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Jurassic Jungle

Gem 600 Gems | Dragonfly 10 Dragonflies

The last level of the game, at last. Dr. Whiskers will talk to you about R-1000s and T-Rex 1000s that have escaped. You're going to need to kill them as you go, I'm sure you would've anyway. The green enemies up ahead that have a round rock are the easy enemy in the level, these Small Caveman Riptocs can be killed by anything other than Bubble Breath. There are a number of these to kill in the level.

Next enemy up is a large T-Rex 1000, it's made of metal and you need to use Ice or Electric Breath to kill it. Move on up the steps and then glide across the lava river to the other side. Not forgetting the gems to either side (there's also a locked chest to the right but you don't have the key just yet) go up the steps, over the lava and into the temple (also gems to either side of the door).

Head all the way down the corridor, over the lava to the end and talk to Professor Copeland. He'll tell you of a puzzle in the next room. First you'll want to clear the room of course, then you can either go look at the clues or just go straight to work. In the far left and right corners you'll see two images on the wall. One with a green diamond and two snake markings, the other a yellow diamond and five snake markings. Go up the ladder near the entrance on the left and go left at the top. Here you'll see a picure with a purple diamond and four snake marks, next is a blue diamond with three and finally a red diamond at the end with one. If you piece that together it gives an order; Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow.

So using Fire Breath flame the five statues on the ground floor in that order. On flaming the last one a yellow dragonfly will appear in the centre of the room for you to collect.

Scarlett Scarlett 81/90 Gem Statue

Get back up that ladder again and continue on around the outside of the room. Just past the pictures you'll see a green dragonfly next to one of those T-Rex 1000s.

Doompa Doompa 82/90 Inside the Temple

Making sure to grab the gems on top of the Gem Statues and the key on top of the yellow one. Make your way across the extra large gem statue and outside. Cross the wooden bridges and through inside again. Head along this corridor gliding across the lava and once again outside. Drop down at the bridge and walk through the Electric Breath Challenge Portal.

Do the two nearest the actual portal here and then the three over the other side of the area, go up the ladder on the pyramid, go to the left, zap the sixth and then run along in the opposite direction getting the remaining two.

Karen Karen 83/90 Ligntning Challenge

Now head into the proper portal.

Volcano Slide

It's another slide, and the last slide of course. Professor Squeek will give you a push and then it's up to you to jump over the gaps as you go. The only thing you can do here if you don't manage to get it first time is to keep practicing and learning the layout of the slide. There are some little blue lights that might help guide you.

At the bottom talk to the Professor Squeek to get the reward of your usual mini-game blue dragonfly.

Saji Saji 84/90 Lava Slide

There's no second slide, head on out.

Go up the ladder on the pyramind and to the left, around the corner and up the ladder there to get back up onto the track again. Cross the bridge, jumping over the gap in the middle, and attack the T-Rex 1000 on the next platform. Continue on over another wobbly bridge. Next you're going to need to glide down to some platforms that keep rising and falling, just glide all the way from the first one when it's at the top.

Into the corridor and out into a large cave past Zoe. Keep going across the platforms and bridges until you reach a split in the track. Go forwards to Dr Kogan. He'll ask you to fetch his equipment from some R-1000s. Using the invulnerability device down the steps to the left you will now need to kill the R-1000s.

Switch to Ice Breath and freeze each of them in place, then charge the ice cube and then finally go to where the blob of metal explodes and pick up the beaker it drops. The first R-1000 is directly ahead of the device, another just ahead and another further along to the left. Keep on going along this path and it'll curve back around to two more R-1000s. That's just two left now. Continue forwards and you'll spot a yellow dragonfly on the lava.

Mitch Mitch 85/90 On the Lava

Continue forwards to the next R-1000. The last one is found right at the back, from the device head forwards along the righthand wall and down the path there. You should emerge in a location with another device and a portal. Before going into the portal go back to Dr Kogan to get your reward or the beakers will get reset when you return.

Jason Jason 86/90 Recover Lab Pieces

Now head back to the portal and into the last ever mini-game.

