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Dragon Realms

  1. Blue Hunter's Lesson - Bubbles
    To the left of the starting point and round the corner you'll find Hunter. Simply glide after him a couple of times and he'll give you this dragonfly.
  2. Green Front of the Castle - Toons
    Found wandering around to the right of the starting point.
  3. Green Buzzing Heat - Fluffy
    In the area beyond the Ice Gate near the entrance to Jurassic Jungle.
  4. Green Buzzing Cold - Kenichi
    In the middle of the open area beyond the Lightning Breath Gate.
  5. Blue Flame Challenge - Jeet
    Flame the eight scarecrows for the Flame Challenge Portal found up near where you finish Hunter's gliding lesson.
  6. Blue Ice Challenge - Howie
    Complete the Ice Challenge Portal located in the area beyond the Ice Gate.
  7. Blue Ligntning Challenge - Alex
    Complete the Lightning Breath Challange Portal.
  8. Green Down by the Bay - Amie
    Running around down on the shoreline past the Lightning Breath Gate.
  9. Green Balloon's shadow - Sandra
    Beneath the pavillion next to the entrance to Monkey Monastery.
  10. Green Beyond the Gate - Masa
    Loose in the area beyond the Ice Gate and near to the Ice Challenge Portal.

Dragonfly Dojo

  1. Blue Elder Dragons - Roxie
    Free all five of the Dragon Senseis.
  2. Red On the loose - Steffi
    Directly ahead from where you start.
  3. Green In the Mists - Shellac
    In the righthand side of the second open area.
  4. Red In the Corridor - Cinder
    Wandering the corridor right after Moneybags' bridge.
  5. Blue Baby Dragons - Moony
    Rescue all three baby dragons' kites.
  6. Green Lonely Island - Dawn
    Roaming on the same platform as the second young dragon with a kite, RJ.
  7. Red Climbing Steps - Cloudy
    Running around on the slope beneath the final Dragon Master.
  8. Blue Dojo Time Trial - Rashomon
    Complete the Time Trial in the Banzai Speedway.
  9. Blue Dojo Race - Yojimbo
    Beat the Hang Gliding Ninja Riptocs in a race in the Banzai Speedway
  10. Blue Tank Mini-game - Cub
    Complete the Tank Training Arena mini-game.

Crop Circle Country

  1. Green In the Pastures - Akira
    At the first bridge drop down into the area below it, the dragonfly should be on the right.
  2. Yellow On the loose - Mitnick
    Running around just past Farmer Dean.
  3. Green Up the Broken Bridge - Laurent
    At the bridge with the portal to Platform Panic climb the ladder on the side.
  4. Blue Cow Herding! - Cedric
    Once you've freed the cows go to Farmer Dean and herd his five cows.
  5. Red UFOs Attack! - Flavie
    Once you've freed the cows four cannons will appear throughout the level. Use Electric Breath on each of these in order to destroy the large UFO.
  6. Blue Free the Cows - Fiona
    Get to the end of the level and detonate the TNT.
  7. Blue Super Flame Challenge - Tetsu
    Complete the Super Flame Challenge Portal near the barn with the portal to the Cow Abduction mini-game.
  8. Blue Cow Abduction 1 - Jingles
    Complete the first round of the Cow Abduction mini-game.
  9. Blue Cow Abduction 2 - Jdubs
    Complete the second round of the Cow Abduction mini-game with gold UFOs.
  10. Blue Platform Panic - Rickshaw
    Get to the centre of the platforms in the Platform Panic mini-game.

Luau Island

  1. Green Behind the Statue - Scuttlebutt
    Just along from the final pig, Chili.
  2. Yellow Mountaintop - Daisy
    Climb several ladders and then glide to the platform in the middle of the third open area.
  3. Blue Chili the Pig - Dill
    Free all of the pigs in Luau Island.
  4. Red In the Hoosegow - Socrates
    Head Bash a button above the prison in the second area.
  5. Yellow Landslide - Plato
    Use a cannon on a boat to smash a pile of rocks and open up a cave.
  6. Green Tiki Fire Breath - Homer
    Use a superflame powerup gate to smash some statues and get some platforms to rise and reach Homer high up.
  7. Green On the loose - Gary
    On the beach directly ahead from where you start the level.
  8. Blue Mantaray - Krishnamurti
    Beat Hunter at collecting baby Mantarays.
  9. Blue Drum Song 1 - Terral
    Beat the first round of the memory game.
  10. Blue Drum Song 2 - Maverick
    Beat the second round of the memory game.

