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8:00 AM - Tuesday the 4th of January, 2005 - by dark52
Well... it's done. That is all.
#1 Krystal 12:30:13 15/07/2005
No idea what youre talking about. But heres some Costal Remains and Crocovile Swamp tips:
Crocovile Swamp- In one of the passageways, there is a brick that is a different colour (blue) from the rest. Charge it and you will get a Light Gem and gems.

Costal Remains- In on of the beaches, destroy all the dark gems. A large coloured thing will arise from the water. Keep going up the pillars onto it. Head-bash the centre. You will find a Light Gem and the portal to Sunken Ruins.

Also in Costal Remains: Once you get the AQUA BREATH, use it on the wheel in one of the beaches. A platform will go up, and you’ll get the Light Gem in the air.
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:32:27 15/07/2005
That was just a general quick notification of an update to my Hero's Tail guide. This news isn't of any significance any more since the guide was finished ages ago.

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