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Cheat Codes

All of the known cheats for Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, just pause the game and enter it there.

Dark Blue Sparx

Left Right Right Left Cross

Turns Sparx a dark blue/purple colour, if you get hurt he will stay the same colour but you will still die in the same number of hits.

Slow Motion

Left Right Right Right Cross

Everything moves extra slow, enter it again to turn it off.

Flying Cow in Dragon Realms

Left Left Right Left Cross

In the air above the starting area of the homeworld you'll be able to see a cow flying around occasionally dropping what appear to be baby riptocs.

Apparently every group of four combinations of Left and Right activates something in the game's code but it is not known what any of the other combinations do (if anything).

Free Camera

Plug in a second controller and press L3 and Cross at the same time to activate (NTSC version may be L3 and Triangle?).

Still using the second controller you move forward and backward with the Left Analog stick and use the Right Analog to control the Yaw, Pitch, and Roll. Yaw is left and right on the Right Analog, Pitch is forward and backward with the Right Analog, and Roll is by holding down R3 and moving left and right with the Right Analog.

To cancel press L3 and Triangle.

You'll start off very high in the air and may be pointed towards an area of the map that is not currently loaded so try moving the Right Analog stick to find the world before you very slowly make your way towards ground level with the Left Analog stick.

#45 SuperSpyroFan 21:00:59 10/12/2019
Secret Credits: Input this code into the first page of the Atlas; Circle, Up, Circle, Circle, Up.
#44 ThunderEgg 20:20:25 18/08/2019
Holy cannoli, I totally skipped over these new cheats on the news section!! This is cool! Can't wait to test it
#43 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:05:58 08/06/2019
Added some new cheats sent to me by LXShadow.
#42 ghostfury 09:22:35 22/02/2016
Useless cheat for a useless game....
Pure utter trash
#41 crashdragon 16:40:35 30/09/2012
Its a good game but 1 useless cheat, really?!
#40 Sparky5 14:21:45 07/09/2012
Pointless cheat code is pointless. If I wanted a blue Sparx, I would've just got hit!
#39 ExtremeSpyro 07:46:34 06/05/2012
#38 SuperSpyroFan 06:26:45 06/05/2012
A crappy cheat code for a crappy game, it only makes sense.
#37 ExtremeSpyro 20:05:39 29/04/2012
Wow, that's a disappointment.
I was expecting Spyro color changes like in Ripto's Rage and YotD.
Or hell, even a big headed mode!
#36 JamesFakeman 10:19:56 15/04/2012
I'm expected more cheats in this game! A Crash Bandicoot 4 demo would be awesome!
#35 Purple 16:53:28 07/04/2012
i did thst code! it is terrible! you never know when you are dying!
#34 TLoS fan 4ever 18:56:32 27/03/2012
Thanks! I have to try it. smilie
#33 trentd78 00:19:21 08/03/2012
ninety nine lives here you go dont blame me if it donsent work: PS2: < > < > > > ^ DOWN Square
#32 trentd78 23:41:14 07/03/2012
#31 Spyroconvexity - Hunter 04:27:10 07/03/2012
hey can you put in cheats for the gamecube virsion
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