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10:15 PM - Saturday the 13th of August, 2005 - by dark52
Thanks to the nice people at Complete Free Host we've got some new hosting at last. Hopefully you've all found the new site easily and enjoy your stay here.

Just a slight change to the site with the right-hand menus being transferred to the left and into the main menu. Most of the posts in the forum have been saved as a back-up was made but a few were lost. You'll have to login again though as the old cookies won't work here.

My other site, darkGTA, will be staying down for a while longer.
#1 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 17:53:32 14/08/2005
Fixed the character profile section and put it back into the sidebar, it'll eventually be removed permanently but for now it's there.

EDIT: Actually, it'll be permanent just be more searchable in the future.
In an update to the loss of the old host, they did eventually send an email over a month later but they'd lost all the data and I'm certainly not going back to them now. This will be as permenent a new home as a free host can be.

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