Cloud 9

  1. Red To Clock Tower - Goose
    Inside the Clock Tower in the area with all the gears.
  2. Red Around the Way - Iceboy
    Running about near the entrance to the corridor that leads to the Thunder Cloud pool.
  3. Blue Thunder Cloud Attack - Takehiro
    Take care of some Storm Clouds hovering above a pool.
  4. Blue Hourglass Challenge - Rick
    Reactivate all four machines in the level.
  5. Green Lip of the Clock - Margaret
    Just outside the entrance to the gear area of the Clock Tower.
  6. Yellow On the loose - Savino
    Running around in the rainbow area, up high on the platforms and along the rainbow.
  7. Green Pillar to Pillar - Sylvia
    Sitting happily on a pillar in the first open area after the rainbow.
  8. Blue Rainbow Time Trial - Tashistation
    Complete the Time Trial of Rainbow Speedway.
  9. Blue Rainbow Race - Grayson
    Beat the Bed Planes in a race in Rainbow Speedway.
  10. Blue Spitfire - Sky Base - Tweedle
    Save Puffy Palace from attack by four large flying ships.

Monkey Monastery

  1. Yellow On the loose - Foamy
    Close to the start of the level, directly ahead as you glide down.
  2. Blue Save the Yetis - Jewelwing
    Free all of the yetis from their ice prisons.
  3. Red On the Ledge - Holly
    On the ledge above Bartholomew's house.
  4. Blue Locked in a Chest - Young
    The key is located near the entrance to the Turret Factories and the chest near the start of the level.
  5. Blue Hunting Wiptocs - Gaku
    Shoot three flying riptocs down.
  6. Green On Thin Ice - Shadow
    Up to the left in the area beyond the large doors at the start of the level.
  7. Green Behind the Doors - Damsel
    Behind the doors near the start of the level, you'll need to have been through the whole level before they open.
  8. Blue Ice Slide 1 - Cueburt
    Slide down the Ice Slide before running out of time.
  9. Blue Ice Slide 2 - Dancer
    Slide down the Ice Slide again before running out of time.
  10. Blue Spitfire - Factories - John
    Destroy all twenty Turret Factories for Mandy.

Honey Marsh

  1. Yellow Treetop - Russell
    On top of a tree in the area with the portal to Sticky Swamp Shootout.
  2. Blue Locked in a Chest - Tim
    The key is found a flower along the same platforms as Russell. The chest is on some platforms further along near the end.
  3. Blue Beehives - Lily
    Spit rocks to destroy some beehives for Alex-Bob.
  4. Blue Honey Stills - Taka
    Turn off all of the Honey Stills in the level.
  5. Blue Thief Chase - Duckweed
    Chase down and kill a thief.
  6. Red Around the Bend - Suzuki
    Hiding behind a tree near the portal to the Sticky Swamp Shootout.
  7. Red On the loose - Zwan
    Sitting on a flower.
  8. Green Walking the Planks - Gori
    On a tree just before the locked chest.
  9. Blue Honey Slide - Clubtail
    Get to the bottom of the Honey Slide.
  10. Blue Honey Tank - Pliskin
    Complete the Sticky Swamp Shootout.