Tower of Scary and Ridiculous Heights

Professor Squeek is back and more challenging than ever. The general idea is to avoid things. Climbing you should be able to see rocks falling towards you with enough time to slide out of the way or to predict the timing so that you can get past. Darts you should watch the pattern of lower and upper shots, the lower ones will hit you whilst the upper ones will miss. Spiders you just need to move around as quickly as possible. If you find yourself falling, charge and you should grab back on again. Unless of course you're dead.

My path is to go up the right side, avoiding the rocks falling to go up to the right. Slide across the next rock dropper and then up at the next bit, making sure to be far across to the right to avoid the lone dart that makes it through. Time it so you can go left past those darts and straight past a falling rock. Go up and then to the right through a series of three sets of darts.

Go further right past another rock dropper and upwards. Go left after it, avoiding the darts, and jump to the left over a bit of solidness onto some more ladder. Climb up rapidly past the spiders here to get to the top and talk to Professor Squeek.

Warren Warren 87/90 Tower

Luckily there's just the one dragonfly in here.

Back over the lava pit with you and back over the bridges out of this cave. Talk to Dr Snivels next to the invulnerability device and he'll ask you to get something from a nearby thief for him. Going left along the lava you'll finish off the last three Caveman Riptocs. To chase the thief use the left path so you can continue around by going through another invulnerability device as otherwise it only lasts once around. That is if you don't manage to get it quickly. Once you've killed the thief go talk to Dr Snivels again, you don't even pick anything up.

Bonky Bonky 88/90 Thief Chase

Time to cross the lava to the other side now, through another invulnerability device and into a room with another mouse in. Dr Egghead will give you a dragonfly if you've killed all of the Caveman Riptocs.

Wonky Wonky 89/90 Attack of the Cavemen

Jump down the hole next to the good doctor and into the final room, you should manage to finish off your gem collection. There's still the matter of that final dragonfly though, head down the corridor to the left and the wall will open. You're back at the start. Forwards through the level only a short way to the locked chest to the right of the first entrance.

Jean Marc Jean Marc 90/90 Locked in a Chest

Not only Level Complete but Game Complete, that's 100% of the game done. Just one final thing to take care of now. Ripto.

#15 thiesths555 16:40:03 21/01/2013
cant get the last dragonfly on this level
#14 LOLDragonKitteh 00:31:24 16/09/2011
#13 zoethedragon 21:37:58 15/07/2011
thx i never would figure out the gem order smilie
#12 spyro93 23:55:10 28/06/2011
just had the strangest glitch ever on this level! on the tower of scary and ridiculous heights, i was minding my own business, climbing the wall, when all of a sudden, I'm gone... I'm inside the wall, so I came out, and I'm sliding across thin air... over the lava... really strange.. as soon as a rock fell though, once i was back in the wall it stopped... has anyone else had this glitch? haa :S
#11 daimondcynder21 09:35:15 07/02/2011
That helps alot!
#10 Awesome Sparx 05:28:33 06/10/2010
Dr Kogan's gotta teach me how to make them! smilie
#9 Awesome Sparx 05:41:02 01/10/2010
smilie smilie smilie smilie Yaaaay!
#8 Yoshi 23:07:23 20/06/2010
Me 2! I call them Raptor 1000s lol.
#7 Awesome Sparx 13:38:23 15/03/2010
I love R-1000s in this soooo much!!! smilie
#6 Awesome Sparx 07:22:32 14/03/2010
I'm pretty sure he means wicked, as in really cool and totally awesome. I do agree! smilie I've gotta say, Jarassic Jungle and Dragonfly Dojo are my two favourite levels. smilie smilie smilie
#5 Dragon Lover 00:10:13 16/04/2008
What do you mean, spyro lover?
#4 spyro lover 15:49:11 09/04/2008
#3 Dragon Lover 17:22:33 24/03/2008
Sweet!! smilie
#2 SuperSpyro700 16:18:20 24/03/2008
Mine too!
#1 Dragon Lover 21:00:23 22/03/2008
This is probably my favorite level in the whole game!(Don't know why though bcuz I hate this game.) smilie smilie

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