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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Developed by previously unknown (and since) companies Equinoxe/Check Six, this game, it's safe to say, was rubbish. Easily the worst Spyro game ever created. Though I might as well have this section despite that.

Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly
North America Nov 5th 2002 European Union Nov 29th 2002
System Developer Age Rating
PlayStation 2
Nintendo GameCube
Equinoxe / Check Six 3+ E - Everyone

There's very little to the story of this game. Basically they're still celebrating the Year of the Dragon festival, but now it's time to give the baby dragons their dragonflies. However Ripto shows up, mucks up a spell and loses all of the dragonflies all over the realm. Even Sparx. It's up to Spyro to save the day again.

#1965 IJAITEE31TNT 22:03:31 24/02/2016
The 1ST thing that should happen if Spyro gets brought back is Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly should be redone. It brought back so many small details from the previous games and is definately a classic Spyro game.
#1964 shadowstarcat 01:43:40 31/12/2015
I never completed this game...
The right way anyway. I found the swim flying glitch and flew into the boss portal by accident...
#1963 poisondragon1 20:55:58 29/11/2015
I like this game the story wasn't the greatest yes but the gameplay and the fun and interesting levels kind of made up for that to were you'd forget the story and just have fun with the mini games and all that you could find. It is quite an underrated game that is certainly not rubbish.
#1962 Bryman04 19:17:22 30/08/2015
Oh yeah, I own this game. I was disappointed with the bugs and long loading screens, yes, but otherwise found it quite fun and enjoyable. I wish it wasn’t rushed for Christmas and if the developers had more time it would have been much better.

some people believe that the story sucks, and I agree, but had this game been finished I think it may have had more of a storyline.
Overall, the original concept was this: Enter the Dragonfly was supposed to have 120 dragonflies, feature both Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto as villains, over 25 levels with several homeworlds, high framerates and low loading-times. In short, it would have been an amazing game. Then it got rushed out the door for a Christmas release.
#1961 PortalMaster365 16:23:21 25/08/2015
First spyro game I played, ahh the memories! Got it for my birthday a week after release! (Nov 13) although it wasn't the best, I enjoyed playing it! (Lol I was like 5 I wasn't the game critic I am now haha)
#1960 VioletEevee 02:49:08 25/08/2015
To be honest, this was possibly the first Spyro game I've played. It may of had a few glitches but I still like games even if they are glitchy. xD
#1958 PwnageFTW 16:21:14 29/07/2015
I agree with dark. I bought the game and played it.. he's right about it feeling rushed.
#1957 Blue egg theif 12:31:33 28/07/2015
I remember this unfinished game. It can be very glitchy but nice to play.
#1956 Alydol 19:12:49 22/07/2015
Did anyone ever try playing GameCube games on a wii I hear it works
#1955 PopFizzMagic 03:02:02 19/07/2015
#1954 shadowstarcat 07:50:21 24/05/2015
There was a glitch in this game where the whole thing is stuck in slow motion... Perhapse I should upload a video of it on YouTube.
#1953 SuperSpyroFan 06:49:39 27/04/2015
This had potential to be a great game.
#1952 SuperSpyro700 08:44:43 21/04/2015
To be honest, I do like this game a little, even though this isn't the best Spyro game.
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