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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Developed by previously unknown (and since) companies Equinoxe/Check Six, this game, it's safe to say, was rubbish. Easily the worst Spyro game ever created. Though I might as well have this section despite that.

Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly
North America Nov 5th 2002 European Union Nov 29th 2002
System Developer Age Rating
PlayStation 2
Nintendo GameCube
Equinoxe / Check Six 3+ E - Everyone

There's very little to the story of this game. Basically they're still celebrating the Year of the Dragon festival, but now it's time to give the baby dragons their dragonflies. However Ripto shows up, mucks up a spell and loses all of the dragonflies all over the realm. Even Sparx. It's up to Spyro to save the day again.

#75 me 16:38:29 19/08/2006
Bianca, I AGREE. That's the only thing I DON'T like about da game, though.
#74 Bianca 02:04:50 06/08/2006
What happened to the controls? It feels, flimsy... and the loading time, well, what just about all of you said. I'm sure I would've finished by now if it wouldn't hang, I mean I got this game years ago!
#73 Spyrofan123 05:36:45 04/08/2006
When I got it it was $50 i still like the first 3 better they're more fun i wish Insomniac Games still made spyro. The games would be so much more fun now!!
#72 the red fox 00:13:16 29/07/2006
There all glitchy.smiliesmiliesmilie
#71 the red fox 00:10:14 29/07/2006
Got it the same year it came out though mine was $20something.
#70 ih8u2 16:24:56 22/07/2006
Man, that game wasn't worth ten, I got the glitchy kind.
#69 Hannah 01:07:29 21/07/2006
Dude, I got it for 5 Bucks. They ripped you off!!!!!!
#68 ih8u2 19:30:25 17/07/2006
RLY? It cost me ten bucks. the people at the store must have realized it sucked.
#67 Bianca_Dragon_Princess 00:36:17 17/07/2006
I hate this game. I loved it when I was little, but I hate it now. And I paid $50.00 for it! For one thing, they ruind Bianca! There's a million glitches in it, too. How annoying.
#66 me 19:58:25 11/07/2006
pleze answer my question.
#65 ih8u2 17:09:02 11/07/2006
u just have a glitchy or early copy. that happened to a lot of people, the long loads that is. That's why I'm excited the new one has no load times! SQUEE!
#64 Jackie 16:33:37 10/07/2006
I like the game but it takes forever to load... Sometimes it freezes up while I am playing too. Does that mean my disc is dirty or my PS2?
#63 me 19:28:42 09/07/2006
YES! answer my question.
#62 me 19:27:39 09/07/2006
WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!!!! Anyway, I cannot help you there.
#61 frustratedplayer 20:04:41 08/07/2006
after you catch the stupid baby mantarays, you are supposed to be able to light the cannon thingy. but it wont let me. i dont know what the hell i'm doing. help help help. please. thank you much.
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