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Crop Circle Country

Gem 800 Gems | Dragonfly 10 Dragonflies

Farmer Dill will tell you all about the invasion of Space Riptocs you're going to have to deal with. Once that conversation is over go forwards and you'll see some Riptocs teleport in ahead of you. The larger orange ones need a flame or a zap to kill, the smaller green ones you can just charge.

Go onto the bridge and stop at the gap in the middle, then jump down it. Down here over on the right you should find a wild green dragonfly.

Akira Akira 16/90 In the Pastures

Go up the steps to the right and then back over the bridge for real this time. Follow the path to Farmer Dean and go past him, and past some stepped platforms keeping to the right. You should spot the yellow dragonfly.

Mitnick Mitnick 17/90 On the loose

Now go jump up those platforms you just passed by to the top, zap the pole and a large flying saucer should descend in front of you. Jump onto it and then onto the second level of the barn. Go through the barn and glide to where Zoe is (don't forget the gems on the platforms to the left though). At the bridge ahead, drop down into the area below and climb the ladder on the righthand strut of the other side of the bridge.

Laurent Laurent 18/90 Up the Broken Bridge

Turn around and you might be able see a portal in the wall to the right of the bridge. Anyway, glide down into the gap in the wall and then into the portal there.

Platform Panic

Farmer John will inform you of the predicament. First up you'll want to get on one of the blue platforms nearest to the edge. Once you're on wait for it to get to a piece of solid land either on the left or right of the start and jump off. Head Bash the green button there and then jump back onto a blue platform to take you back to the start. Wait there for the other blue platform to take you to the second green switch to Head Bash.

This will bring a layer of pink platforms down to where you can reach them. Jump onto the blue platform near you and then onto one of the pink platforms. Use your Electric Breath on the pole there, move onto the next pink platform and repeat all the way around. Once all five are done the poles will appear connected by a beam and the green layer will descend.

Simply stay where you are and zap the poles on the green platforms as they go past. Once all five of those are done, jump onto a green platform and then into the middle through a gap. Just quickly zap the Big Fat Raygun Riptoc and you're done.

Rickshaw Rickshaw 19/90 Platform Panic

There's only one dragonfly in here so exit the area now.

Cross the bridge now and follow the path along and you'll get to another barn. Jump up the platforms before it and zap the pole. Use the UFO to get into the upper section of the barn and across to a platform with some gems on. Once you've got them jump down again and continue following the path to Zoe. You'll meet some Space Cows, they're just about the same as the Fraidy Cat Space Riptocs but they won't cower at all and they can use the laser of the Big Fat Raygun Riptocs.

Continue on past Zoe to yet another barn. This one's quite important though so climb the ladder on the silo next to it and glide into the top part. Walk into the portal.

Cow Abduction

It's time to save some cows! Move towards the first cow ahead to the right and a UFO will probably start trying to abduct it. There's plenty of time to react so shoot it to stop it pulling the cow up. You'll probably need to shoot it again before you get there so that you can grab the cow yourself. Take it over to the corral in the middle where it's safe. The UFO will start abducting the next cow quite quickly so make sure to drop it and turn around as fast as you can, shooting from a distance. Just keep repeating this process until all of the cows are in the corral.

Jingles Jingles 20/90 Cow Abduction 1

With the addition of gold UFOs the second round is a little more difficult. You don't have a life bar so you can get shot as many times as you like but getting shot will stun you and cause you to drop a cow if you're carrying one. For each approach of a cow make sure to rid the skies of gold UFOs before trying to use the tractor beam on it otherwise you're just going to drop it anyway. Same hit and run tactics as before otherwise.

Jdubs Jdubs 21/90 Cow Abduction 2

And that's that.

Drop down from the barn and continue on with the path. Your next task is up ahead, a Super Flame Challenge Portal. First you'll want to clear the enemies from the field though.

Using your aim the first four scarecrows are to the right of the challenge, the fifth is directly ahead between you and Zoe, sixth and seventh are to the left of the challenge, and the eighth is behind the tree behind you.

Tetsu Tetsu 22/90 Super Flame Challenge

Once you've freed that dragonfly it's path time. Continue up on past Zoe (again don't forget the gems on the left) and finally into the barn and Farmer Bill. Once you've talked to him use your Fire Breath on the Acme TNT in the middle of the cows and the door will open. Talk to Farmer Bill again and he'll reward you.

Fiona Fiona 23/90 Free the Cows

With that done continue on through the doors you just opened, ignore the end of level portal. There are two things left in the level (you should be able to have gathered all of the gems by now). First go talk to Farmer Dill back at the start. You'll notice a new large blueish thing over to the right, this is one of the cannons he was talking about. Run over to it and zap it with your Electric Breath.

Continue on with the level through to Farmer Dean, he has a task for you now that you've freed the cows. Use your Electric Breath on the five cows dotted around him to get them right up close to him, talk to Dean again and you'll get the dragonfly. If he says that he's missing some cows make sure that all five are in a sitting position, if they're not zap the ones standing and they should move a little closer.

Cedric Cedric 24/90 Cow Herding!

Go over to the second cannon in the corner and zap it. On through the level again, the next cannon is by the next barn. At the barn where you went to meet Hunter you'll find the fourth and final cannon. Go to where the UFO crash landed on the other side of the barn and you'll find a red dragonfly.

Flavie Flavie 25/90 UFOs Attack!

With that last dragonfly you should have 100% fully completed this level, there's no reason to come back ever again. Exit back to Dragon Realms.

There's nothing new to do here just yet so go over to the water area of the level and take the boat to Luau Island, provided of course that you have enough dragonflies for Porkins to be happy (15).

#11 JamesFakeman 10:14:00 13/12/2015
That UFO minigame was annoying...this level is really glitchy, unlike the other levels!
#10 Bryman04 20:45:49 30/08/2015
i hate this level and i hate farmer bill. there's a glitch with farmer bill saying "what?'' says it FOUR TIMES and then says "Exactly!". WTF
#9 bridgeybear04 23:12:30 06/03/2013
Cow Abduction is Rigged smilie smilie
#8 bridgeybear04 22:55:45 06/03/2013
I can't carry the cow what's up with that?

smilie smilie
#7 bridgeybear04 22:53:35 06/03/2013
Don't let him fool you! Platform Panic is much harder!
#6 Spyroo-Chick 15:57:25 25/08/2010
Thanks 4 the guide .. i can't do the cow obduction though smilie Got 800/800 gems though .. something i have never done before
#5 Spyroo-Chick 15:54:19 25/08/2010
Platform Panic smilie X
#4 Dragon Lover 19:51:13 24/03/2008
#3 SuperSpyro700 18:42:24 24/03/2008
Want to be friends Dragon Lover?
#2 Dragon Lover 20:58:26 22/03/2008
Tell me about it! Some ppl out there just don't appreciate hard work!
#1 SpyroGamer2008 22:14:03 21/03/2008
Nice job on the guide, Dark52.

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