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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Developed by previously unknown (and since) companies Equinoxe/Check Six, this game, it's safe to say, was rubbish. Easily the worst Spyro game ever created. Though I might as well have this section despite that.

Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly
North America Nov 5th 2002 European Union Nov 29th 2002
System Developer Age Rating
PlayStation 2
Nintendo GameCube
Equinoxe / Check Six 3+ E - Everyone

There's very little to the story of this game. Basically they're still celebrating the Year of the Dragon festival, but now it's time to give the baby dragons their dragonflies. However Ripto shows up, mucks up a spell and loses all of the dragonflies all over the realm. Even Sparx. It's up to Spyro to save the day again.

#30 The F0x 16:47:50 23/04/2006
It really stinks that u can only play as Spyro.
#29 Ronnie 15:28:00 23/04/2006
This Spyro Enter The Dragonfly Game is Driving me Crazy because...I have to keep grabing Gems & Dragonfly but Sometimes I like Sparx
#28 The F0x 01:00:46 20/04/2006
I owned this game. But compared the: Spyro The Dragon, Spyro Ripto's Rage (or Getaway at Glimmer), Spyro Year of the Dragon, and Spyro a Hero's Tail... It was not as great as I thought. First day I heard the word "glitch" I saw how many there were in this. I played the other games after I beated this and saw no storyline in it at all. I was very sory to hear that the original people, Insomniac, was not part of the creation of the game. Otherwise, as I will think that many others would agree, it could have been better. smilie
#27 Hannah 22:42:06 15/04/2006
You guys all SUCK! this game was EXECELENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#26 Topaz Flare 17:09:02 13/04/2006
I don't like this game..not one bit. it takes ages to load and etc...
I'd go on and on if I keep on ranting xD...
#25 John 21:02:11 12/04/2006
This game sucks like a bucket of ticks.
#24 Me 17:08:33 09/04/2006
ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched a gameplay video for this and Spyro appears to have 4 WINGS when he charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What's up with that?????????????????? That's sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For once Spyro ISN'T the "BEST GAME EVER" (sobs)
#23 This is just sad 12:17:50 08/04/2006
I am a big fan of the Spyro series...but this just sucks! Mine is so glitchy you can barely do anything...but the game itself stinks...
#22 Mony 13:58:16 12/03/2006
My so-called best firend stole it. Not stilled it, sorry. Stole it.
#21 Mony 13:53:23 12/03/2006
And of course, my so-called best-friend/ex-neighbour from Switzerland has to still my copy of the game while visiting. What a great friend, eh? I should really give him a long talk about stealing...
#20 Ross 09:31:55 13/02/2006
Sorry, pillars? Shoot? Where in Luau Island is that?!?!
#19 spygirl31 21:35:11 08/02/2006
I'm in the Luau Island, and I cannot figure what to do when you go through the pillars---what are you suppose to shoot in order to get the green dragonfly.
#18 Ross Anderson 14:12:30 14/01/2006
Oh dear, this game, is terrible, I mean once you start a level start by charging because normal movement gets you going at full speed after about 5 seconds, which is a waste of time. Oh and here is one of the things that are great (it's a cheat, well really a bug): In Monkey Monastery, in the mini-game when you play in the plane, if you try again (this only happens rarely though) and you shoot down some things that you got gems from, you can collect the gems again, and that is a really sneaky and easy way to complete the game to 100%. Anyway so far I have 5,700 and something/7,000 gems and 59/90 dragonflies! My hardest level is Crop Circle Country and my second hardest, a draw between Cloud 9 and Thieve's Den.
#17 spyrolove 01:28:20 07/01/2006
i think the door does not open
#16 Sarar Ayache 18:42:43 15/12/2005
Anoymous,i don think dat u supposed to open the door at the beginning of the game.Maybe its just there to show that when Spyro found sparkx he didn't just poof somewhere.smilie
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