sunday the 2nd of January, 2005 - by dark52
I've finally made a start on my walkthrough for Spyro: A Hero's Tail. And that's not a typo in the title.

A Hero's Tail
The whole first level is complete! Yay. That includes all Dark Gems, Light Gems and Dragon Eggs along with a lot more too. And as well as that, I've edited the map that I put up yesterday for Dragon Village, it now has all the locations marked on it. Click on the Dragon Village title on the Dragon Kingdom page to get to it.
8:00 AM - Saturday the 1st of January, 2005 - by dark52
Welcome to the brand new look! After a few weeks of messing about with the site, I've finally launched this new look and replaced the old Geocities version with this nice new one. There is more space to exapand into here, as well as more features to use, if I ever get around to using them.

Also, I've finally gotten around to launching the character guide that I've been going on about. It's nothing like as big as I'd have hoped for (it only covers The Artisans world and the Peace Keepers Home) but it's a start at least. Hope you like the new look as much as I do.

Web Design
I've tried to make all of the pages XHTML 1.1 strict valid, but as I'm lazy, quite a lot of the pages are simply the same old stuff with a new skin. And unfortunately I still haven't gotten around to making the site traversable without JavaScript, though hopefully that isn't a problem for too many.

Some pages will, on your first visit, have a large space between the bottom of the content and the footer, this is due to me being lazy and not specifying the sizes of the images and to the way the page is generated. I'll eventually get around to sorting this out, but I just don't have the time right now.

And thanks to the improved complete control of css, I can now change the site a lot quicker and easier then ever before, so don't be too suprised if the site changes randomly from day to day as I mess around with it.