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2:06 AM - Saturday the 14th of May, 2005 - by dark52
After a rumour of a Spyro DS game, it's been just about confirmed in a press release from Vivendi mainly about their McDonalds promotion. It's right at the bottom after some stuff about Crash Tag Team Racing.

As previously posted, the game will indeed be more RPG like then other games and be arriving this Autumn. Something about introducing magic too... More substantial news at E3 about Spyro: Shadow Legacy, hopefully.

This fall the popular Spyro video game franchise will expand to include Spyro Shadow Legacy on Nintendo DS where for the first time ever the franchise will incorporate popular role playing game elements and introduce magic into the adventure.
#1 NealP 02:43:55 16/05/2005
This is weird, I guess, go to:

and they spelt Spyro 'Spiro' and it is the VU site!!!

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