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Honey Marsh

Gem 800 Gems | Dragonfly 10 Dragonflies

Talk to Jimmy-bob and he'll ask you to rid Honey Marsh of some Honey Stills. Go forwards and to the left, make sure to smash the beehives as they contain gems. Watch out for the Banjo Raptors and the Super Soaker Riptoc up ahead, the Banjos you can just charge down easily but the Super Soaker you need to avoid his rather laser like shot and flame him.

Keep on along this path until you reach the first Honey Still, it's a pair of large barrels that will be bouncing. Get close to the little wheel in the middle and flame it to turn the Still off, also kill the large Bee here for the gem. Go right along the platforms and up the steps to the top. You should spot the second Honey Still up ahead, get to it and turn it off.

Keep going right past a couple of bees you'll need to kill and onto solid land again. You should be able to see the third Honey Still above you. Continue up the platforms to it and turn it off. You should then spot a thief running about up here.

Duckweed Duckweed 61/90 Thief Chase

Once you've caught the thief head into the portal just to the right of Zoe.

Sticky Swamp Shootout

A race against time in a tank, great. Russell-Bob will let you know what's going on. First you should move forwards onto the honeycomb boat and shoot the log blocking the path. Once the boat reaches the other side drive off and forwards, shooting the beehives and the Grenade Riptocs hiding behind them. Keeping moving round the corner and shoot the rival tank up ahead. The Riptocs up high you can kill by shooting the wooden structure they're standing on.

Round the next corner and, either in aiming or normal mode raising the cannon, shoot the three bees up by the flower. At the next corner shoot the beehives on the ground from a distance and the Riptocs hiding behind them. Destroy the three bees up by the large beehive and then drive onto the honeycomb boat.

You'll be in aiming mode for the rest of the level now, if you don't have at least 50 seconds on the clock you're not going to make it. Shoot the log in the way and then the two bees straight ahead after it. Roundin the first corner you'll see a trio of bees up by a pair of flowers, shoot them and then the three bees hovering in the middle of the river just past them.

Shoot the next log and the bees next to a beehive directly ahead from it. You'll then round the final corner, shoot the tank on the ground and then shoot the three bees up in the air to finish. If you missed any bees then you'll just have to start over.

Pliskin Pliskin 62/90 Honey Tank

There's no second dragonfly in here so head out.

From where you appear go to the right a bit and then forwards across the honey river. Go through the tree and out the other side, to the left of the exit is a small red dragonfly hiding behind the tree.

Suzuki Suzuki 63/90 Around the Bend

That's this area done, aside from the ton of gems perhaps, so go to the far end and jump up the wooden platforms. Instead of taking the path with the flower, go to the left at the top and continue along wood. Jump up onto the tops of the trees and you should find a yellow dragonfly dancing about.

Russell Russell 64/90 Treetop

Jump forwards to the next treetop, onto a little bit of wooden and then go left gliding across to a bit of wooden platform sticking out of a tree. Jump onto the next tree where you'll find a life, and then across to a tall flower that's near the last Honey Still that you turned off. On here you'll find a key. Once you've got that jump back to the far end of the area and continue upwards past the bees to Honey Still number four.

Turn it off and go left along the honeycombs and into a corridor. Jump down the flowers to the end, and then turn around and go along the flowers on the lower layer.

Zwan Zwan 65/90 On the loose

Take the whirlwind back up or just turn around and go back to where that Banjo Raptor was. Continue down the corridor behind him and out to Zoe. Jump along the honeycomb platforms to the fifth Honey Still, just one more to go. Keep on going till you reach Alex-Bob. He'll give you a description of your task here. It's to destroy some beehives.

Walk down to a pile of rocks below Alex-Bob and pick up a rock, you need to get close to the pile and Spyro should make a swallowing motion, sometimes it can be hard to get him to do this so just keep moving about until he does. Once you've got a rock fire it at the large beehive up to the left. If you aim right you should be able to get the other four from where you're standing. One of them might be a bit more tricky as you have to kill a bee infront of it before you can hit it, and since if you haven't destroyed the beehive the bees will respawn you have to act quickly.

Once all of the beehives are destroyed talk to Alex-Bob again to get your dragonfly.