Thieves Den

  1. Blue Wizard Riptoc's - Micky
    Kill all of the Wizard Riptocs with their own spells.
  2. Blue Locked in a Chest - Racket
    The key is on the slope in the Pool Cleaner room, the chest on a ledge to the left of the start of the level.
  3. Blue Ice Challenge - Marta
    Put out all of the fires for the Ice Challenge Portal near the end of the level.
  4. Green On the loose - Martin
    Jumping about on a high up platform in the area with the final Wizard Riptoc.
  5. Green Over the Edge - Charlotte
    Perched in a lantern in the area with the cracked wall.
  6. Yellow Chopping Block - Jordan
    Flying about along platforms with several swinging axes, the portal to Oasis Speedway is nearby.
  7. Red The Lantern Perch - Atsumi
    Over the edge and down to the right after the final Wizard Riptoc.
  8. Blue Oasis Time Trial - Coppertop
    Complete the Time Trial in Oasis Speedway.
  9. Blue Oasis Race - Neo
    Beat the thieves in a race through Oasis Speedway.
  10. Blue Platform Pandemonium - Morpheus
    Kill the Wizard Riptoc in the centre of the platform puzzle.

Jurassic Jungle

  1. Blue Recover Lab Pieces - Jason
    Kill seven R-1000s on the lava for Dr Kogan and pick up the beakers they drop.
  2. Yellow Gem Statue - Scarlett
    Flame the Gem Statues in the correct order; Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow.
  3. Blue Ligntning Challenge - Karen
    Complete the Lightning Challenge Portal near to the Volcano Slide portal.
  4. Blue Locked in a Chest - Jean Marc
    The key is found on top of the yellow Gem Statue and the chest to the right of the first entrance in the level.
  5. Blue Thief Chase - Bonky
    Chase down a thief running about on some lava.
  6. Blue Attack of the Cavemen - Wonky
    Kill all of the Cavemen Riptocs in the level.
  7. Green Inside the Temple - Doompa
    Up on the platform going around the edge of the room with the Gem Statues.
  8. Yellow On the Lava - Mitch
    Running about on the lava with the R-1000s, use the invulnerability gadget to reach him.
  9. Blue Lava Slide - Saji
    Get to the bottom of the volcano slide safely.
  10. Blue Tower - Warren
    Get to the top of the Tower of Scary and Ridiculous Heights.

#51 spyrobob 00:19:08 12/05/2013
#50 bridgeybear04 14:50:30 07/03/2013
I can't do the ice breath challenge smilie
#49 bridgeybear04 21:30:53 06/03/2013
OMG BEST DAY EVER! I just head bashed through the ice gate!
#48 katrina78894 21:37:54 30/07/2011
I agree with saphire, but i dont think that it is retarded. It is fun, but i didnt like the storyline, or that you have to collect the dragonflies, it was hard to catch the 7 i had during the 48 hours that i had the game
#47 katrina78894 21:34:24 30/07/2011
I liked the graphics, its just my game was messig up after the first 2 days to i sent it back. Also, it was AWEFUL and hard.
#46 cynder 9999 13:23:45 28/10/2009
how do you get to the yellow dragonfly in the temple that is trapped in the jewel????? i know its there but i cant get it smilie it annoys me smilie
#45 cyndergirl 01 20:38:05 11/05/2009
what do the colours mean????/
#44 Dragon lover 09:25:22 20/12/2008
I agree. I think this game is best for the backgrounds. :Spyro: looks ok
#43 Doomdrao 13:37:30 17/05/2008
this game was fun smilie
#42 Eternal Night 11:13:07 24/04/2008
Yay! I've got now any dragonflies! Thanks dark52!
#41 sillyworld 04:20:10 21/04/2008
how do you know this information, "yearofthe"?
#40 Hunter 15:43:17 09/04/2008
This game is awesome man i've completed it nearly 90 times it's awwweeesssooommmeee
#39 yearofthe 17:34:59 26/03/2008
The game was originally going to contain around 120 dragonflies to collect (not including Sparx), over 25 levels, a framerate of 60 frames per second, and fast loading times. However the game was rushed in order to be available by Winter 2002, and therefore suffers from an inconsistent framerate, long loading times, graphical glitches, sound issues, and lock-ups (freezes). Additionally, there are only 9 levels and only 90 dragonflies for the player collect
#38 Gaul 23:37:49 23/03/2008
Ohhhhhh, Anonymous, You purple putz!
#37 sapphire 20:10:20 14/03/2008
this game is RETARDED!! it is a huge embarresment to the spyro series! throw this retarded game out! soooooooooo sorry dark52 for saying retard!
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