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5:12 AM - Sunday the 17th of April, 2005 - by dark52
I've added another page of dragon pictures to the Spyro the Dragon section, the Magic Crafters ones, and finally added the totals of the levels underneath their names.

Also newly added is a slight modification to the righthand side menus for the different sections which now shows which page you're on clearly rather then just removing it from the list.

In the next couple of weeks I'll try to both finish off the Spyro the Dragon section completely as well as creating some new forums for the site which will include a sitewide login system. It's nearly done but needs a few tweaks here and there.
#1 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 21:00:00 21/04/2005
UPDATE: Another page of pictures added to the Spyro the Dragon section. Beast Makers this time.
#2 Neal Patten 11:02:00 30/04/2005
You might remember me as NealP on gamefaqs or SpyroCreator on Neoseeker (you've posted in my threads before!) anyways, I check your sight frequently and have an addition you can make! Although it was such an odd fitting quest for spyro, I have found the official webpage for the cell-phone Fairy-Dressing spyro game simply entitled "Spyro". It is at:

and a playable demo at >after you register for freeArr-Goh< and is in a black dress with black hair, is the one who locked up all the fairy clothes!

Also you should add a misilleanous game section, which would include

Spyro's Flying Adventure
Blink's Cavernous Crisis
Hunter's Target Range
Super Spyro Speedway
Sparx Pond

and all the other's which have been released online!

Well hope you like my ideas!

#3 Neal 11:16:00 30/04/2005
My last post got cut off! Here it is fixed:

and after you register for free
a playable demo at:

I think this is the immediate sequel to The season of Ice, because spyro was invited to the Royal Fairy Ball, and he just unfroze all the fairies. I like to pretend it was done (the fairy clothes being locked up) by an evil fairy (with black hair and clothes) named Argot (Arr-Goh) , becuase she is a troublemaker and wants to make them late for spyro and the other important guests such as The Dragon Prime Minister, but spyro volunteers to help them, and they get there in time.
#4 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 20:03:00 30/04/2005
Thanks for the info. I've heard about the dressing game before, but never actually seen it in any form. It definately is weird.

Unfortunately most of the online Spyro games tend to dissapear after a while unless they're part of an official site for a single game. I'll try to include a section about ones that I can find though, when I finally get around to updating the site.

EDIT: I updated the site a bit earlier then I expected and haven't got round to writing the new section just yet.

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