Lily Lily 66/90 Beehives

Time to continue up the path again, jump the river of honey, up the tree trunks and along some platforms to the top. At the top go left onto a platform on a tree. Jump down to a green dragonfly just beyond it.

Gori Gori 67/90 Walking the Planks

Continue along this platform and along the series of them right to the end where there's a locked chest. Luckily you picked up the key earlier so you can open it straight away.

Tim Tim 68/90 Locked in a Chest

Once you've got Tim turn around and go back up to the top of the area again and go right. Follow the general path over the honey river to Warren-Bob and the final Honey Still. Once you've turned it off talk to Warren-Bob to get the dragonfly.

Taka Taka 69/90 Honey Stills

Just to the left is the Return Home Portal, as usual you'll find that you're not quite done with the level yet. Continue on past it down the corridor to the left of the portal slightly hidden behind a wall of honey. At the exit jump onto the first honeycomb platform and then down to the right and into a portal.

Honey Slide

Two Eyed Willy will tell you about a bee that you need to chase down a slide. Luckily this slide is a might easier than the one in Monkey Monastery. All it is is you jumping over gaps, the bee doesn't really come into it. If you're unsure whether there's going to be a gap after the next bump in the track, jump anyway. Jump jump jump jump jump. After you get through a forest of thick trees there's a bit where the path goes really thin so stick to the left until you pass that.

If you manage to make it to the bottom you win.

Clubtail Clubtail 70/90 Honey Slide

There's no repeat slide so head back to the level again.

Basically you're done, just continue on with the general path through to the start of the level and you should manage to get the last few gems. With that head back to Dragon Realms.

You now have a choice, if you have 70% or more you can fight Ripto in Ripto's Lair and gain the Gem Finder ability or if not head on straight to Thieves Den.

#25 GillGrunt4Ever 01:29:12 18/07/2016
Location 16
Up next:
#24 Vaporeon260 07:57:03 17/08/2013
I hate you so much honey tank!!! smilie
Ive beat this challenge btw. smilie
#23 Wojowu 22:05:00 26/02/2012
Get these 70% and beat Ripto. Gem finder will help
#22 SpyroLover5764 22:40:48 23/10/2011
Omg i've looked everywhere and i still can't find this 1 Gem!!! and i know its a red one too!! where is it smilie
#21 LOLDragonKitteh 15:47:23 14/09/2011
@C1nder first you stop all the hony things and then go to the begeing and you'l see a swirly go up it and you'll bump in to it!
#20 LOLDragonKitteh 15:44:30 14/09/2011
Out of all the animals they have to pick baby pigs to kill. D": poor baby pigs. btw thanks for helping meh finish this place of to thieves den! or riptocs layar
#19 Sparky5 14:18:48 17/07/2011
Two-Eyed Willy's voice sounds scary when you finish the slide and then say 'no'! Like he's gonna kill you in your sleep smilie
#18 TinyPrpleDragon 03:11:17 30/12/2010
#17 Spyro LoverGirl 20:05:48 27/12/2010
I really love that Honey Slide minigame! When I play this game I always first go to Honey Marsh to slide the honey. It gives me so much fun that I would play it all the time.
#16 Spyroo-Chick 08:51:06 13/06/2010
Ohh My Godd :/ i need help with Sticky Swamp Shootout ?? Any Adviceee ? i always miss the same 2 bees
#15 C1nder 02:46:27 31/05/2009
how do u get to the honey slide? I looked everywhere for it!!! smilie
#14 EEVEE 22:29:31 15/11/2008
im back my cousin in law bloked it but when I got on it was fixxed YAY YAY smilie
#13 doom_bringer 18:56:30 06/10/2008
the slide is my fav part of this game ive kept the game just to do parts like this and the tank games
#12 Skyqueen 03:48:43 26/06/2008
I LOVEEE! THE HONEY SLIDE!!! IVE ALREADY DONE IT!!! smilie its heaps of fun! smilie
#11 Erin 09:13:13 21/06/2008
smilie I cant beat the sticky swamp, >< i always miss 2 bees. and theyre always the same ones smilie
and on the slide one, after i finish, BEFORE the bee, the guy says i lose D:
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