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12 Years of Skylanders, Have You Played Any?
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1:29 PM - Friday the 16th of September, 2005 - by dark52
IGN has it as well as a short preview. They also have some screens that you may have missed if you didn't read the comments for the previous news post. Cheers Mozepy and Neal.
#1 Neal 23:56:18 16/09/2005
Ohhh, what a great thing to come home to!!! This week has been a living hell because my class at school are lazy and worthless so a select few of us have been left to plan everything! Plan what? OUR FAIR! This week is my town's 90th annual fair, it is the oldest in our state! And I have planned our car wash, brat stand, root beer stand, basketball shoot-out, parade float, a class play/skit and a spirit banner. Plus school and work, so I am very... EXTREMELY tired. But coming home today after being up until 1:00 last night and being back up by 7:00 and being on my feet until minutes ago was quite a treat!

I saw the new movie! The colors are vibrant and beautiful, I love the sinister music, the landscape looks great although some of Spyro's jumps look clunky! But otherwise this game looks wonderful and is shaping up, I hope it will match my expectations and then some come this holiday season!

Amaze Entertainment - Please do Spyro right! It looks good, don't let us down!

Cheers Mozepy and dark52!

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