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10 Years of Skylanders, Have You Played Any?
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2:55 AM - Wednesday the 8th of June, 2005 - by dark52
Yesterday was the one year anniversary of this website. Probably a good thing that I've lasted this long.
#1 13:54:16 20/06/2005
The lateset Nintendo Power had a new Shadow Legacy screenshot on Page 20. It showed the drawing-in of a symbol, which was like a lighting bolt, and on the top screen, an evil yeti like the ones in Spyro: AHT, was zapped by lighting. Spyro's landscape was a grass path with stones beneath him. Snow platforms above, and evergreen trees below.

Hope this is something useful!
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:08:24 20/06/2005
Well, Neal?, if you could provide a scan of it that'd be great. smilie
#3 Neal 16:27:12 20/06/2005
I wish I could...but my scanner has gone off the deep-end. But f you ask around, you might be able to find it. I also e-mailed Amaze Entertainment requesting more information, but of course they didn't reply...I didn't think they would anyways!

I just want some more info. !!!
#4 Neal 11:23:36 17/07/2005
I found descriptions and box art for the 4 McDonald's Spyro games, but its in aforeign language. Looks Spanish, not you go:


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